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Easily Cooling Down and Healthy Staying

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Easily Cooling Down and Healthy Staying
Easily Cooling Down and Healthy Staying

No matter how much you love summer, nobody likes that exhausting heat it brings! In such days, all you think about is how to cool down easily. Staying by the pool, swimming or having cocktails is one of the easiest ways to cool down a little bit! But what about your health?

What do drink during summertime?

It is widely known that the exhausting heat makes you sweat a lot, makes you lose lots of water from your body and you need a back up plan to avoid that! For a proper shape during summer, doctors and nutritionists recommend to avoid sodas, alcohol and sweet drinks. The alcohol and the sugar that most drinks have, they dehydrate your body faster than it normally does by sweating, so, your skin gets more sensitive and like this is more exposed to ultraviolet radiations and other noxious factors brought by the heated days of each summer!

So, you want to cool down, but you must think about your health too. The most easy way to cool down is by drinking natural juices, ice teas, plane water, smoothies made of squeezed or blended vegetables; they are rich in vitamins and they assure your body, its daily needed dosage of energy. The Sun is such a great thing; sunny days give us so much positive energy and they improve our mood; it relaxes us entirely and it fixes Calcium and Vitamin D in our bones!

So, it’s healthy to be exposed to the Sun, but not at any hour or in any circumstances! And an example of this would be to avoid the heated days which make your body to feel even more exhausted than it normally. You eliminate more water in such days and you lose more energy, so you feel more tired. In regards to easily cooling down during summer time, you must know that the easiest way to do that is to squeeze or to blend fresh fruits and fresh vegetables; no sugar added, just drink them in their natural form.

Chose healthy drinks

It’s true that nowadays you no longer know if you are having natural foods in order to have natural drinks, because everything is being processed and even the fruits or the vegetables which grow in our grandparent’s garden might encounter chemicals. The market offers today lots of solutions which can help your vegetables or your fruits production to grow easier and faster. But have you thought that those chemicals you add to your vegetables and to your fruits, are ingested by you and that they can harm your health?

That’s why is so important to know what you buy in stores or what you have at home. Getting back to easily cooling down and also easily taking care of your health, the tomato juice is one of the most known refreshers: rich in vitamins and minerals, the tomato juice is the best way to refresh your body and to fight dehydration, without drinking lots of water quantities! The Lycopene, the substance which give tomatoes their red color, is a strong antioxidant and it can easily prevent tumor formation of all cancer types!

Another example of easily cooling down helper would be the apple juice! The apple juice is another source of antioxidants; it is rich in Potassium, it eliminates toxins from your kidneys and liver and decreases the bad cholesterol’s level and also it assures your daily dosage of calories; so, it can easily replace a snack or one of your meals! Not to mention what happens inside your body if you eat apples: fresh apples, steamed or grilled apples! They deliver the same things and they fight for your body to stay healthy.

The list goes on with the refreshing effect made by the consumption of oranges! The orange juice is another notorious summer drink which is rich in vitamin C and which can replace a snack or one of your meals easily! This summer drink is recommended during diets and not only during diets, simply because it’s a beverage which assures your daily vitamins dosage!

Mixed with ice cubes it can cool you down instantly! The grapes juice is another amazing beverage which clean up your heart’s arteries, which can have a laxative effect to eliminate your body’s toxins and also which has a certain influence on your stomach’s acidity! And which is amazing during summer time because provides your body vitamins and minerals that so much it needs to fight energy loss and stress!

The pomegranate juice can easily cool you down during summer time and it is notorious for the health that provides your body too. This juice has the highest rate of antioxidants and its effects have proved that it can even cure cancer.

You can have these fruits mixed with salads or with lemonade. Either way will result amazing effects! The cranberry juice is another juice which amplifies the list of healthy summer drinks. This juice is notorious for urinary infections preventions, it has a high rate of antioxidants and vitamin C and even if it is not very appreciated, this juice’s effects are amazing for your body and for your health! This amazing summer drink is rich in vitamins and fibers and the best way to have it or to drink it is in its natural shape.

The healthy summer drinks list goes on with a drink which is more than notorious for the antioxidants that it provides our body and for the effects that it has on our body against ageing. The Green Tea! This is a source of health no matter the season and prepared with a little bit of honey, a slice of lemon, cooled down after boiled, it results an amazing healthy summer drink.

You can combine it with fruit juice and enjoy it! But despite all these examples of healthy summer drinks, there is an amazing combination for your body, which most people do not think about: I am talking about the plane water with ice cubes! The best way to stay protected against dehydration is by consuming water! It is not recommended to consume extremely cold water when outside is extremely hot, but you can have plane water kept at the normal temperatures and add some ice cubes in your glass and like this you can cool down in the hottest summer days. So, by consuming juices and lots of water you can easily cool down during summertime, also you can provide your body vitamins, minerals, fibers and antioxidants which are so vital to stay healthy on the long term.

Bottom line

If you take a close look, you will see that to stay healthy on the long term, everything starts with your diet or better said with your lifestyle! That is why during summer time to preserve your energy and to prevent exhaustion and dehydration, you must be careful what you eat too. So, eating and drinking go hand to hand! They protect your body and they provide your body its needed energy to stay hydrated and in its normal shape. And eventually, to stay healthy! The summertime is the most awaited period.

Everybody thinks about vacations, sunny days, going to the beach, tanning, swimming, days off, relaxation, heat etc. When you think about the summer, this is what mostly comes into your mind! Others think that hot days are a terror! And they have no idea how to cool down in the easiest way possible! Staying in the shade is not an option- at least not all the time! You need to help your body to submit easier to the hot days of summer and the only way to do that is by taking care of your diet: what you eat and what you drink! Come up with a plan and you will feel great, you will face summer days and you will be healthy too.

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