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Feeding Kids Peanuts & Eggs Early May Lower Allergy Risk

Lower Allergy Risk by Early Feeding Your Kids Peanuts and Eggs Lately, more and more children are developing different forms of allergies, and the main reason for that is a poor immune system. In the most of the cases, allergies symptoms are not causing any harm, manifesting themselves only as a slight discomfort, but in some cases, the allergies are …

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Trauma and Food Addiction Linked for Women

Food Addiction is Linked to Trauma in Women The Food Addiction exists, and it is a disease just like tobacco or alcohol addiction, being considered more than an occasional dietary excess. It affects both sexes but statistically it seems that women are more prone to Food Addiction than men. Moreover, the studies on this disorder have found out that Food …

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What To Eat On Christmas Eve?

One of the most loved and celebrated holidays all over the world, Christmas, is already on our planning lists. November is actually a month most of us dedicate to planning this special holiday. Besides the destination and the people we choose to spend Christmas with, one of the main things we focus on is the menu which can be a …

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Magnesium Supplements May Help to Lower Blood Pressure


About Blood Pressure One of the most common and frequently encountered diseases is the hypertension, also known as high blood pressure. As frequent as it is, this disease is also serious and needs serious medical care and treatment. Your health is not something you can just ignore, so if you know that you’re having problems with the blood pressure, you …

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10 Foods You Should Eat Every Day


Every single day we keep promising ourselves that starting tomorrow, we’ll eat healthier and give up on all the unhealthy and bad habits that threaten our precious health. We even start to make diet plans, buy the necessary and healthy aliments and for a while, we manage to incorporate them in our daily meals. But are we really eating what’s …

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10 Ways to Eat More Vegetables and Fruits


Most of us do not eat enough vegetables. Those who do sport and want to look better think first of meats, dairy, and other protein sources, letting the vegetables in the background. Less than 27% of the people worldwide eat 3 servings of vegetables a day, which is the recommended fruits and vegetable intake. And vegetables that we eat tend …

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Healthy Meal Planning


Most people focus on ingredients when it comes to eating healthy. They focus on the nutritional value, the composition of vitamins and ideal combinations of ingredients, and these aspects are always a concern for all. All these people are losing the sight of one very important aspect that these applies most often to fresh food. A healthy meal planning is …

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Fruit & Veggie Culinary Creations


Culinary creations are luxury recipes to impress and which are really tasty and healthy. Cooking can be an art, we all know it, but here are some recipes of fruit & veggie culinary creations that anyone can do to impress at the family dinner, or at breakfast.  Mushrooms Quiche If you want to cook something delicious in a very short …

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Diet and Exercise: The role of Vegetables and Fruits


The role of fruits in diet Fruits have numerous health benefits. A diet rich in fruits as part of a healthy lifestyle is the beginning of a change for a better life. Fruits are themselves some miracle foods contain more nutrients and fewer calories. Eating fruit may reduce the risk of heart disease and protects the body against the development …

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