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Balance Exercise: Everything You Need To Know!


Many people feel vertigo. If you suffer from Meniere’s disease, paroxysmal positional vertigo or benign (BPPV) you might be forced to struggle with vertigo for your entire life, but there are some specific balance exercises that you can do to reduce your conditions effects and here is everything you need to know about balance exercises. The sensation of spinning that …

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Excessive Sport Activities Side Effects


Sport and Balance When you finally decide to live a healthy life, you surely know that it is imperative to practice sports activities. No matter if your goal is to lose weight or you just want to improve your lifestyle sport activities are a must. Will not only make you feel better physically but they will also improve your mood. …

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3 ways to lose belly fat after 40


How to lose belly fat? When you look in the mirror, you often feel unsatisfied with the results and mostly, it is due to the belly fat that is gathered up in layers on that area of your body. When you are 40 or after this age, you have a lot of other things on your mind, regarding your image. …

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Cheap Alternatives to Lose Weight


Everyone wants to lose weight somehow. In this world you have seen perfection among all the TV stars and movie stars and you want to be just like them. You also read everywhere about how important it is for your health to maintain a proper silhouette. No matter what your reasons may be, the subject of this article may interest …

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New Fathers Gain Weight, Study Finds


Raising a child increases the risk of weight gain, some nutritionists say, and that’s true, for both the mother and the father. In this article, we’ll talk about the fathers, and more specifically about how and why new fathers gain weight. This topic was also debated by Mark MacDonald, an author and an expert in fitness and nutrition, in his …

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How to lose weight with a glass of wine per day?


Most people decide to lose weight from the desire of being more beautiful and of good looking! Diets are many and they can be easily improved with ingredients which can complement our meals and which can provide us the expected results. The wine has always complemented our dinners, our nights out, our fun with friends and most of all our …

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The benefits of swimming and more


Considering that these days more and more people are becoming interested in their health and that sports activities are a must to stay fit and healthy you may want to know more about one of the most common types of physical activity. Many people may not have enough time to practice sports and they only keep healthy diets. If you …

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Sport or diet – which one?


In the last period of time people are more and more aware that everything they do has a great impact on their health. This is the main reason why you can find these days all over the Internet, articles about health maintaining solutions. One of the main issue people have is how to lose weight fast. They read all day …

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Can red wine really burn fat?


Until recently it was believed that red wine is good only for some food preparation and warm atmosphere during romantic encounters, but scientists have shown that this liquor has multiple health benefits. Among these, red wine is said to lower bad cholesterol, to have antioxidant properties, and to burn fat. Can red wine really burn fat? That’s the question we’re …

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10 reasons to start jogging!


You probably have a thousand reasons you’re not keen to have more physical activity. You’re too tired when you get to the office, you’re too sleepy in the morning, your feet hurt when you leave the office, you prefer to rest during weekends, you do not have enough space at home, the gym is too far or too expensive for …

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