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How a cocktail can easily re-energize you during a heated summer day?

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The summer days are the funniest days one can have. You are having fun, you are free, all you think about is your vacation and how can you face the heat. Thinking about going in a vacation where you can enjoy the sun is what most people do when it comes the summertime!

All they want is to relax, to tan, to be free, to go swimming, to party and to have a good time. In fact, the summertime is about all these, so why won’t you add some extra tips to make it more fun? Each season of summer you want to explore more and to have fun too; but there are things not so cool about the summer, like those heated summer days!

Cool down during summer

They appear every season and they affect everything and everybody! Staying in the shade will not cool your body down entirely! And due to sweating you will lose massive quantities of water which will make you feel exhausted! So, you need to hydrate and to take care of yourself even more! Any party you will attend will have a menu of beverages.

The cocktails based on alcohol or not will not make an exception of it; no matter if is summertime or you simply go in a club! The cocktails one drinks are the fun due to their amazing taste and they are interesting too, simply because you do not drink it every day!

When you go by the poll, when you tan, what do you have by your side? A glass of cocktail. Put water and some sliced lemons and add some Green Tea and you have a an alcoholic Mojito. Interesting prepared and which also looks great! Alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails are prepared after certain recipes, but if you want to create your own recipe, all you need is the right ingredients, some great ideas and the result will amaze you! You might wonder from where did these beverages come from?

Cocktails short history

Or which was the first cocktail which appeared on the market? In 1933 in the US there was the prohibition law and the Americans used to mix alcohol with fruit juice in order to mislead the authorities. After 1933 the prohibition law was vanished and the market encountered an explosion in regards cocktails! All over Europe and America, cocktails like Singapore, Bloody Mary or Margarita could be served anywhere and anytime! The most common cocktails were and are still common today.

The Margarita- invented by a woman who lived in Acapulco and who had the name Margarita Sames. This happened in 1948. The original recipe today has suffered lots of transformations, but the original recipe includes: orange liquor, lemon juice and alcohol! Today this beverage is served on the beaches, at the parties or in the summer clubs that most people go in vacation!

The Black Russian- is another notorious drink, which is made of vodka and coffee liquor! Served on the rocks and consumed mostly in Russia, after it hit Europe specialist considered that this cocktail does not deserve its representative name simply because there is nothing interesting about it!

The Bloody Mary- the most notorious drink based on tomato juice, which wears the name of the criminal English Queen; this cocktail was invested in 1921 but only after the 30’s its fame hit the market and it was requested ever since at all parties! Some believe that if you put a low rate of alcohol it can be a great hangover help! So you can pass the hangover more easily!

The Bronx- and this is the cocktail not of the bad famed New Yorker neighborhood, which was invented in the 20’s by one of the most known bartenders- Johnnie Solon. It’s story is quite interesting- a client bet that nobody can invent a new cocktail recipe in less than 1 minute. Solon made it and named it after the New Yorker neighborhood simply because he used to go there a lot!

And there are more stories behind every cocktail. But these are just few examples! In regards to our health all kind of cocktails have a special taste about something: maybe an ingredient makes the difference- ginger for example; or maybe you change the recipe with healthy ingredients and it tastes even better that the original one! Either way, creating new recipes is good! It means that you want to improve and to give your body only the best! Alcoholic or non alcoholic cocktails have ingredients which stimulate our digestion, our brain’s function, which provide our body vitamins and antioxidants!

Make your own cocktails

All these elements make sure that our body is refreshed and that it works the right way! Most of the cocktail’s recipe have vodka as their foundation depending if they are alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails! For the alcoholic ones, vodka or rum is the foundation; and for the plane cocktails water and sugar syrup is the foundation! Then you can mix ingredients just the way you make a lemonade and you can decorate the glass to look great too, not only to have an amazing taste!

The orange juice, the mango or the pineapple juice are just few examples of beverages which mixed together can result an amazing healthy summer drink! What about melon, lemonade and brown sugar? Another interesting drink which can cool you down during the most heated summer days! Everybody awaits the summertime, simply because this season is funnier than other seasons! Each season has its own beauty but none of them compares to the summer!

Get hydrated during summer

When you say summer you think about sun, fun, beach, seaside, swimming, swimming pool, parties, traveling, vacations, surfing, tanning etc. We all know what summer brings: lots of fun, but extra temperatures! And these extra temperatures makes us feel more tired, we lose more water than we normally by sweating, by eliminating toxins, and by eliminating toxins we also lose vitamins and antioxidants which help us to keep our body on the right track.

We need a back-up plan and the best plan is to complement our dosage of liquids! Ask any doctor you want, they will all recommend you the same thing: drink at least 2 liters of water per day! So, you can stay hydrated the right way! Passing a summer day is not easy! You need to eat right, drink right and if you have time rest right too. But no matter your plan, nothing compares with a refreshing summer drink!

And here the cocktails enter the scene. So, hydration is important and we can get it from drinking lots of liquids! Alimentation is important too and we can rely on healthy foods like dairy, white meat only, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, salads dressed with olive oil and spices! All you need to be is creative and you can invent both: foods and drinks, very easy!

From foods and from healthy drinks you can extract vitamins and antioxidants that your body so much it needs! Fresh and colorful salads will makes sure that your body is on the right track in regards to foods and it will give your body the nutrients that so much it needs to pass a heated day! The dosage of nutrients can be multiplied with drinks too.

