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Should you trust Nick Vertucci’s ‘Flip with Nick’?

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In the past decade, real estate investment has gained a lot of interest, as numerous people have claimed to found the pot of gold. There are several strategies that can be applied and nowadays we have many seminars, online classes, etc. to help us with that.

Several individuals have exposed their knowledge through their online courses and one of them is Nick Vertucci. As a retired police officer and now a millionaire in real estate, his ‘Flip with Nick’ programs claim to help you make good money in this area.

Getting to know ‘Flip with Nick’

If you are on the look of way to earn more money and create your own financial stability, then ‘Flip with Nick’ claims to be the good choice. These seminars on real estate investing are advertised as that one chance for you to become the next big thing in real estate.

These classes promise to teach you the means through which you can create your own source of income from real estate investment. ‘Flip with Nick’ claims to show you “the path to success”, but is it really true?

How does it work?

Flip with Nick’ started as a strong desire of changing his life, as Nick himself stated. As he failed in investing in his own future, he decided that it’s time for a 360-degree turn.

This is how, after retiring his job as a police officer, he gave real estate a chance.

The whole thing started when a friend of his invited him to a 3-day real estate training seminar. This, he claims, changed not only his life, but also his finances.

As you’re reading this, Nick Vertucci is not only making millions with real estate, but he’s also mentoring and coaching those that are just beginners. He created ‘Flip with Nick’ and is hosting ‘The Real Estate Flipping Hour’, which is a radio program.

The program promises that anyone, no mater the level of experience, can reach financial independence and even more by following his strategies. His introductory seminar shares his story of becoming a millionaire in the field.

As you embark on this journey, you are promised a genuine blueprint for success that you can use under Nick’s guidance so that you don’t have to do it by yourself. As he puts it, you will ‘get in, get out, and get paid’.

Moreover, you will learn how to get your profit out of real estate investing in as little time as possible. You will learn some important elements, like choosing the best properties and how to get to that no-money-down funding.

How much does it cost?

The first time you sign up for one of the Quick Start events, you won’t be charged. You will only fill in your name, address, and email.

It all ends with choosing an upcoming event date and location.

Once the day of the event comes, you’ll get a notice from their website saying that you’ve received a kind of a starters’ kit. It’s called the Nick’s Fortunes in Flipping kit, which is not free and it costs around $400.

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