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EverydayFamily.com – Features and Rating

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Description: EverydayFamily.com is an online community dedicated to experts in parenting as well as parents or parents-to-be in need of guidance and information about the various aspects parenthood involves.

Being a parent is undoubtedly life’s most challenging and rewarding experience. We could dedicate entire pages to the joy parenthood brings into one’s life and the way a baby simply enhances one’s human experience. We can only say that being a parent is for a lifetime and nothing can help you reach the feelings and dimension you do when becoming a parent. But parenthood is not free of questions and worries, especially if you’re having your first child. It’s true that the Internet now offers many sources of information but finding quality and expert information might be quite a challenge.

EverydayFamily.com has been created with the need of guidance most people have when getting ready to become parents or when already having children. So many questions just pop up continuously when you want to become a parent. From how to get ready for your pregnancy to what’s the best name for your baby and how to help your toddler get to sleep, EverydayFamily.com is committed to helping you find answers to all such questions. How does it work and how helpful is it? Let’s find out more in today’s post.

What is EverydayFamily.com?

EverydayFamily.com is an online platform created by a father-to-be that allows experts and parents to share important and useful information regarding the various stages of preconception, pregnancy and the first years of your baby’s life. Covering a wide range of parenthood-related topics, the website is a place where experts, parents, and parents-to-be can share tips and information, give advice or seek guidance.

How does EverydayFamily.com work?

The information you can access is divided into articles, interactive forums, and regular blog posts. Thanks to its interactive tools including the gender predictor, baby names, due date calculator, and ovulation calculator, you can enjoy information and advice especially created to meet your needs and particular situation or issue. You can thus get personalized content. For instance, you can enter your due date in order to receive custom information regarding your baby’s growth and development as well as what you can expect for both you and your baby. If you sign up, you will receive tips and important info directly into your inbox.

Then the member forums, articles, and videos are tailored to cover various ages and stages. The website offers different areas of advice for all stages of parenthood. For example, if you are at the pre-conception stage, you can use their Ovulation Calculator, tips for getting pregnant and articles on such topics.

EverydayFamily.com goes even further than providing information on the parent-child relationship. They know that your relationship with your partner is of utmost importance and its strength and health will be reflected in the relationship you have with your baby. Therefore, they have dedicated an entire section to it so you and your partner enjoy and maintain a healthy relationship. This part of the website includes articles on Relationship Wellness, money issues, health and fitness and even recipes since being a good parent means taking good care of yourself. You can’t take good care of your child if you don’t pay attention to your mental, physical, and emotional health. EverydayFamily.com thus tries to cover a great variety of parenthood aspects.

In order to send their message and help as many families as possible, EcerydayFamily.com also supports families beyond the website by collaborating with charitable organizations on local, national, and global levels. You can see the list of such charities in the “EverydayFamily CARES” section.

EverydayFamily.com Pricing

You can enjoy all of the benefits EverydayFamily.com provides for free. Signing up for membership costs nothing. What you get to enjoy if you sign up is a rich source of articles, interactive tools, videos, and personalized content. Moreover, you can enjoy member rewards including grocery store coupons and even the possibility to get free products for your baby.

You will have to provide your personal information when you sign up but they won’t share it or sell it to third party companies without your consent. They will use it to deliver targeted ads and personalized deals, though.

What do members say about EverydayFamily.com?

Like many other websites, services, and products, EverydayFamily.com has both a positive and less positive reputation. From the reviews available online, we gather that some users have had a nice experience using the information and personalized content on the website.

According to such users, the quality of the content the site offers is high and the information helped them meet their individual needs. The articles have been described as being not only informative but entertaining as well. Then there have been users complaining about receiving daily spam calls from fraudulent companies after signing up for freebies through Everyday Family.

Since the review offer regarding EverydayFamily.com is not that rich, we’ve browsed the website ourselves to see what type of information it offers. One thing we can say is that the website is generous when it comes to providing all sorts of tips, general information, and even specific information.

You will find many categories, each of them dedicated to a particular topic. Given these categories, it is easy to reach the article and information you’re interested in. Their videos, articles, and blog posts cover a wide range of a parent’s and baby’s needs. The feeling we got from exploring the website is that the people behind it really want to help you improve your overall life, your life as a partner, parent or parent-to-be.

Bottom Line

Keep in mind, though, that it is always recommended to see a professional whenever it comes to health advice, recommendation, and information. If there’s a health issue about you or your baby that concerns you, reach your health care specialist for certified medical advice, counseling, and medication prescription. Take such issues seriously and don’t rely only on information you find online.

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