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Forever Young Probio 7 Reviews

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Forever Young Probio 7 a health supplement deemed as a probiotic for the health of your stomach and the balance of your intestinal flora.

About Holland and Barrett

Holland and Barrett, or H&B for short, is UK’s leading chain of health food shops. Nowadays, Holland and Barrett counts over 1,300 stores in various parts of the world, such as the UK, China, Hong Kong, Republic of Ireland, Netherlands, UAE and India. Its headquarters are in Nuneaton, United Kingdom. The company was founded in 1870 by Major William Holland and Alfred Slapps Barrett.

At first, the two developed two stores, one in which they sold groceries and the other for selling clothes. In the 1920’s, the business was acquired by Alfred Button and Sons, who still kept the original name, Holland and Barrett. The company changed its name various times, but in the end they came back to the origins. Holland and Barrett is nowadays known for selling of supplements, vitamins and other health products.

On 26 June 2017, Holland and Barrett was acquired by L1 Retail. This chain belongs to a billionaire from Russia, Mikhail Friedman. The company opened its first franchise in 2008, in Durban, South Africa. At the same time, five franchises have been opened in Singapore, with one more opened in Malta in 2009. Since then, Holland and Barrett have expanded in a number of different countries and they don’t plan to stop there just now.

About Forever Young Probio

Forever Young Probio 7, manufactured and distributed by Holland and Barrett, UK’s leading health retailer, is a health supplement that helps alleviate digestive problems and reestablished the balance within your intestinal flora. It does that by simply developing the good type of bacteria your gut needs.

The supplement contains, according to the packaging, ‘’two types of fibre and seven specially selected strains of friendly bacteria’’. It comes in two options to choose from, with 40 or 100 capsules. Also, there is another product called Forever Young Probio 7 Advanced Formula. This one, though, only contains 30 capsules. You might be wondering what is the difference between the two products. In order for you to better understand, we will describe each separately and we will start with the original, which is Forever Young Probio 7.

First of all, the supplement is addressed to those people who may have a hectic lifestyle (be it by their own will or not), caused by an excessive amount of stress, who do not exactly make the smartest food choices, or even to those who have used some type of antibiotics, because they had to treat a certain type of cold. As a result, people often get bloating and a bad digestion.

The later can lead to further complications, such as weight gain, for example. Forever Young Probio 7 claims to give optimal levels of fibre and good bacteria. This can be achieved due to the simple fact that each pill has a concentration of two types of fibre and more than four billion active friendly bacteria. The treatment with these capsules is recommended for at least 20 days, with daily dose of 1 or 2 capsules maximum, always after a meal or a snack.

The ingredients found in the Forever Young Probio 7 are listed as follows: Chicory Inulin Fibre, Soy Fibre, Maltodextrin, Friendly bacteria complex with Lactobacillus Casei, Vitamin C, Vegetable Hypromellose, Titanium Dioxide, Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, Streptococcus Thermophilus, Lactobacillus Lactis and Bifidobacterium Longum.

Even though the list of ingredients might seems a bit long and even confusing at some point, Holland and Barrett gives the assurance to its customers that the product does not contain gluten, wheat, dairy or GMO. They are also taking pride on the fact that in the process of making these supplements, there was no testing on animals whatsoever. Lastly, it is advised not to go over the daily recommended dose and also keep away from the reach of children.

The second type we said we would talk about is the Forever Young Probio 7 Advanced Formula 30 capsules, to try and see the differences between them (if any). As per the description, the product can help with maintaining the balance in the intestinal flora, contains friendly bacteria with chicory inulin fibre, each capsule has 10 billion bacteria, and lastly it is fortified with probiotic yeast (S. Bourlardi) and two types of prebiotic fibre.

The ingredients are exactly the same, with the only difference being in the fact that each capsule of Forever Young Probio 7 Advanced weighs 595 mg, as opposed to the classic Forever Young Probio 7, where each capsule is 500 mg. The Advanced formula also has the same indications as its classic counterpart. The difference lies, again, in the pricing. But keep in mind that Forever Young Probio 7 Advanced only comes in a 30 capsule variant, as opposed to the classic one, where you can choose between 40 and 100 capsules. So, Forever Young Probio 7 Advanced is priced at the moment of the research at 15.65 pounds, and the Forever Young Probio 7 40 capsules costs 11.29 pounds. The 100 capsule option comes in at 25.99 pounds.


