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Excessive Sport Activities Side Effects

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Sport and Balance

When you finally decide to live a healthy life, you surely know that it is imperative to practice sports activities. No matter if your goal is to lose weight or you just want to improve your lifestyle sport activities are a must. Will not only make you feel better physically but they will also improve your mood. You will feel better about yourself and you will go out in the world with an improved self-esteem.

What happens when you have the tendency to exaggerate? You know that this is not a good idea no matter what you are thinking to do. Overdoing something, no matter if you talk about food, drink, work or physical exercises it will not bring the benefits you expect. In the following rows of this article, the main topic will be the side effects of excessive sports activities.

You may be surprised to know that sports in some conditions might not be too good for your health. All women and men want to have sculpted bodies just as they see in magazines, TV shows etc. Sometimes I wonder why I see all around perfect people, when in reality perfection does not exist. You can be sure that many pictures we see are created in Photoshop.

But even if you are aware of that, you still want to be different than you really are. Not only young people want that. You can find many middle age women and men who force themselves to preserve their bodies as they used to be at their twenties. Sometimes these people look better in their forties than they looked as teenagers.

One thing you should not forget is that with age other problems may appear. If until a certain age you lived a hectic life filled with noxious vices, you may also have health issues. This means that you should not practice those exhausting physical exercises unless your doctor agrees with you.

Side Effects of Sport

With all these things being said, and after you are sure that your health allows you to, you can make your own gym subscription. To have a personal trainer may seem a bit too expensive for many of us. This is why we usually go there and do whatever we consider proper for us. But sometimes we do it wrong or we do too much. As the title of the article say, too much can also mean unpleasant side effects. Which may be these side effects?

1. Yawning. After starting your exercises in force you might notice that you start yawning. Is this because you are tired already? Not really. This usually happens when your body tries to adapt itself to the new activity, but if you are facing an accentuated need of yawning it is not a too good sign, perhaps your brain does not receive enough oxygen because you are not able to breathe properly. This may lead to an increased blood pressure.

2.  Rhinorrhea. This is a small inconvenience. Experts say that when your body is forced to do too much effort, much more than usual, the level of secretions may increase and this means that you might have ti wipe your nose more frequently.

3. Crackling in the ears. This body reaction may be caused by a high level of pressure. As you can imagine it can be quite disturbing and some people might worry that something is wrong, especially if you are not used to do such effort. The best idea to stop this phenomenon is to end the physical activity for a while and drink lots of liquids, especially water. If you can also urinate to release the pressure will be even better.

4. Headaches. Unfortunately, this can be unpleasant and it is something that should worry you.  It is a sign that the blood vessels from your brain are too dilated. This means that it can cause more harm than good if you continue. The key to not allow this to happen is to warm your body well enough before starting to push it harder and also you should learn first how to breathe properly during your exercises. Like that, your brain will receive enough oxygen and your body will be prepared to make more effort. You can as well avoid this situation, if you practice your exercises outdoor, or in a well ventilated room. The heat can have a bad influence on your body and on your breathing abilities.

5. Stomach aches and burns. This can happen if you start your physical exercises too soon after your last meal. Especially if you make abdominal exercises, it will be more probable to feel such burns. This is the reason why you should wait at least two hours after you ate so you can start your sport activities.

6. Intestinal gases. This is also strongly related with your nutrition. It is not important just when you eat but also what you eat. Aliments that can cause gases should avoided, such as beans, peas, cabbage, potatoes and all the other things that are able to provoke this situation. At least during the day in which you intend to practice sport activities at high levels you should avoid them.

7. Muscular cramps. You may have suffered at least once from tendrils. This is exactly the same with muscular cramps. The best way to defeat this issue is to consume wide quantities of potassium. The lack of potassium is the main reason why tendrils appear in the first place. When you practice difficult movements that necessitate lots of effort your body lose wide quantities of potassium through your sweat. Instead of ingesting pills a very good solution is to eat bananas. These aliments contain enough quantities of potassium so you can get over such episodes during your exercises.

8. Urinary incontinence. Last but not least, the urinary incontinence can become a problem. The huge effort you expose your body at, especially if you lift weights or do other similar moves can cause such shameful situations. To avoid this, the Kegel exercises, created to improve your pelvic muscles, seem to give great results. If even after that you still have this problem, you should maybe go and see a doctor. It may not be just an occasional situation.

Besides all these things, there may be other situations caused by excessive physical activities. Also, if you decide to force yourself so you can completely transform your body in a dream body overnight, you must consult your doctor first. If you are in your forties or maybe older than that and even younger than that you can suffer from certain disorders or illnesses that may prevent you to practice sports at such high level.

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