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Are Fish Oil Supplements Effective?

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Are Fish Oil Supplements Effective?

Because we never seem to have enough time to eat properly, to sleep as we should or to enjoy enough spare time so we can relax our body and mind, we might need to help a bit our organism so it can function properly.

When you do not offer it enough nutrients through food you might have to add to your diet a few supplements. These days, supplements gained a high level of popularity among people. This is the reason why you can find them almost anywhere no matter if you are an online or an offline buyer.

How good these supplements are? In the following rows of this article, we will talk about a certain type of supplement that it is strongly promoted as being the key to all your troubles. This article is about the fish oil supplements. Are they effective? Should we trust them? You are about to discover my documented opinion below.

Let’s start with the benefits

At the beginning, I will try to help you remember the fish qualities. We all know that it is a type of meat highly recommended in most any diet. No matter if you want to lose weight or if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, fish meat should not be missed from your table. The main secret ingredient that it is so appreciated is the omega-3 fatty acid.

This acid helps your brain to function better and beside that, it also has a good effect when it comes about internal inflammation. Your vital organs such as heart and liver will function at their best level. It is very important to add this type of fat acid to our nutrition. The problem is when you dislike fish meat of any kind. Beside the taste of it you might also dislike its smell. How can you get this omega-3 acid if not from fish? By the way, it is also quite expensive. The refrigerated fish is far from being recommended and when you go for fresh fish, you must have a bigger groceries budget.

For these types of situations, these fish oil supplements were created. Not especially for these situations but these are the most common ones. The advantages of these supplements are that they are far from being as expensive as salmon or tuna might be. Besides that they contain exactly what you need, namely the omega-3 fatty acid for which your body craves. All you have to do is to swallow a pill each day or a few times per day- as you might be recommended- and this is it.

They promise that they will solve problems like high triglycerides level, blood flow disorders, heart problems and maybe other things not mentioned yet. While fish meat might contain a certain amount of mercury that could become toxic for your organism this will not happen if you choose to take supplements. This does not mean that you should stop eating fish and go for supplements instantly.

The intoxication with mercury could happen if you eat fish every day eventually at every meal of the day. If you reduce your fish consumption at two times per week, you will not have any kind of problem. The ocean fish is usually the one with a wider content of mercury. Therefore, you can stay away from that type of fish.

The fish meat is recommended especially because it is good for your brain. Many pregnant women, however, are not recommended to eat it during their pregnancy. This is the reason why their current doctor will recommend them fish oil supplements. The high content of omega-3 fatty acid from these supplements can really help the fetus develop better especially when it comes about their brain functionalities.

Are there any downsides?

It seems that they could have some downsides as well. Nothing could be perfect in this world and these fish oil supplements are no exception from the rule. There were some studies made and the results of these studies amazed many supplements addicts. To understand the idea you should know that when a study is made there are chosen a wide number of individuals with different types of problems that should be solved or decreased by taking these supplements.

Well, at the end of this experiment it seems that the fish oil supplements had no effect. There are people who contest the results of these studies. They consider that it is practically impossible to extract all the nutrients and the entire quantity of omega-3 acid from fish and put it into a pill. Therefore, this is the reason why a pill cannot be as effective as fish meat could be. But this does not mean that the fish oil supplements are not effective at all.


If it was not enough already, even the doctors have different opinions no matter the studies’ results. You will not receive the same advice from two doctors. Some will say ,,take them’’, others will not recommend them due to the fact that they personally do not believe in them. From my personal experience, most of them recommend these supplements.

Which will be the best choice possible? As you might already think, the best choice is to take these fatty acids from the real source. It is proven that ingesting vitamins, nutrients and minerals from natural sources will always be better than to ingest pills.

However, considering the fact that they cannot hurt you, in case you really need an extra omega-3 acids intake, you can go for supplements. Some people will say that this is plan B, but I consider that is more plan C. Why? Because if you do not eat fish for no matter which reason, you can always find other natural sources of Omega-3. There are nuts and seeds that contain these fatty acids. This means that you have alternatives on the market, which include the fish oil supplements.

If you choose to buy these supplements from the online providers, you must check the reliability of the provider so you will not be scammed.

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Are Fish Oil Supplements Effective?
Because we never seem to have enough time to eat properly, to sleep as we should or to enjoy enough spare time so we can relax our body and mind, we might need to help a bit our organism so it can function properly.
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