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Electronic Cigarettes 101 – A Beginner’s Guideline

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

You’ve decided to quit smoking using an electronic cigarette. Congratulations! You will soon discover how wonderful this device is and what positive changes it will bring into your life. How ever smoking electronic cigarettes is still smoking.

Why do you need to read this Electronic Cigarettes 101 – A Beginner’s Guideline? Because the world of electronic cigarettes is a crowded one, and as a beginner you may find it difficult to choose a model or to find the information you need. Moreover, there are also some health issues about electronic cigarettes smoking that you need to know.

There is so much information and so many terms but you will see that when you take your electronic cigarette you will note that things happen by itself and is not as complicated as it may seem at first.

In this complete Electronic Cigarettes 101 – Beginner’s Guide you will find out all you need to know from choosing the right electronic cigarette model correctly to the advantages and disadvantages that electronic cigarettes smoking has on your health.

Electronic Cigarettes 101 – Terms that you need to know

For starters, I’ll show you next a little dictionary with some common words you should know:

  • Atomizer – The part that heats the e-liquid from the electronic cigarettes
  • E-liquid – The substance that contains nicotine and turns into vapor
  • To vape – The action of smoking electronic cigarette
  • Vaper – The electronic cigarettes smoker (the person who uses the electronic cigarette)

Electronic Cigarettes 101 – How does the electronic cigarette work?

Although there are some differences between the electronic cigarette models available on the market, the principle of operation is about the same.

The atomizer is the part in which the e-liquid that will be converted into vapor is stored.

In classic electronic cigarettes models, inside the atomizer there is a vat which is filled with e-liquid, and when the battery is operated by the user, the e-liquid is heated and vaporized.

In the newer electronic cigarette models, there is a metallic tube inside the atomizer through which the e-liquid enters, and in the tube there is a small device which is soaked in the e-liquid (cartridge) and electrical resistance that heats up vaporizing the e-liquid.

After several vaping  sessions, the small device inside the atomizer burns and so does the resistance, therefore the tube must be changed.

The battery is activated either when you press the button or automatically when you drag from the electronic cigarette.

E-liquid is based on propylene glycol or vegetable glycerol. Both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol are substances used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and other industries for flavoring purposes.

Electronic Cigarettes 101 – Some important things to keep in mind when looking for an electronic cigarette

The global electronic cigarettes market is abounding in models and brands. Beginners find it somehow difficult to find a good, high quality model.

You need to know that there are a lot of bad electronic cigarettes on the market that do not help you quit smoking.

The most common example is represented by some very cheap electronic cigarettes that cost you around $10 or $15 a piece, which are generally found online, on Amazon, Ebay, AliBaba, or other online retailers.

If you buy such electronic cigarettes, besides the risk to buy a scrap electronic cigarette that will not give you enough steam or that will break the next day, you will not even get a warranty.

In case the electronic cigarette breaks or is makes you any harm, you will not have anything to do with it. Basically you’ll throw the money out of the window and you will return to normal cigarettes.

But, you need to know that there are also companies that are specialized in electronic cigarette trading and who sell quality products.

As with any other product on the market, the price reflects the quality, most of the time.

You buy a cheap electronic cigarette you can expect the atomizer to have e-liquid leaks, the battery to drain faster than normal, and many more.

If you buy a high quality electronic cigarette you will receive a steady and constant amount of steam, you will not have problems with the atomizer, and the battery will keep you for at least 350 loading cycles.

Electronic Cigarettes 101 – Types of electronic cigarettes available on the market

  1. Disposable electronic cigarettes – Their key advantage is that they are easy to use, ready to use at any time, and do not require too much knowledge about it. You buy one, pull it out, use it, and then throw it away. The disadvantage is that they are usually more expensive than the rechargeable ones. Also, their quality may be lower in comparison to the rechargeable ones.
  2. Rechargeable electronic cigarettes in 2/3 parts – These are the most used electronic cigarettes around the world. They are made up of battery, atomizer and/or a mouthpiece. The atomizer connects to the battery, and if there is a mouthpiece, it attaches to the atomizer. The advantage of these electronic cigarettes is that you do not have to replace the consumables (battery, atomizer, mouthpiece) so often. These are reusable. In addition, you save a lot of money, compared to how much you spend on cigarettes. The downside is that you have to make sure you always have a new atomizer because you do not know when it’s finished or broken.
  3. Modified electronic cigarettes – This type of electronic cigarettes arose from vappers’ desire to get something more from an electronic cigarette. Initially, they changed their own electronic cigarettes, and then companies started to produce such electronic cigarettes. The advantage of these electronic cigarettes is that they have a stronger battery and offer a greater amount of steam. Moreover, they have a lot of settings available so you can adjust them the way you want. I do not recommend them to beginners.

Electronic Cigarettes 101 – What to do after buying your electronic cigarette?

