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Dodgy Deliveries – How To Beat Them

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Online shopping has increased significantly over the last few years and it will likely reach even higher peaks in the ones to come. Why? It’s simple. It allows people to shop their needs from the comfort of their home. It makes it easier to find a deal or lower price, you skip the queue, the bustle, the crowd. And you can check many stores in just one shopping session. You save time, money, and energy. All good so far. But what about deliveries? Have all your parcels arrived on time? This is where things get tricky and that’s what we cover today, dodgy deliveries.

Delivery Issues in Online Shopping

Many problems regarding online shopping are related to the delivery stage. Most online stores come with a user-friendly interface using filters that allow shoppers to find what they need in a short time. The payment methods are also generally well-designed yet when it comes to getting what you’ve ordered, things might get a bit raveled, especially when big sales are around, packages arrive late or some of them don’t arrive at all and that leads to more hassle than if you opted for the classic in-store shopping. According to various surveys, one in four people (26%) shopping online have had a problem with the delivery of their order in the last year.

Delivery issues include parcels arriving later than they were supposed to, damaged goods, and even no parcel reaching the buyer’s door at all. People complain about various things when it comes to such deliveries. For instance, receiving fragile parcels that have not been handled properly and thus getting damaged goods,  parcels that have been thrown, dropped, or kept in inappropriate conditions like being left in a dustbin without lid where they soaked up the rainwater.

What if My Parcel Did not Arrive?

If the parcel didn’t get at your door at the specified time, you need to reschedule the delivery and here’s where things get something like a Tom and Jerry game. Finding a time that’s convenient for both you and the courier might delay the delivery even more unless you have a flexible work schedule. Some people even take time off to be at home in order to receive the parcel and, surprise, the parcel doesn’t reach you that day either.

There are various reasons why deliveries get so messy. A company’s poor management and lack of a proper organization are the main reasons. Then, there’s a lot of pressure drivers have to put up with. Their work conditions and pay are more often than not poor. Many drivers are actually paid per delivery. That’s why they might leave a parcel wherever they can, which often means at your door even when you’re not there to pick it. If you are not home to accept the delivery, the driver won’t get paid. Hence such occurrences.

That wouldn’t be disturbing if the parcel was left in a safe and secure place. Unfortunately, when you’re not in and the parcel is left somewhere else or just there in front of your house, you could end up with damaged parcels or even stolen goods.

How to Stamp Out Dodgy Deliveries

One thing that leads to late deliveries, and many people complain about, is the fact that some online retailers and delivery companies don’t offer the possibility to choose a suitable delivery time. Then, there are companies that don’t inform the recipient of the time the goods will be delivered.  Without such information, it’s no wonder parcels reach a person too late or maybe not at all.

In that case, there are some things you need to consider before placing an online order. Make sure you go for companies that will:

  • Give you specific information regarding the day and hour of the delivery;
  • Inform you of the estimated shipping time on the day of delivery by phone, email or text.

It would be great if the company also asked you at the time of your purchase what to do in case of unsuccessful delivery. Online shoppers and consumers, in general, want faster deliveries and lower prices but that shouldn’t mean that we want or we should get shoddy delivery services.

Besides choosing a highly-rated company, make sure you also follow the steps below in order to beat dodgy deliveries.

Making the delivery easy depends on you, too. Therefore, help the couriers deliver your package safely by letting them know which neighbors you’d like them to try if you’re not at home. You can also let the driver know about a box or a safe spot near or at your place where he can leave the package. Just make sure that the spot or box will keep the parcel away from view and in good conditions, protected from rain, for instance.

Leave your phone number when you place the order (most companies will ask you to do that but if they don’t, make sure you write it in the comment section) so the driver can get in touch with you for clarification on where to leave the parcel.

If one of the reasons you shop online is because you get to save money, then why not save more and pick up the parcel yourself. When placing your online order, mark the the Click and Collect option instead of delivery. Even if that means you will have to carry the package, you will thus be sure that you are in control of your goods and you don’t have to wait for an order that might not even be delivered.

If your delivery service is not satisfactory, your package arrived with damages, didn’t arrive at all or was left at your door when you weren’t there, then you could file a complaint and let the company know about it. This way, hopefully, they will improve their services and make sure that won’t happen again. Plus, ask the retailer for a refund or a replacement in case your goods were damaged during the delivery process. If you do shop online, try to go for reputable retailers appreciated not only for the quality of the goods they sell but also for the way the packages get at your door, on time and with no damages.

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