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Diet and wine- the greatest mix!


When it comes to mix things you need to make sure that they match and that they work on your health’s benefit. It is extremely important that foods and drinks match. If they do not, then they will provoke unbalances. Most people choose their diet in a wrong way. They think that if a certain diet resulted for others, it …

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Are carbohydrates good for us or not?

When you want to lose weight, you start reading about all kinds of diets and you listen to many so-called experts in nutrition who say that some aliments should be excluded from your daily diet so you can enjoy faster results and stay healthy. Most of these nutritionists will mention that carbohydrates are bad and you should avoid them. In …

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Small nutrition changes might prolong your life

People today are more aware of the food’ importance. If in the past people knew that the main use of food was to help them survive, these days the quality of the food is of a great importance considering the fact that what you might eat can kill you in a slow and silent manner. This affirmation might sound a …

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Sugar Drinks and Their Down Points

We all like the idea of drinking sugar drinks. Those tasty and appealing sodas found everywhere on the street can really create a delightful feeling for our taste buds. We all know that they are far from being filled with natural ingredients but the forbidden fruit is the most appealing, Isn’t it? In the following rows of this article I …

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The Cooking Oils Secret

People may be amazed now, when they see the variety of products when it comes about cooking oils. You can read and hear all over the place theories about which oil is better for cooking or which oil does not have cholesterol and other things like that. You can see commercials from various brands from this industry and all of …

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What We Should Know About Onion

The interest for people’ nutrition increased quite much over the years. We are not only interested in what we eat but we want to know more about the qualities of the recommended foods. We all know that vegetables and fruits are very healthy types of foods and that our organism needs them but we also want to know how they …

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8 Healthy Reasons to Say YES to Wild Salmon


Healthy Benefits of Wild Salmon How often do you eat wild salmon? Did you know how many benefits can wild salmon bring for your health if you incorporate it in your daily diet? Or at least try to eat it every once in a while, because we can guarantee that it brings a lot of necessary benefits for you and …

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7 Nuts You Should Eat


Healthy diets are on everybody’s list when it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle and taking care of our health, so we begin to look for all sorts of healthy foods that we should introduce them in our diets. Either we choose them because they are tasty, flexible when eaten and can be combined with a lot of other foods, …

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Kids Are Eating Nuts, Despite Rise in Allergies


Nuts are among the foods with a high allergenic potential and therefore their consumption by children should be done with caution to minimize any possible risk. Nuts is actually a generic name for different types of seeds that fall within the same category food: walnuts, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, pecans, cashew, pistachio. However nuts are healthy, nuts have a high allergenic …

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Popular Supplement Is Culprit in Itchy Rash


Kava Kava is a very popular supplement spread worldwide, but a recent happening showed that it can cause a very itchy rash if it is not administered carefully. Seems like a man aged 55 from California started to take a kava kava supplement in order to help him quit smoking, but something strange and unfortunate happened to him instead: he …

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