As soon as you get the kit, be sure to charge the batteries. These can come loaded, but it is recommended that you do this to enjoy the very first vapors.

After you have loaded it, screw the atomizer to the battery (make sure it has e-liquid), then you can start vaping.

Do not forget that at first charging, after you put the e-liquid into the atomizer, to let the liquid for 10 minutes in order to penetrate into the cartridge in the atomizer. You will thus avoid the burning taste and a faster ruining of the resistance.

Electronic Cigarettes 101 – The position in which you have to hold the electronic cigarette

It is recommended to try to keep the cigarette in a horizontal position, or at least at about 45 degrees.

This prevents leakage of e-liquid through unwanted places (although technology has improved a lot in recent years, this is still the case).

Electronic Cigarettes 101 – When to recharge the battery

Battery life varies from model to model and from person to person. Every vapper has its own style to smoke from the electronic cigarette, some inhaling stronger, others lighter. Some vapers also use the device more often, others rarely.

In any case, there is usually a LED on each model that indicates when the battery is drained. Additionally, you will not get any more vapors.

Simply attach the battery charger and connect your electronic cigarette to a power source. The charger will indicate when the battery has been fully charged.

Electronic Cigarettes 101 – When to change the atomizer?

The average life of an atomizer is between 7 to 14 days. And here depends a lot on every smoker.

You have to change the atomizer when it does not give you the amount of steam you have used to get or when it is giving you a burning taste. However, before thinking that the atomizer need replacement , make sure you have fully charged the batteries and put enough e-liquid.

Some newer atomizers have included a resistance that can be changed separately. So, you do not have to change all the atomizer but only the resistance. It is much more cheap this way.

You can buy a whole set of resistances and change your old one when you think it’s working faulty.

Electronic Cigarettes 101 – What is the liquid for the electronic cigarette and what is it composed of?

The substances that make up the e-liquid from the electronic cigarettes are:

  • propylene glycol
  • vegetable glycerin
  • nicotine
  • aromas (flavors)

Electronic Cigarettes 101 – Is the electronic cigarette e-liquid safe?

E-liquids that are manufactured by renowned manufacturers (e.g., Dekang, Liqua), and which have been tested and have certificates that certify their quality and safeness, are quite safe.

But beware that there are cheap e-liquids manufactured by various no-names in this new industry that are not tested and that can be dangerous to your health. That’s why I recommend you to buy from a known manufacturer to make sure that what you inhale is safe.

Electronic Cigarettes 101 – How healthy is smoking electronic cigarettes?

Health experts call for more in-depth controls on electronic cigarettes, as people using these devices are exposed to poisonous chemicals.

Devices with which users inhaled nicotine are not manufactured on the basis of well-established regulations, and healthcare professionals fear that people using electronic cigarettes are exposed to products that could seriously harm their health.

The Daily Mail informs that many of the brands of electronic cigarettes, also available in the UK, are imported without thorough checks, and some of the devices come from China.

In turn, Jean King, the director of the British Association of Oncology Research, warns that electronic cigarettes do not have the same safety standards as other nicotine-based products design to offer aid in quit smoking, such as chewing gum and patches.

‘These devices have no license. This means that there are no standard safety measures for marketing them. In addition, very little is known about the substances they contain. It is recommended that if you want to quit smoking, choose other nicotine-based products and avoid electronic cigarettes,’ King said.

Depending on which manufacturer you purchase such a cigarette from, a cartridge may contain between 0 and 16 milligrams of nicotine. In addition, health experts warn that a nicotine cartridge may also have various other chemicals. They point out that the electric device of the false cigarette releases nicotine in the body, a substance that creates addiction.

Another disadvantage of electronic cigarettes is that the e-liquid that “charges” the cigarette contains, besides nicotine, propylene glycol, an irritant to the respiratory tract.

American scientists are of the opinion that this device is as dangerous as traditional cigarettes. Laboratory analyzes have shown the presence of nitrosamine in the electronic cigarettes e-liwuid, which is a substance that promotes cancer.

US Drug Administration representatives are worried that electronic cigarettes may increase nicotine addiction and may cause children to experience normal cigarettes when the electronic devices will no longer be cool and enough for them. The only advantage of the electric device is that it does not pollute or affect the others around.

Electronic Cigarettes 101 – Conclusions

In conclusion, you should know the risks of electronic cigarettes, which as in the case of regular cigarettes smoking, are not 100% given by the nicotine but are given in fact by the flavoring additives (which are chemical compounds). If you are a regular cigarettes smoker, you should definitely switch to electronic cigarettes as your first step towards totally quitting on nicotine. If you’re not a smoker, than you should think twice before starting.

This Electronic Cigarettes 101 – Beginner’s Guide I’ve put up for you in this article is designed to teach everything you need to know regarding electronic cigarettes which are more and more popular among former regular cigarettes smoker but also among teenagers which are misled by the powerful electronic cigarettes’ advertising to consider them healthy.

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