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Fidget Cube Review

Alex C
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fidget cube review

Today, I will introduce you to one of the most fun and yet useful desk toys. It’s not too complicated, on the contrary, it’s extremely simple to use. This is Fidget Cube, a very small toy that helps you relax and at the same time focus much better, all this can be done if you play with Fidget Cube.

About Fidget Cube

This toy starts to become an extremely usable item for today’s young people. We could even say that they become addicted to this toy, but this is not necessarily a bad thing because the Fidget Cube helps you to be more careful about certain things. You can use it in school, at work or in any other situation when you are stressed and want to increase your attention.

This desk toy can be found in 10 different color schemes, more exactly: Aqua, Berry, Fresh, Retro, Backer Designed, Dice, Midnight, Sunset, Kickstarter Edition and Graphite. And let’s not forget that all 6 parts of this cube, each have a different shape, each adds something extra to this Fidget Cube, making it even more interesting: Spin, Flip, Glide, Breathe, Roll and click.

Fidget Cube functionalities

Spin – This is a very useful circular fidget, perfect for fun
Flip – This is a switch, if you want a silent sound, play with it easily, if you do it quickly then it will sound louder.
Glide – It’s like a joystick, you do not have to have one in hand to feel the same feeling, now you can do that with this side.
Breather – Here comes the interesting part, this side will help you the most out of stress, this side is inspired by the traditional worry stones, a tool that guarantees you to get rid of stress and anxiety.
Roll – On this side you will find 3 gears and a ball, it’s all about the movement here
Click – This side offers you 5 buttons, 3 click buttons and 2 silent buttons, perfect to satisfy your click addiction every time you do not have a pen in your hand.

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