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Flaviar Reviews

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Flaviar helps you discover new liquors and spirits from all around the world by delivering a monthly tasting pack to your door.

What You Need To Know

If you’ve developed a taste for trying all sorts of flavors, recipes, and liquors, learn that Flaviar can help you feed that passion of yours and discover new liquors and spirits from all around the world. The UK-based discovery commerce was founded with a clear view in mind: to help you experience new tastes in the comfort of your home at fairly-tailored prices.

Therefore, if you want something new when it comes to liquors, something different than the ones you can try at your favorite bars or liquor stores, Flaviar might be just what you need. How does it work and what do consumers say about it? Let’s find out more.

How Does Flaviar Works?

What sets Flaviar apart from similar companies (if any)? They claim that they will help you discover spirits and liquors you otherwise wouldn’t. You won’t just taste different and exquisite liquors but you will also extend your knowledge about them by learning all sorts of interesting information.

If their services seem like just what you need, Flaviar will then send you a monthly tasting pack which includes 45ml bottles of premium spirits coming from highly-appreciated beverage producers. Such spirits include Rum, Tequila, Vodka, Gin, Grappa, and Cognac, just to name a few. You should rest assured that you get the best liquors since the company says the spirits included in your tasting pack are hand-selected by their Tasting Panel. This panel is committed to choosing the best liquors depending on a theme or category while adding a card that will provide you with information regarding the history and brand name of the spirits you receive.

Basically, the first step to take is to subscribe to Flaviar and choose one of the three subscription types described in the next section. Just like with other subscriptions, you’ll be required to enter your personal and billing information. Once you start receiving the tasting packs, you can try them with your friends and even rate them thanks to myBAR which also offers you the opportunity to display the drinks you own, taste or the ones on your to-taste list.

The company claims that all packs ship every 3rd Monday of the month and it takes 2-7 business days for them to reach your door. If you like the liquors in the pack and you want to purchase any of them, you should go to the Flaviar Deals page and buy them from there.

Moreover, Flaviar can help you learn more about this tasting experience or boost the experience you already have and become a more skilled taster with the 7-day email courses called the School of Spirits. You will thus become a more informed consumer by learning tips and tricks on tasting and information on fine spirits. Once you complete the courses, you will get a Flaviar certificate.

Flaviar Price and Refund Policy

There are three membership programs so you can choose the one that suits your needs and budget best. You can pick one of the following subscriptions:

  • 2 Month Test Flight that you can enjoy for $94.99;
  • Quarterly Subscription which requires $48.99 per quarter;
  • Monthly Subscription which will get $40.99 out of your pockets per month.

Now, if you want to enjoy the courses Flaviar offers, you can go for one of the following School of Spirits email courses and become a Spirits Explorer for $97.99, reach Spirits Aficionado level for $228.99 or upgrade your tasting experience level to the one called Master of Spirits for $399.99.

Once you have chosen your subscription, you will receive the new tasting packs on a regular basis and the membership program will auto-renew. If, for some reasons, you want to no longer receive the packs, you’ll need to let Flaviar know about your subscription cancellation after the last pack you’ve received.

If you’re an occasional liquor taster and you wouldn’t go for a long-term subscription, Flavors offers you the possibility to buy individual tasting packs for $41.99-$60.99. No subscription needed. Plus, you can also enjoy 2, 4, or 6-month gift subscriptions.

You can get a full refund as long as you cancel your subscription within 14 days of signing up. It seems that if you cancel your membership later than this time limit, you won’t receive any refund.

What Do Customers Say?

Overall, Flaviar is appreciated by the people who tried its services and has received mostly positive reviews. The only complaints are related to the lack of customizability and the number of samples. Some users are not happy about getting just one sample per liquor because a simple sample might not be enough to know whether or not to buy a full-size bottle.

It seems that the company ships whiskeys more than other liquors and that might be a reason some people cancel their subscription or don’t even go for one. If you’re not that much into this sort of spirit, you might want to think twice before you subscribe. Plus, you have no control over the spirits your packages include.

Then, many reviews point to great customer services and attractively packaged bottles. Plus, another appreciated thing about Flaviar is that it ships all bottles with pour indicators so you can know how much you taste.

Final thoughts

Although the prices at Flaviar are not tailored to suit all wallets, the company does offer the possibility to enrich your tasting experience with exquisite liquors from all around the world. And you can please your palate right in the comfort of your home with your dear ones. Most reviews include only positive remarks about Flaviar and the tasting packs they offer. If you have no problems regarding the pricing, then Flaviar might be just what you need to explore new tastes and add an exquisite touch to the moments you spend with your dear ones.

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