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Email Processing 4 Cash Reviews

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

The Email Processing 4 Cash system promises to help you earn $25 for each and every email you process, and offer you with the actual opportunity to make $273,750 per year, as passive income. Based on the website, all tutorial materials will be offered for you to be able to obtain money once you’re ready to go.

About Email Processing 4 Cash

Email Processing 4 Cash seems to carry an F score with the Better Business Bureau, and, additionally, the on-line customers reviews are on the same level. A few of the most frequent issues include being up-sold some extra products, such as site hosting services or website building services, to be able to start earning money, and also the actual fact you are not actually advertising something or a service, raise a big red flag.

How is Email Processing 4 Cash working?

Before engaging in the facts, perhaps the main thing to notice is that the Email Processing 4 Cash making money on-line solution has nothing in connection with the processing emails idea, or with other things, for example. Instead, it can be an Internet marketing making money on-line system on which you make a $25 commission for each and every person you sign up for the program.

Next are the fundamentals of how Email Processing 4 Cash works.

Right after paying your enrollment payment, about which you can read more in the next section, you’ll then be signed up as a member.

Based on the company’s website, you will be ready to commence generating income in three easy steps:

  • Setting up your EPS website – If you have experience building websites, this will be not too difficult, as the info is apparently mostly text-based. If you want the company to create your website for you, they can accomplish that for yet another fee.
  • Select a repayment system – That’s where your $25 commissions will be delivered. Email Processing 4 Cash presently allows only PayPal and Payza.
  • Post your advertising – The business’s website promises you’ll simply need to post three ads per day to be able to attract new referrals. To assist you with this technique, the company offers a comprehensive amount of guidelines materials, including already-written ads, courses on how/where to create and post your ads, top places for highest ads traffic, headline ideas, and even more internet marketing strategies, and much more.

When you complete all these steps, you’ll post ads to very popular ads sites such as Craigslist and Backpages.

If someone views your ads and decides to sign up, you’ll be acknowledged as their Sponsor, and can earn a $25 commission once they’ve become members and paid the membership fee. So the truth is, you’re not processing emails, nor offering, promoting, or reselling any product or service. All that you will be doing is convincing other folks to join up for this program, and you will earn a $25 commission because of this.

Email Processing 4 Cash Costs & Refund Policy

To be able to access the member’s section of the Email Processing 4 Cash website, you need to pay a one-time payment of $25.

If you want to allow them to setup and hold your website, you will be charged yet another $25 payment.

No refund policy can be found on their website.

Is Email Processing 4 Cash a legit system or a SCAM?

While researching for my Email Processing 4 Cash review, I found lots of warnings that indicate the business is operated over a significantly less than reputable level.

I tend to assume that the Email Processing 4 Cash link is apparently a Sponsor’s sales funnel.

Quite simply, a guy once paid the $25 membership fee to gain access to the member’s area, registered the www.get25dollars.com domain, and submitted content to earn commissions by referring new clients.

People looking for solutions to make money on-line think that Email Processing 4 Cash, or other email processing method for earning money on-line, are of a negative reputation. In the long run, the site you promote in this system don’t really provide anything of value to the people you’re generating commissions from, apart from information that presents them how to replicate the whole process.

Email Processing 4 Cash is similar on a smaller extent with the well-known MLM businesses.

Predicated on our research, the business that is Email Processing 4 Cash making money on-line method shows all the warnings that are usually indicating a rip-off site, with all its very obscure information in what the program requires, misleading information, such as the one that there is email processing involved while it isn’t, and intensely the limited information on the business.


Because of these, I strongly suggest choosing another more genuine source for generating income through Internet marketing because Email Processing 4 Cash is a SCAM.

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