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Fortify Your Memory with a Brain Supplement

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Memory is a powerful tool and we rely on it to keep up with life events, people we meet, things that we have to remember – either if it’s a doctor’s appointment or a book for an exam – and everything else that happens to us. Every little detail that we see, every sound that we hear, everything that we feel, everything is stored by our memory and classified into some sort of mental folders that forms our experience.

We call experience whatever happens to us and anything we come across during our lifetime, even if it’s good or bad. Getting older is an ugly dream for all of us, but time does not forgive us and surely doesn’t skip memory loss. At some point in our lives, we all experience periods of memory loss, which is definitely an unwanted scenario. So what can we do in order to avoid experiencing memory loss too soon or too often? Have you ever considered taking a brain supplement? Well, you should definitely give it a try!

If you ask yourself why you need a brain supplement, just try to imagine how would you feel if you set a date with the girl/guy you like really bad and forget about it the next day. Not showing up will most likely blow your chances to seduce her/him, so why go through all that disaster if you can help yourself with a brain supplement? Sure, this is a hypothetic scenario, but it proves the point, right?

For the young people, it is almost a common thing to forget some small details like calling a friend or studying for an exam, what’s the password for their Facebook account or the email address, or where did they put the keys, but to older people, the memory lapses or losses it seems more like a terrifying experience, especially if you’re thinking about the danger of an Alzheimer disease. Guess what? A brain supplement is a perfect way to fight and put an end to this stress.

But first things, first. Let’s start with the basics and see exactly what types of people can actually use a brain supplement. In the order of their ages, first come the pupils and the students. When we are young, memory grows along with us, accumulating all sorts of information that help us relate to the people around us and the entire world. But not every child has the ability to perfectly retain every piece of information they come across so accurate and store it completely in their brain and for a long, long time.

At school, we’re forced to retain lessons and in our particular life, we have to retain what our parents tell us, what we’ve talked to a friend, or what we have to do each day. And because of the crowd of information that gathers up, sometimes our brain leaves out some parts. It simply forgets them or erases them, on the account that maybe they are not so important to us. And this is precisely where parents must intervene and help us.

As a carrying mother or father, of course they want what’s best for their children and in this case, they can actually do something that’s in their power. They can provide some vitamins or supplements for their kid’s brain, but of course, not before they go to see a doctor for the go for it.

If you’re a student, you don’t necessarily have to go to a doctor if you think you have too much to study for the exams and need some extra help in order to memorize all of those lessons and information. You can search online or go to a drugstore and ask the sellers for something to fortify your memory.

They will surely recommend you the best and most expensive brain supplement they have, because expensive prices are still a warrant for the quality of the product to most of us. This scenario only works for the case in which you need help retaining a bit amount of information, but if the problem is bigger, then it’s time to go and see a doctor in order to point you to the right direction. If you experience more than once situations in which you happen to forget big or small stuff, then maybe it is because of some condition or illness that you’re not fully aware of and these might be the first signs.

Second, the adults that experience repeatedly scenarios of memory losses or lapses can use a brain supplement in order to adjust and increase their memory power. Some of the memory losses can happen because we have so much on our minds or due to the busy lifestyle we have. Every day we are bombarded with tons of information – from the newspapers or from the social networks we spend time on, from the TV and the commercials, from our boss or superiors at work, from our clients or close friends, and the list could go on.

How do we make room for each and every single bit of information that we come across? Now it’s easy, since we have so much brain supplements to choose from. Be careful and choose the ones that work for you and only for you, but this is another subject that we’ll talk about soon.

Third, a brain supplement is ideal for the elders. It’s not the first time when you notice that your grandmother or grandfather has forgotten something you’ve told them a day before or a couple of minutes ago. Sure you know that once we get older, our memory functions start to decline and its power may not be back to how it once was.

This is the perfect time to step up in the scene and buy some brain supplements for your grandparents, in order to alleviate their problems and worries. Yes, they will start to worry if these episodes of memory losses become frequent and since they know they’re old and at this point in their lives sickness start to kick in, worrying might trigger other unwanted conditions and this is not something we want for them, right? Especially when we know there is something we can do for them.

Forth, the ones which most need these memory supplements are the people that suffer from mental illnesses like dementia or Alzheimer’s. These are just the most common problems that might hit us as we grow older, but there are others that we don’t know yet and only a doctor can tell us. If you want to prevent developing some of these mental illnesses, try to lead a healthier lifestyle – eat more, sleep well, exercise both your body and your mind – and help out your memory with some useful supplements.

