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What Should You Know About EMF and Anti-Radiation Devices

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When it comes about radiations, we should take things seriously. We all heard about them but we might know everything there is to know about them. When it comes about protecting from radiations, things could become even more complicated.

You can find all kinds of devices on the market and their manufacturers promise you that their devices will keep you away from these electromagnetic radiations. Do they really work? You might also wonder what these radiations are and if they are a real danger for us. Another question might be how to stay away from frauds when it comes about anti-radiation devices.

The answers to all these questions will be discovered in the following rows of this article, so if you are interested you should continue your reading.

Are we safe?

These days when the technology developed so much, it is almost impossible not to be surrounded by electronic radiations. Can we see these radiations? The answer is no. Can we feel them? The answer is, again no. As long we are using devices that requires an electrical power source we will be in direct contact with electromagnetic radiations. You might have heard about the variety of controversies related to the effects of this EMF (electromagnetic radiation field) that seems to surrounds us no matter where we might be.

You might want to know which the main sources of such radiations are. This is quite simple. Starting with your cell phone, smart devices, PCs, x-rays or UV rays, routers, TVs and ending microwaves you can see that we are surrounded by electromagnetic radiations from everywhere. The main worry is when the level of these radiations is quite raised because they can affect our health. These radiations releases free radicals and we all know that these are some of the most dangerous things for our organisms.

These types of radiations are divided in two categories. The ionizing radiations seem to be the worst type. These types of radiations come from UV rays, X-rays and Gamma –rays. The last types of rays mentioned are so powerful that they can even break molecular bonds.

While the exposure to such dangerous radiations is not as frequent and it could be done in certain conditions, the most common type of electromagnetic radiations to which we are frequently exposed are the non- Ionizing Radiations.

The sources of these types of radiations are the microwaves, the radiofrequency, the computers, cellphones, Bluetooth devices, power lines, visual light, smart devices or electric appliances that we might have around the house. You might have heard or read that everything that it is plugged into an electrical power source is releasing electromagnetic radiations. It is a real affirmation but the frequency of these radiations is quite low. They are also called the ELF radiation sources.

How dangerous are they?

We will talk about the common devices that we all use and that we might have considered harmless until recently. Starting with your cell phone, how many times have you noticed that when you turn on your GPS, or when the network signal is failing, your device is getting very hot and the battery level decreases with the speed of light? I am sure that it happened quite often.

If you believed that nothing wrong could happen, you were not right about that. The studies did not proved too clearly what I am about to say, but it seems that when a person usually wears his/her cellphone in a certain area close to her/his body, that body area ends up affected in a way or in another. You might have heard that men who carry their cellphones near to the testicular area might suffer of testicular cancer or their sperm quality decreases. This was not proven entirely but why should you expose yourself to such risk.

Microwaves are sometimes our best friends. The studies showed that they can be more our enemies than our friends. It was proven that these devices while are plugged in and when they are turned on they produce their microwaves that also releases electromagnetic radiations. Some people believe that the food cooked in these devices is also irradiated. This is not true or at least there are no proves that it is. In fact fast cooked food seem to be the one that preserves its nutrients best, comparing with the classic slow cooked type of food.

Even if I have my own friend that refuses to install a Wi-Fi router inside their homes, because they consider that their health will be affected quite seriously, I can assure you that the radiation level is quite small. It could be compared with the radiation level released by microwaves. This means that there is no real danger.

Some of the most common scares related to health issues that might appear due to these electromagnetic radiations are cancer and brain functions disorders that might also lead to dementia.

EMF protection devices

There is a wide variety of products on the market. The manufacturers of these devices claim that they are able to reduce the intensity of these radiations. At least they are not saying that they can make them vanish.

Do these products really work? You can find things like cellphone chips, diodes, neutralizers, shielding paint, remote devices, radiation cages, fabrics and even some jewelry made from special materials like cooper.

Some people tried them and they shared their opinions and experiences on various websites. You can read a multitude of reviews on-line but I personally doubt that you will reach to a conclusion. The reviews of these products are both positive and negative and scientifically there was nothing proved. This means that you could turn into a believer or you could become even more skeptic about the reliability of these products.

I am not saying that these are not effective at all. There are ways to measure their efficiency. Can these devices represent a danger as well? Only if you believe too much in them.

So much that you will start exposing yourself to an even wider electromagnetic radiation waves than you used to in the past. If you decide to buy such devices, you should be aware from where you buy them. If you are an on-line buyer, you could be scammed much more easily. This does not mean that you could not find reliable sources. You can, as long you make the required researches.

How to limit your exposure

If you intend to decrease your exposure to these electromagnetic radiations, some things could stand in your power. You cannot forget about your cellphone. You need it these days. It will be wiser to avoid direct contact with it. You should discover the pleasure of texting. It is better this way than to keep it close to your head so you can talk. Also you should not sleep next to it while it is charging or in any other circumstances.

You should also forget about wireless devices such as Bluetooth headphones. You can use the speaker function. When you notice that your phone is getting hotter due to the lack of signal or no matter what reason, you should keep it away until it cools down.

The electric appliances from your home should be unplugged when you do not use them. Like that, the electricity bill will decrease as well. Use the microwave only for emergencies.


The last thing I will mention is that you could buy these electromagnetic radiations neutralizers devices as long you verify the source and even if you do this you should take them to be measured properly so you will know that you can rely on their efficiency. You should remember that these devices decrease these radiations intensity and they do not make it vanish completely.

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What should you know about EMF and anti-radiation devices
When it comes about radiations, we should take things seriously. We all heard about them but we might know everything there is to know about them. When it comes about protecting from these radiations things could become even more complicated.
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