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Find-Bride.com – True Relationships Or Scam?

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Description: Find-bride.com is a dating website offering men from all over the world the possibility to meet single beautiful Russian and Ukrainian girls.

Approaching and covering the topic of romantic relationships take lots of space, time, and involve many things that can be said. There are various angles and viewpoints from which we can talk about relationships. We will limit our lines to saying that almost every human being looks for what we call a soul-mate, a partner with whom to build a life and a family.

Thanks to today’s technology we can do that from the very comfort of our home. The Internet offers the opportunity to look for a partner via various dating websites. You can even use mobile apps and do that when on the go. Now, choosing a site that offers real opportunities to meet someone might be a bit difficult since they come in a great number. Find-bride.com is such a website. Is it true what they offer or is it all a scam? Let’s find out more.

Find-bride.com – What You Need To Know

Find-bride.com is a dating website that claims to provide single men from all over the world with the chance to meet single, traditional-minded and family-oriented women from Eastern Europe. If you think it’s time you settled down and you’re interested in serious relationships, this might sound like the right place to start looking.

Find-bride.com is owned by a company based in Saint Vincent and Grenadines that claims to support men in finding and meeting a single woman interested in long serious relationships by helping them book hotels in order to meet the women they’ve met online, send them flowers and gifts, and even help them with the language barrier by providing interpreters. The company claims to be able to offer such help and support thanks to their collaboration with various agencies from Russia and Ukraine.

Now, given all the benefits the dating website offers, you will have to pay in order to enjoy full access, that is, communicating with the women you like. You can register and enjoy contact with women partially for free, though. The idea is that keeping in touch with the person you like will require payments and that will add up if things are getting serious.

How Does Find-bride.com Work?

One great thing about Find-bride.com is that you can see the profiles on the website entirely without registering. You can use various criteria to filter your browse results such as age. Information like name, age, height, and weight is displayed before opening the profile. Once you open it though, you will get access to more details about that particular woman including pictures, educational background, occupation, and so on. The only thing the visitor can’t watch is the woman’s introductory video.

If you find a woman you like, you can use several options to contact her: email, message, letter, chat or video chat. What might raise skepticism is that all the women on the website are willing to use their webcams in order to chat with male users. We might assume that this is a condition the women using the website must respect in order to be able to use it. And then, that might make use wonder about the seriousness of the website.

That unpleasant scenario is further supported by the fact that you will find only professionally taken pictures of very attractive women. You might have the feeling that you’ve run into a supermodels website. If you are a woman and want to create a profile so a man can find you, you can’t. It seems that the women on the website access Find-bride.com through agencies. That’s why they have all the equipment they need to chat.

Find-bride.com – Pricing

Apparently, love comes at a price. You can use the website for free only partially. Full access and all the benefits the company offers require you to pay. There are various subscription options and they go as follows:

  • The Bronze subscription which allows you to create a complete profile on the website for free. Once you do that, you can receive emails from women but that’s where your benefits end since everything else will be available if you’re willing to pay. Chats, letters, gifts, and everything else a contact with a woman on the website involves will cost you credits. Keep in mind that you cannot communicate with a person outside the website. You can get a woman’s phone number for a certain number of credits depending on the subscription you’ve chosen if the woman approves your request.
  • The Silver subscription costs $9.99 a month and includes 10 introductory emails and more affordable fees for the communication options you can use. It doesn’t include any credits, though.
  • The Gold subscription can be enjoyed for $29.99. What makes it different from the Silver membership is the fact that it includes 20 free introductory emails and 15 free follow-up emails. The fees are similar to the ones in the Silver subscription.
  • The Platinum subscription is available for $39.99 and it includes 30 introductory emails and 20 follow-ups.
  • The Diamond subscription will cost you $500. Yes, $500 a month. What you will get for this amount is 600 credits to use as you please and 100 free follow-up emails.

As with most subscriptions of this sort, they most likely renew automatically. At least, the information on the website suggests so since it says that if you want to cancel the service, you must contact the company directly.

Find-bride.com – Pros And Cons

The major pro we find is that you can meet truly beautiful women indeed since most of them are probably selected based on their looks. But that’s where pros sort of end. The drawbacks are various. One of them is that if you are a woman interested in creating a profile on the website, you will have to contact an agency in Ukraine or Russia and sign paperwork before you get to join Find-bride.com. There are various terms and conditions you have to agree with. Plus, you will be asked to provide a copy of your passport.

And things get even more interesting as we read more about the website and feedback coming from people who actually used it. It seems that the women on the website are actually paid for being active even if the company claims the opposite. According to various reviews available online, the women on the website receive rewards for their activity, the pay being the only reason they are actually on the website. Who gets damaged?  The male users. Their financial and emotional investment will only lead to a few chats with the women they’re interested in. Chances are that they won’t find the love they hope to find.

Once a male user creates a profile, he receives hundreds of messages from women. If he manages to read them all and wants to answer some of them, he will have to pay. Every move costs. Moreover, there are voices saying the messages are not even sent by the women in the pictures and that there is one person in charge of a number of profiles who is active until the man is ready to chat. That’s when the real women become active.

Complaints don’t end up here, though. Some women who have used the website say that the company used their personal information even after they stopped being active on the website.

The bottom line is that if you’re interested in having conversations with beautiful women and you’re willing to pay for that, Find-bride.com might be a good option. Now, if a serious relationship is what you have in mind, you might want to reconsider your options.

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