Now it’s time to get a little more familiar with these brain boosters or vitamins for the brain or brain supplements. No matter how you call them, they all do the same trick – fortify memory. Or so we think. The truth is, some of them have better results than others and some of them have more benefits than side effects than others.

So what else do we know about a brain supplement other than it strengthens our memory?

Here are some important facts to keep in mind about them:

Do not mistake simple vitamins for brain supplements. Their role and course of action is different, although they appear to be doing the same thing. Some people react better to vitamins, others to brain supplement. In order to establish what works for you, go to see a doctor.
Some of the brain supplement effects might last for a short period of time.

There is no guarantee that if you follow a treatment with brain supplements, you will forever remember everything and will not experience memory losses again. In order to establish how long your treatment should last or how often you should take these memory supplements, go to see a doctor.

There are some side effects to some of these products, that’s why is better to go see a doctor. It’s even possible not to notice any effects at all, good or bad. There is no way to know how these pills might work their magic on you or if they really have it at all, but in any case, do not take them out of your own free will and without seeing a doctor first.

There is no scientific evidence that these pills actually do what they claim, but people who have undergone this kind of treatment confessed that they could think more clearly, memorize faster and feel more energized along the day. Specialists are still arguing between proofs and placebo effects.

So what exactly are the benefits and positive effects that a brain supplement can have on our mind?

Let’s take a look at what exactly can these brain boosters do for us. Check out the list below:

They can enhance our clarity of thinking. And when we are busy and with a lot going on our mind, we definitely need to see things as clearly as possible. Think of the times when emotions and feelings – good or bad – clouded our minds and made us do or say things we didn’t mean or wanted to. That was not a clear way of thinking. But we could obtain one if we used these products for memory strength. So let’s say goodbye to cloudy judgments and welcome a more focused and oriented point of view!

They help us focus better. Most of the time focus is a real problem. We have to do this, but we end up thinking of that and whatever we do, our mind just goes stray and wanders around endlessly. But not anymore. Brain supplement is the answer to this little problem. With these pills, we can take one problem at a time and dissect it until we’re through with it. And only then we can focus on something else and get it done.

Concentration is the key to most of our intense activities, so why not save some of our time and finish the tasks in due time? Think about the time when you were a student or maybe you still are. You had to read 500 book pages for just one exam and you couldn’t concentrate at all on the reading.

Maybe you were thinking about some other hot activities that you could have done in that time or maybe your mind was flying to unknown places or maybe there were some sorts of people that were stealing your mind and occupied your thoughts at that time. When you are not fully concentrated on something, it’s hard to retain the information and especially to remember it again anytime soon. But with the help of a brain supplement, you can easily concentrate on your tasks without having to execute multiple thinking stuff.

Improve our moods. People that used a brain supplement have declared that they felt much more motivated and optimistic in all of that time. And since motivation is the trigger that helps us move mountains, it goes without saying that we need a little extra stimulation. Or think of something else. Maybe you are moody all the time and you’re the type of person that sees only the dark side of the things.

Don’t you just wish that sometimes you could be more positive and have a healthy way of thinking and seeing things? Well, the good news is that a brain supplement can do that for you! Or maybe you’re that type of person that feels like he/she is constantly drained out of powers and energy. If you want to change this annoying thing about you, you’re welcome to start with a brain supplement! Don’t trust us, trust all the people that have said they’ve experienced these kind of optimistic and positive moods. Your life would be a whole lot more improved when you feel good, indeed.

We memorize faster. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be able to process information faster? Saving time, saving energy and scoring good grades, if you’re still a student or a pupil. But brain supplement works not only for schools and college, but also for work and jobs done excellent. Why is that? Because maybe we work as a lawyer or in a field that requires a lot of attention and retaining information fast and instantly.

Or maybe we work as a secretary and we have to keep up with our boss’s busy schedule: remember every date, every time, every important dinner or meeting, every associate’s name or business partner’s birthday, and the list can go on and on. Now you see why do you need extra help sometimes?

Improving memory it’s not a shame, it’s a necessity and we understand that better than anybody else around here. This is why we have prepared a list of the most useful and commonly taken brain supplements. Since the market is full of products that promise the moon and the sun and everything that’s in between them, we need to be able to carefully separate among them. So let’s check out what are the most used brain supplements.

Ginkgo biloba. This is the number one brain supplement on the market right now, according to a lot of doctors, patients and specialists that investigated this product. It is believed that this product works by thinning the blood and in this way, it improves the oxygen flow to the brain. Since the brain needs oxygen in order to function properly, it is very possible that even a minor slight poor circulation of the blood can affect its performance.

