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Dr. Oz and the ”Weight Loss Supplements” Case

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We all heard about Dr Oz and at least once, we might have watched his TV show. There was a time when some people did not know if he was a real doctor. His TV shows gave him allot of popularity among people and because of that, as in many other cases, troubles did not delayed to appear. In case you did not heard about Dr Oz’ weight loss supplements case, you might find in this article a few hints of what was all about.

We all known that many weight loss supplements are still promoted on TV and that many people tried them but nothing was as magical as their promoters promised them to be. Maybe this was a similar case or maybe not. The only way you can answer this question is to continue your reading related to this case, and find out how things got out of control.

Who is Dr Oz?

If you still wondering Dr Oz is a real doctor. In fact, he is a very successful one. It seems that his entire life he enjoyed success no matter what he decided to do. He graduated two important universities, Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania where he got his medical degree. He practiced medicine as a cardiothoracic surgeon and besides all these things, he also is a teacher at the Columbia University. In one word, he is a person with a very important pedigree. He is also known as a very important personality in the medical research industry.

Such an important figure can hardly be considered a TV scam. Considering all his knowledge and achievements, he has all the chances to be believed by other people when he says something. The problem is that the description made above seems to be in an incredible contradiction with the way he ran his shows. He is a medicine man, with very good references, who during his shows promotes organic remedies and homeopathic remedies as well, in a manner that many people might consider it close to fanaticism.

Because many people are interested in how to control their weight, one of his most popular shows were the ones where he promoted the so-called ”miraculous weight loss supplements”. As a doctor, with such knowledge in this field, he must have known that miraculous supplements do not really exist. The ingredients of these supplements are good for our bodies but they cannot help anyone lose weight over night.

Dr. Oz TV shows and accusations

The main topic of his TV shows was about weight problems and also about a healthy way of living. Not everything he said was untrue. We all know the external factors that can affect our lives in the worst way possible, such as pollution or stress. We also know the effects a bad diet choice can bring along, such as fast food or processed food. This is not a secret for us. We can all applaud that he used his influence and reputation to promote a healthy way of living.

The problems showed up when he did a little bit more than that. He started to promote a certain type of natural supplements that can help people lose weight in a miraculous way. Thanks to his reputation, these supplements became just as popular as he was. No one could saw any type of problem, until people realized that these supplements gave no results. From here to a public trial was just a step away, and this was exactly what happened.

Not only the supplements promoted in his TV shows were the problem but also the other products based mostly on the same ingredients and provided by different manufactures who used Dr. Oz’ image, brought this small nightmare upon him.

During his trial he admitted that all the products promoted by him might never be approved by the FDA, but he apologized by saying that he gave people hope that they can win the fight against their weight issues. By my personal opinion, this is far from being a good defense.

Why things got of control?

This is very important question, which deserves a straight answer. Many people did not understand why he put his entire career in danger by promoting such things in such manner. First, we must understand that supplements are exactly what their own name says they are. They offer you a supplement of vitamins and minerals that your organism might be missing.

They should not be seen as the main solution for a health problem. They can help you but they do not solve a problem on their own. They should not be seen as an enemy either. The main key is to never overdo with anything including with these supplements. Even if their ingredients come from natural sources and no matter how organic these ingredients might be, a doctor should recommend them.

People have a tendency to try anything when they believe that they find themselves in a ”no way out” situation. If a ”reliable” person offers the ”solution”, then they lose their power of thinking. They consider that it is impossible to be cheated by a celebrity in this field.

In addition, the celebrities have their own tendency to believe that nothing can touch them. They think that no matter what they say or do, they are too powerful to be contradicted. Sometimes things are not like that at all. Some people dislike the idea of being cheated and they might want a payback.

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