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Does Sugar Make Kids Hyperactive

Diane Luke
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Is Sugar Linked to Kids’ Hyperactivity?

Does sugar really make the children to be hyperactive? The answer is found in over 23 studies based on years of research and experiments in the field. Many parents complain that when their children consume many sweets they have behavioral problems. What is the explanation? Is sugar good or bad? Is sugar linked to kids’ hyperactivity?

Is sugar good or bad?

Who could imagine a childhood without sugar and without sweets?

It is almost impossible to keep a child away from cakes, chocolate, or other sweet savory.

In addition, pediatricians and nutritionists agree that in modest quantities, sugar can occupy a healthy place in the diet of a child, or an adult, providing the necessary energy.

But many children eat too much sugar, and too often. A recent study, based on 3,000 infants and young children, shows that half of 8-month-old children are already consumers of sugar-sweetened products, and the percentage increases at the same rate as the child’s age.

If sugar-rich foods are introduced too early, experts say that the risks diabetes, obesity, or heart problems increase.

Does sugar really make the baby hyperactive?

Many bad things and health disorders can be caused by too much refined sugar consumption, but it does not cause hyperactivity.

That’s what is told by physicians and nutritionists, and proven in 23 research studies.

Sugar provides energy, but not as much as to make the little ones hyperactive. There is no medical study or research in the field showing that hyperactivity is caused by too much sugar.

Many times, the children eat lots of sugar-rich sweets at parties, or on special occasions. On such occasions, the kids have no restrictions, and they are eating cakes, candies, chocolates, ice-cream, and so forth.

Also, in these cases, the children seem very nervous, whimsical, and agitated, and parents associate the children’s abnormal state to an exaggerated sugar consumption.

However, the situation itself, the party and the agitation of the others affect the children’s behavior, and not the sugar.

Also, we can not blame the sugar of triggering ADHD behavior, and we can not even say or prove that sugar worsens the condition of a child with ADHD or influences his behavior in some way.

The relationship between sugar and child behavioral problems

Perhaps some parents exaggerate, but there is a majority who see changes in children’s behavior when they consume a lot of sugar. A possible explanation we can get comes from the dietitian Jessica Snyder, who says that ‘some studies have confirmed that sugar does not produce hyperactivity. In fact, a few drops of water with sugar (half a teaspoon in 30 ml of water) can even soothe a baby, and when sugar enters the bloodstream and reaches the brain, there’s a temporarily increase in soothing neuro-chemicals amounts, such as serotonin. This does not mean that all the mothers can observe that extreme agitation after 3 slices of a cake. Problems arise when the blood sugar level is too high.

At that time the child’s body is responsible for producing a large amount of insulin, a hormone that removes sugar from the blood and from the body cells. Thus, blood sugar may drop very quickly and the child’s condition will change suddenly. Low blood sugar may trigger a greater appetite for sweets, and thus a vicious circle is created. If the child has a tendency to get nervous after receiving sweets, we can diminish the sugar consumption by choosing foods with low sugar content. Cheese, beans, meat, nuts, and fruit fibers, vegetables, and whole grains prevent the formation of this vicious circle – the sudden rise and fall in blood sugar.’.

Is Sugar Linked to Kids’ Hyperactivity?

Well, sugar produces energy, but not in such a great amount that can cause a hyperactive behavior in kids, and that statement is backed-up by dozens of specialists, nutritionists, and by 23 research studies conducted to find, once and for all, if sugar is linked to kids hyperactivity.

According to the experts, the strange behavior caused by sugar in kids occurs only when there is a very high level of blood sugar, which will trigger the secretion of insulin, which is the hormone responsible for lowering the sugar levels in blood and body cells. This process will lead to a fast reduction in the sugar amount found in blood and body cells, triggering a nervous behavior in kids.

In conclusion, sugar is not linked to kids’ hyperactivity, if consumed in normal amounts.

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