One of the benefits of this product, as shown according to test results, it’s the ability to improve the memory function and also the improvement of the attention. So, this product hits two benefits in the row. However, studies couldn’t show if this product improves mental activity in any sort of way. When it comes with providing help in certain mental illnesses, Gingko biloba promises more than any other brain supplement out there.

The type of dementia that results from reducing the blood flow, to be more specifically, can be “healed” using this product, because gingko biloba tends to improve the blood flow in the small vessels from our body.

If you’re thinking that this product can help you prevent dementia, you’re going to be disappointed, because the test results have showed the fact that gingko biloba can’t fully prevent dementia, but in patients that already have this illness, the product can improve or stabilize their symptoms so that they cannot get worse. Totally, gingko biloba showed some benefits in mood, alertness and mental ability in healthy people. This product also helps with the cerebral insufficiency, which means that there is a decreased flow of the blood to the brain because of some clogged blood vessels.

You can find this product available in tablets, teas if you drink more tea, capsules or fortified foods. It is highly recommended that you do not use the seeds of this product because they can be very toxic for your organism. Some minor side effects of this product are intestinal problems, headaches and nausea.

Omega-3 fatty acid. Some of the studies on this product revealed the fact that a greater intake of this fatty acid from foods like cold-water fish, nuts oil and plant, but also English walnuts, can lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Huperzine A. This brain supplement works almost as Alzheimer’s drugs, according to the studies. It still needs a little more research concerning its effects and efficiency, but its proven to cure vascular dementia. This ingredient is used in brain supplements to increase memory, focus and concentration.

Acetyl-L-carnitine. It is a amino acid that can help patients suffering from Alzheimer with their memory problems. It functions better on the early stages of the disease and on those with a fast rate of developing it.

Vitamin E. This also slows down the progress of the Alzheimer’s disease, even if it can’t heal it or prevent it. It is recommended to see a doctor before you start on taking vitamin E, because too much dosage can get you killed, according to the latest studies of the specialists.

Asian ginseng or Panax. This product might help you calm fatigue and improves the quality of your life, especially if you use it with gingko biloba.

Docosahexaenoic acid or DHA. This is an important nutrient that any healthy and well functioning brain needs. It is a major building block of the cerebral cortex. The cerebral cortex is a part of the brain that is responsible with the memory, language, emotion, attention and creativity. This product also plays a major role in brain cell communication. What happens when your body has a low DHA level? You might be depressed, suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, experience often mood swings, have an attention deficit, but don’t worry too hard, because all of these can be improved with some DHA supplements.

Citicoline supplements can help increase the blood flow to the brain and also builds healthy brain cells membranes. Brain plasticity is a lot increased by this product and by firing up mitochondria, you will feel a lot more energized. If you’re thinking about the age issue and that you might experience two major causes of brain damage such as radical damage and inflammation, citicoline can help you prevent this.

This supplement has proved worthy of improving memory, concentration, focus and attention. Doctors from around the world have been prescribing citicoline for years now, in order to treat some serious neurological disorders such as?age-related memory loss, stroke, brain injury, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Curcumin is responsible for improving memory and concentration by helping increase the blood flow and the neurotransmitter formation and a so-called brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which is a protein that stimulates the production of new brain cells.

Ginseng, also known as Panax ginseng, it’s more like the most popular herb on the planet, considered to be the elixir of life in the traditional Chinese medicine. It is believed that it can bring strength, wisdom and longevity to its users. Search for the supplements that contain Cereboost, an extract that claims it can improve memory, mental clarity and sharpness.

Magnesium Threonate. Slightly given credit, the magnesium – or better said the lack of it – has a lot to do with anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, aggression and panic attacks. This brain supplement permeate in the brain cell membranes and improves attention, memory and also “cures” us of anxiety and depression.

Mucuna Pruriens. This is more like a legume – a tropical one – that has positive effects on the mood and the overall brain health. Its magic works by increasing the level of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is known as the motivation molecule or the happiness hormone.

Phosphatidylserine. Short term for this complicated supplement is PS and it resides in the brain cell membranes of our bodies. Its role is to normalize the level of stress hormone cortisol.

It is good for the memory and the learning process and some said that it helps with attention and the ADHD. For the elders, this brain supplement is very efficient in its protection towards age-related mental decline, and is also good for Alzheimer’s and dementia. If the elders around you are often depressed, this is the best choice you can provide them.

Rhodiola Rosea is another herb that adapts to whatever your needs are. For example, it can increase physical stamina, your tolerance to the stress, provides mental vitality and gives you longevity, which is a goal we all want to achieve. Its way of working is through decreasing the cortisol while increases the levels of the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine and norepinephirine. In short words, if you think that the episodes of memory loss you’re experiencing are due to the stress or because of the depression, anxiety, brain fog or any seasonal affective disorder, this is the best choice for you.

