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Fitness Supplements Impact on Muscle Strength and Fatigue

Diane Luke
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Fitness Supplements Impact on Muscle Strength and Fatigue

When it comes to staying fit and healthy, exercise is absolutely essential. Having a regular workout and fitness routine is an essential part of any diet, bodybuilding, and health plan, and even more important is actually sticking to that plan. We spend time and energy working out regardless if our activity is a weightlifting session at the gym, a run through the woods, or a dip in the lake. However, there is something that is as important as the type of workout: supplements impact on muscle strength and fatigue.

There are two types of fitness supplements:

  • pre-workout supplement that has to be taken before the workout session
  • recovery or after-workout supplements that have to be taken after the workout session

Pre-workout supplements and how they work:

These type of fitness supplements have the next advantages:

  • more power
  • energy enhance
  • lowers fat mass
  • increases muscular mass faster
  • improves focus
  • postpones fatigue

Caffeine stimulates the oxidation of fats and eliminates the sensation of fatigue. Caffeine increases concentration and energy during the workout.

Creatine provides a boost of energy sustaining intense effort and restores muscle and cellular hydration.

Whey Protein is an essential protein in the pure form found in dairy products. Is easier to digest and increases the muscular mass and postpones fatigue.

Nitric Oxide speeds up the circulation of the blood in the veins and facilitates the performance during the workouts.

BCAA (branched-chain amino acids) remove muscular fatigue and increases the muscular mass.

Thermogenic substances increase the body temperature and accelerate the metabolism.

Glutamine restores the energy into the muscles and improves muscular mass.

After-workout supplements (recovery supplements)

These helps to:

  • improve post-workout recovery
  • reduce muscle pain
  • replace lost nutrients
  • assist in muscle building
  • improve sleep quality
  • reduce injury risk
  • shorten recovery time
  • support the overall health

BCAA (branched-chain amino acids) help reducing muscle pain, accelerate recovery, help with muscles recover, help to build more muscles, repair the damaged muscular tissues, synthesize proteins, and improve athletic performance.

One of the best fitness supplements for recovery.

Glutamine improves recovery time, stimulates protein synthesis, prevents muscles breakdown, supports faster muscle growth, could contribute to an increased production of HGH (human growth hormone), can improve athletic performance, and reduces body fat.

Whey Protein comes from an excellent source of proteins is affordable and is an easy way to increase your protein intake. It reduces muscle pain, speeds up muscle recovery after workouts, provides vital amino acids, repairs muscles tissues, stimulates muscles growth.

One of the most powerful supplements for workouts, both before and after. We recommend it.

Creatine helps to transfer more energy to the muscles, enhances endurance, helps to grow muscles faster, aids in the production of ATP, improves athletic performance, improves protein synthesis, improves the transport of nutrients to the muscles.

Carbohydrates fitness supplements replenish glycogen storage, refuels your body, improves post-workout recovery, improves muscles hydration, and it is a quality source of carbohydrates, fast and easy to use as a post-workout supplement.

L-carnitine reduces muscles pain, improves the blood flow to the muscles, improves the flow of nutrients to the muscles, fastens recovery time, burns fat transforming them into energy, postpones fatigue, improves athletic performances, and reduces muscles damage during training.

Leucine stimulates protein synthesis in muscles, activates mTOR (a key component of protein synthesis, which is a necessary process for the muscles to grow and heal), reduces muscles pain, fastens recovery time, and helps in weight loss process.

Fitness supplements based on multivitamins strengthen overall health, support muscles recovery, support bone strength and health, improve the intake of nutrients, can improve sleep quality, prevents nutrient deficiencies, improves post-workout recovery, fortifies the immune system, keeps you healthy.

Beta-alanine, which is an essential amino acid, boosts physical performance, increases resistance, prevents lactic acid accumulation in the muscles, reduces post-workout muscles pain, maintain balanced levels of pH in the body, and supports a healthy recovery after the workout.

Magnesium is an essential and vital mineral for humans with many appliances and benefits in humans health. As an after workout fitness supplement, magnesium improves sleep quality (sleep is essential for post-workout recovery), it works synergistically with other vitamins and nutrients, prevents magnesium deficiency, prevents migraines, maintains healthy testosterone levels, improves post-workout recovery time, increases athletic performance, supports the overall health.

Both pre-workout fitness supplements and after workout fitness supplements are mandatory for helping you growing muscles, losing weight and being healthy.

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