Concerning the delivery, Holland and Barrett offers various options. First one is the Standard delivery for 2.99 pounds, or tax-free with an order of at least 20 pounds. Next is the Click and Collect delivery, where you pick up your own order from any convenient store in your area with orders over 20 pounds. The third type is Next Day delivery, where you receive your order 24 hours later for a tax of 3.99 pounds or tax-free on orders over 60 pounds with the condition that you order until 8pm. Lastly, Holland and Barrett offers International delivery as well, starting from a 6.95 pounds fee. Products are set to be delivered within a 10-day time frame. For other types of delivery (if the case requires it) or special requests, you can check the official website of Holland and Barrett.

Why Probiotics?

You may be wondering, do you really need the so-called natural supplements to aid you with your digestion, or you can do really well by yourself with just eating natural foods that do not affect your stomach so much? The answer may be half-half. There are people who won’t ever take a supplement, regardless if they have problems or not.

But in theory, you should take some kind of probiotic especially if you are under a treatment with antibiotics. Yes, there are natural probiotics as well, found in different foods such as yogurt, miso soup or kimchi, but not everyone or should we say, not every nation, has daily access to those foods (yogurt, yes, because it’s a globally spread product, while miso soup is a Japanese dish and kimchi is Korea’s national food). In this case, what should you do? Maybe try and buy some probiotics in pill form,because in the end, they are less harmful than the actual medicine.

Let’s be honest for a moment and recognize that supplements are still pills, after all. No matter how natural they are marketed to be, in the end, they are still called pills, or capsules, depending on how they are produced. The conclusion would be that, maybe once in awhile, they won’t do any harm to the body, if consumed as advised.

Take for example the same Forever Probiotic 7. Even though Holland and Barrett praise it so much, they know that you shouldn’t take more than two pills a day, for more than 20 days. After your body recovered and reestablished its flora balance, it is time to give it a break and feed it with natural foods again. This is the universal rule for every medicine on the planet, including vitamins. Nothing is better than the nature itself for aiding your body to heal.

Comments, Reviews & Final Thoughts

Regarding people’s opinion on the Forever Young Probio 7, there wasn’t much to do research for. On their official website, people listed their experience with the product, which in general, meaning over 95%, was a positive one. Again, with the risk of repeating what it was already specified in the previous section of this article, nothing is better than nature itself for healing your body. That is why, every medicine, pill, supplement, whatever you want to call it, comes with instructions on how to take it. Just make sure you always follow the indications and results should be almost always positive. This is the case with Forever Young Probio 7.

People reported only good things after they consumed it, only because they took it smart and never went over the daily recommended dose. In fact, you should never overdose with anything in your life, not even with vitamins. They almost never have 100% natural ingredients. It doesn’t matter that some ingredients are organic, or that the pills are dairy-free, gluten-free and GMO-free. These are just labels, but they don’t make up for the entire list of substances that were used when producing the capsules. Another detail you should always pay attention to is allergenics.

You never know if you are allergic to any of the substances listed for Forever Young Probio 7. Even though Holland and Barrett made sure to put that sentence of warning out on their packaging, as well as on their website (even though this is a normal and obligatory norm for every medicine out there, no matter the country you live in), you still have to make sure that not even one single ingredient is potentially harmful for your body in any other way.

All in all, Forever Young Probio 7 seems like a pretty good option as a probiotic, with the condition to take it if you really need it. By carefully reading the indications, respecting the daily dose and checking that you are 100% allergen-free from any of the substances it contains. In other words, many people have reported that this product reestablished, as promised the balance for their digestive system. If this is the case, that means that it will do the trick for everybody else who is willing to try it as well.

Always pay special attention to what you put in your body, because it is the only one you have. It may sound like a cliche, but our body is a temple and we should care for it and treat it like a delicate flower as much as possible and for as long as possible, otherwise we have to attend the consequences, and our bodies are always fast in requesting their right to self-healing or the exact opposite, which is self-destruction. We should always be careful with the type of supplements we choose to consume, no matter how natural they seem to be. Paying extra attention to a detail that may seem minor can save you from further possible complications.

At the end of the day, Forever Young Probio 7 may not keep its promise of keeping you ‘’forever young’’, but at least it can reset your biological clock and bring balance into your intestinal flora. By helping your body build good bacteria, Forever Young Probio 7 is recommendable, not only for adults, but also for children.

Again, with special attention payed to the instructions on the packaging, but most importantly with a prior recommendation from your personal physician. Always consult with a doctor even for the most insignificant pill you want to take. You may think that you know what is good for you, or that a few vitamins won’t do much harm, but it never hurts to double check just to be sure, just in case.

Forever Young Probio 7 is an option, but don’t make it the only solution for your problems. Remember that there are still natural ways through which you can recover the balance in your digestive system. Take a moment and reflect upon your dietary choices and think twice next time before you have to start a treatment with antibiotics.

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