Vinpocetine. Looking for mental well being? Look no more, because you’ve found what you’re looking for. This is a product that works by increasing the blood flow to the brain , in this way ensuring his dose of oxygen and preventing radical damage to it.

Vitamin B12. You know it’s good, but you can’t quit put your finger on why. Well, here is the reason: it helps with memory power among the older people or the ones that suffer from bowel or stomach problems, or they are strict vegetarians. You don’t necessarily have to take Vitamin B12 as pills because it is supposedly to have enough of it from your daily food, such as fish, poultry or meat. Eating cereals for breakfast is a good option for the vegetarian people.

Nootropics is a category of supplements that boosts brain performance. How? Well, it is said that these supplements have positive effects on your mental performance by improving memory strength, speeding up the process of recalling information and even increase the energy and focus capacity.

So ask yourself this: among so many options you have, why not take advantage and benefit from a better memory? So what if it’s already good, it can always be better. I guess it is time to say goodbye to those days when you entered a room and forgot why or what you were looking for. You don’t have to have memory troubles so that this scenario could happen to you. It happens to all of us at some point in our lives.

While the majority turns to caffeine – which is a nootropic by the way – for better focus and attention, you can use a lot of other supplements in this category in order to receive a little bit of extra stimulation. Nootropics also “fights” against fatigue, by blocking the receptors in the brain or providing more energy to you. Can you picture how you can work longer and more efficiently using these brain supplements? Because we can. Also, say goodbye to stress!

L-theanine is a nonprotein amino acid found in green tea leaves and it can have a significant impact on reducing the levels of stress of your everyday life.

Creatine. This supplement not only improves muscle growth and strength, it can also enhance memory and overall brain activity.

Choline and piracetam can treat neuro-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia for the elder people.

Bacopa monnieri. It reduces stress, enhances memory and increases feelings of pleasure and happiness. What more can you ask for, right?

Spanish Sage is good for the mood and memory enhancement in young adults and provides benefits for those with Alzheimer’s.

Did you know that Dark Chocolate stimulates our brain? How? By activating the neurological processes in the brain associated with the learning and the memory. Not in the mood for pills and supplements? You can always eat dark chocolate. Plus, it will be your pleasure only.
Of course these are not the only brain supplements available on the market, but are among the most important and invoked.

Do some research of your own and you will find a lot more where these came from. If you need any help in decoding information about these kind of products, you can always ask Google for its help, that is if you don’t want to go to a doctor’s office. Also, read carefully the labels of the products. Products reviews might also be a good source of information. What other people think or have felt taking one brain supplement or another might influence a lot your perception and the buying process. Take into consideration the evaluation made by other people when buying a product, but rely more on the experts’ advice.

And do not ever forget that not only brain supplements can help you strengthen your memory and other related processes! What you eat, how much you sleep and how you take care of your overall health have their contribution on your memory’s power. So keep in mind that taking a lot of pills and supplements is not the answer to a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

And since we’re at this point, maybe you’ll want to know some extra tips on how you can enhance your memory performance without relying entirely on a brain supplement. It can be an auxiliary help, aided to some of the tips we’re going to tell you next. But before that, keep in mind that a good and powerful memory depends mostly on the health of your brain and there are plenty of possibilities for you to improve memory and mental performance altogether.

First of all, stay mentally active. That means permanently stimulate your brain and give him some “food” to chew on. Think of it as a way of training your body – you do abs to look fabulous, right? Well, do some brain “abs”, too, like crosswords puzzles, reading newspapers, memorize a line from a movie, a quote from Pinterest that you enjoyed, the favorite lyrics of your currently favorite song, learn to play a musical instrument, take alternative routes when driving, anything that can stimulate your brain and give him something to work on. And don’t do it just today or this month only, do it regularly.

Socialize more often. Yes, people are good for your physical and mental health as well. Plus, they can teach you a lot of new things and in the most of the time, when you’re talking to someone you actually exchange all sorts of information. But social interaction doesn’t have to refer only to sending and receiving information, it is good for our moods too. Talking to a friend might get your stress level down in a heartbit.

Also, interaction helps ward off depression or anxiety, and as you already know, all of these can contribute to memory loss. So why not start making new friends and hang out more with the old ones? Friends are there to have fun with and de-stress yourself, so take advantage of them! And for crying out loud, stop saying no to party invitations or attending an important event!

Sleep more. Double sleep more. Sleep is important because it restores energy and helps you consolidate memories, so you can recall them more easily. Make sleeping 8 hours per night your priority and if it’s possible, sleep even 10 hours per night.

