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Have you ever wonder if you have adult ADHD?

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ADHD is a disease some people might think that it does not even exist. Other people might think that only children can be diagnosed with such disease. There is nothing more untrue than this statement. You, along with others might be surprised to hear how many adult people can suffer of this disorder.

In the following rows of this article, you will be able to read more about ADHD related to how to recognize the first signs. What more exactly should worry you and send you to see a specialist? If you are interested in this specific topic then you should continue your reading. You might discover here some details you were not aware of until now.

Which is the biggest impediment in discovering ADHD?

When you are dealing with a child, things are quite easy. You know him better than anyone does and a behavior that disturbs everyone is easy to discover. Also, his inability to focus in the most simple things can also raise a question mark.

When you are talking about adults, things aren’t so clear to see. Any adult knows better to control himself than a child does. Some of them might not even know they have an issue. They always suffered of a lack of concentration and an inability to organize their time properly. What if all these issues have a cause? What if these persons can solve their problems just by being diagnosed and treated properly? This is not about persons who suffer of such disorders from time to time. This is for those who constantly have this problem. There is no shame in seeking for a solution.

The most obvious signs of ADHD

As I said earlier, having trouble with organizing your life might be a sign. This is about serious life problems that all people should handle properly, once they reached the adult age. You cannot expect someone else to pay your bills, to find a job for you or teach how to raise properly a child. These are serious issue that if you are not able to handle constantly, they can create real troubles for you.

Your traffic behavior can make you think better if you suffer of ADHD. If you have accidents all the time and you prove yourself a very inpatient driver, who is ready to start a fight with the other drivers in no time, you might have some problem. You have a difficulty in managing your anger. You might even consider normal to act this way. Even if you do not notice, the persons close to you should start thinking that you might have some problems. Also the constant lack of attention during this activity can bring many bad things to your life that can affect other people’ lives as well.

Even if you might end up with a family of your own, if you suffer of ADHD, the troubles won’t stop to show up. You may wonder how. The inability of commit and keep your commitments is the main thing that can ruin a relationship. Besides that, the poor listening skills can be a hard cross to bear for your partner. A relationship means sharing the most intimate thoughts.

If you cannot pay enough attention to your partner’ ideas, wishes and desires you have a problem. The main feeling that you will give to your partner is that you care only about yourself but in reality, you do not even realize that you do such things. You cannot even get the idea. You are not able to understand his or her ‘ reasons to be upset. You might have heard about people who will never admit that they have done something wrong. Sometimes they do not even realize they did.

The poor listening skills might also reflect to your work place. People have the tendency to find excuses for everything. If they are late to a meeting or if they have forgot about it completely they might say that you did not even told them about it. Even if you bring proofs, they might still deny it. If this happens in most all the situations, no matter if it is about family duties or your job’ duties you should ask yourself why this happens.

Another thing that can bring many troubles to an adult person who suffers of ADHD is the inability to relax. You might not be agitated during the day as children are, but when you should relax and sleep, you cannot. Some people might consider that their hectic lives and the stress accumulated during the day is the main problem, but if you must face this situation frequently with no other reason, you should ask yourself some questions.

People usually need to focus when they start a task. The ADHD people usually have lots of trouble related to this issue. It is practically impossible for them to do it.  They need to concentrate twice as much as other people do, to be able to start a new task much less finishing it. This can cause allot of problems at work.

Beside the focusing issues, another thing that can bother many people at your work is the fact that you are always late. Yes, this can happen to many people. Some of them might have real reasons. You are the only one who knows if you have such reasons or not. When you do not, and you realize that you are the only issue, then you should seek for help. The inability to estimate the needed time to reach some place or to end a task can be a sign.

If you suffer of ADHD, you might have sudden angry episodes that you cannot even explain to yourself much less to others. You have troubles to manage your feelings. You have the tendency to burst quite often and for no real reasons. These anger episodes fade as fast as they started and for no reason. People around you might look at you as you were a mad man or something.

If you cannot organize your time, we should not even talk about prioritizing things in your life. If you are not able to even see, which your priorities should be, then you should get a checkup.

Can someone diagnose ADHD?

Only a mental health specialist can tell you for sure that you have such problems. Thanks to our way of living, all these symptoms can be caused by many other mental disorders, one of them can be depression. A specialist will eliminate all the other reasons before giving you such diagnose.

Is there a treatment?

As there is one for children, it can surely be found one for adults. It usually stands in therapy sessions, even group therapies and in some more serious situations, medication might be required. It can be kept under control, but the person who has it should not be in completely denial. You are the only one who can decide if you reach for help or not. Your friends and family can alert you but you should admit that you have a problem. There is nothing to be ashamed of, as I said earlier.

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