Maybe it sounds a little bit chaotic, but it is not! Summer drinks can multiply the dosage of vitamins and antioxidants that your body must receive, in order to face a day of summer with extra temperatures! All you need is water, sugar or honey, fresh fruits and vegetables, a squeezer or a blender and ideas to prepare the best summer drinks ever, which are reunited under one name- cocktails! And like this amazing cocktails show up on the market! In fact, what most people do during their summer time?

They go by the pool, they swim a lot, they go by the beach and they face heat the best way they can: by drinking amazing cocktails! In fact, if not with cocktails then with what should you face the summer?

Be careful with sun exposure

Staying in the shade is not the best option! Still you sweat and still you need to hydrate your body! Still you need to be refreshed! The most easy way to cool down is by drinking natural juices, ice teas, plane water; they are rich in vitamins and they assure your body, its daily needed dosage of energy. The Sun is such a great thing; sunny days give us so much positive energy and they improve our mood; it relaxes us entirely and they fix Calcium and Vitamin D in our bones!

So, it’s healthy to be exposed to the Sun, but not at any hour or in any circumstances! In regards to easily cooling down during summer time, you must know that the easiest way to do that is by squeezing or by blending fresh fruits and fresh vegetables; no sugar added, just drink them in their natural form. It’s true that nowadays you no longer know if you are having natural foods in order to have natural drinks, because everything is being processed and even the fruits or the vegetables which grow in our grandparents garden might encounter chemicals. The market offers today lots of solutions which can help your vegetables or your fruits production to grow easier and faster.

But have you thought that those chemicals you add to your vegetables and to your fruits, are ingested by you and that they can harm your health? A cocktail will no longer have natural ingredients if you have processed fruits or vegetables as your ingredients. That’s why is so important to know what you buy in stores or what you have at home.

Getting back to easily cooling down and also easily taking care of your health, the tomato juice is one of the most known refreshers and the basic recipe for a notorious cocktail- The Bloody Mary: rich in vitamins and minerals, the tomato juice is the best way to refresh your body and to fight dehydration, without drinking lots of water quantities! The Lycopene, the substance which give tomatoes their red color, is a strong antioxidant and it can easily prevent tumor formation of all cancer types! Another base or foundation of a cocktail can be the Apple juice. Consumed with vodka or with Green Tea (depending if this is an alcoholic cocktail or not) the apple juice is fun, its tasty and very healthy due to the multitude of vitamins and minerals that it has in its composition.

Consume the right drink combinations

The apple juice is another source of antioxidants; it is rich in Potassium, it eliminates toxins from your kidneys and liver and decreases the bad cholesterol’s level and also, it assures your daily dosage of calories; so, it can easily replace a snack or one of your meals! Again, consumed with vodka or not another foundation of a cocktail recipe is the orange juice. The orange juice is another notorious summer drink which is rich in vitamin C and which can replace a snack or one of your meals easily!

And since is the foundation of many cocktails with or without alcohol, the orange juice is tasty and healthier! It is known that during summer time alcohol is not recommended, especially during the day, but if a party is going on and is a daylight party, then you cannot avoid it! The vitamin C found inside the orange juice is a very important immunity helper; it keeps away diseases during the whole year not only during winter time when colds or bacteria are threating your body and your immunity more than ever!

In fact, due to a chaotic lifestyle, colds and bacteria are threating your immune system all the time! All fresh fruits provide health to your body. And all fresh fruits can be and they sure are the foundation of many cocktails. And they are the best natural source of vitamins you can have! You can also mix them with vegetables and it will result a healthy drink or a healthy cocktail! The cherries are the most loved summer fruits and the drinks based on cherry juice are the most loved as well!

They are a great source of vitamins and antioxidants; in fact, all fruits are a source of antioxidants and of vitamins. For example, the apricots come from China and Japan and they were appreciated from the ancient times. They were thought to sweet up the soul and to provide romance between couples. They are not only famous for their spiritual part, because they are one of the best sources of vitamin A and carotene; the apricots are low in calories and high in Potassium, Iron, Copper and oligo-elements. By having a cure of apricots or by including apricots in your dietary program, you can treat affections like: anemia, constipation, insomnia or kidney diseases!

By having them in your drink will be a plus added to your health. How tasty are the liqueurs based on apricots? Another great example of an important source of vitamins and oligo-elements are the Peaches; from the 15th century the French and Mediterranean orchards were full of Peaches-known in the Middle East as the symbol of longevity and immortality, they are important sources of vitamin A and of vitamin C, they treat anemia and remake the hemoglobin! Alcoholic cocktails based on Peaches will always have a great taste. It is true that peaches and apricots are so famous in regards to cocktails, but cherries are.

In fact, the most important fruits (not only for their properties, but most of all as a symbol of the summer) during summertime are the cherries! The contain 90 percent water, vitamin A, B2, Calcium, Magnesium, organic acids, Iron salt, Phosphorus, Chlorine, Sulfur and anti-cancer substances. The fibers found in their composition stimulate the digestion. So, cocktails based on cherries are considered digestives.

Bottom line

And the list can go on and on, because the benefits found in fresh fruits and vegetables are plenty and they can be used internally (eaten alone, squeezed or blended, as compotes or as teas) or externally (as an alternative to cosmetic treatments- cherries, berries, apricots and peaches smooth the skin and prevent wrinkles from appearing; they maintain skin’s elasticity and they can be used as cosmetic masks).

Now returning to the healthy summer drinks and to cocktails most of all, which will cool you down easily, during a heated summer day, these kind of fresh fruits can be consumed as teas, or in their natural form! But the main idea is that, all these can be found in all types of cocktails depending on what ingredients you choose.

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