Take notes. If you’re aware that you might forget the small details such as buying bread or call someone or send some emails, use sticky notes and write down what you have to do. It helps you be more organized and stay focused on your priorities.

Eating healthy is beneficial for both your brain and your heart. Eat more fruits and vegetable, and if you don’t have any ideas of what’s best for your brain, try fish, lean meat and skinless poultry.

Hydrate more. Hydration, especially in the summer, is vital for your brain health as well. If you consume too much alcohol but not enough water, this can lead to memory losses. The same happens when not enough water enters your body. And since we’ve mentioned alcohol, it would be a really good idea if you quit consuming too much. In the long run, alcohol damages your brain and it’s no wonder why you experience memory loss when you’re 40 instead of 70. Drink more milk, because studies showed that people who consumed dairy products on a daily basis retained information so much faster.

Your daily routine can’t skip physical exercises. Your body training helps drive blood through all of your cells and muscles and this keeps your brain healthy and well.

Clench your fists. Researchers have showed the fact that if you clench your right fist makes it easier to memorize phone numbers and shopping lists. If you want to recall them, just clench your right fist and the movement will activate the brain regions that store and recall memories.

Looking at cute images with kittens and dogs and small animals might make you smarter, according to specialist. This is one hell of a lot pleasant activity and I’m sure you won’t mind doing it.

If you want to remember things, just say them out loud. Don’t worry if someone else hears you, if it’s better for your brain and helps you retain information, why should matter what other people say? You might be familiar with this tip on the time you were a student and you were preparing to learn for an exam. Saying the lessons out loud helped you retained them more easily.

Quit smoking because this “pleasure” can cause enough damage to your memory and brain.

Drink green tea because this can help you memorize faster and it is also a key ingredient for people who suffer from Alzheimer’s.

When you have a lot of numbers to memorize, make them mean something to you or try to split them by groups. Schemes and meanings are easier to memorize and recall.

Learn another language, because it may benefit to the ageing brain.

Drink red wine because it improves your cognitive ability and memory. Yay.

Looking at pictures of nature can have a beneficial effect on our brain, according to recent studies.

Chocolate help us retain information better so if you want a sharp memory, you know exactly what desert that can give you that!

Get a new hobby or interest, it stimulates your brain and keeps it involved in activities that serve him right. It will surely stop your brain from atrophying.

It says music has its contribution to memory strength, so you might want to start taking dance classes or at least try a new music style when you’re alone in the room. It is said that the more complex the dance is, the more stimulated your brain will be. And focused to retain the moves.

Travelling is supposed to broaden the mind, so why not go on trips, take on vacations and go to see places you’ve never seen before? What’s from stopping you to pleasure yourself and help your brain be more flexible, creative and well? Yes, traveling abroad develops imagination and you might get a even more creative brain than when you left.

Are you familiar with doodlers? You should be. Specialists speculate that doodling doesn’t tax the mind and it allows you to fully concentrate on the task. Also, doodling stops you from daydreaming, which as pleasant as it may be, it is still a distraction and it is not good for our brain activity.

Another important thing when it comes to problems of memory loss is the line between what is normal and perfectly okay to forget and what should be a cause for concern. That being said, let’s see some examples of what we call normal forgetfulness and the crossing line for memory issues.

What is okay to forget nowadays

Forgetting the reason why you went upstairs or from a room to another. This happens on a daily basis. You remembered you left your scarf on the sofa and by the time you have crossed the house to reach in the specific room, you’ve forgotten why you were so eager to find or discover. Not a matter to worry about. Taking several minutes to remember where you parked your car.

You had a crazy busy day at the office and when it was finally over, you felt like the whole world stopped for a second and you stood straight. And then you were glad you could finally go home. But hey, where did you leave your car in the morning? Was it in front of the building or in the parking lot? Don’t worry, it will come back to you by the time you get out of the building.

Searching for things you’ve put down just now and not being able to find them soon after. Not the first time when it happens and it won’t definitely be the last time. It’s a common scenario and it only lasts for a few seconds, so you don’t have to worry too much about it. Usually you can mentally visualize the spot a few seconds later. It is perfectly fine, as we’ve said.

You forgot something trivial that a close friend or a family member told you a day before. We forget so much more of what we talk daily so if it’s not so important, you shouldn’t bother at all. In fact, it is rather good that your brain can sort out information and ditch the trivial ones in order to make room and space for the most important ones.

Forgetting names, especially if it’s about someone you’ve just met. A lot of people have trouble retaining names, even after you’ve met a couple of times and you’re sure he knows who he’s dealing with. It’s something normal and you shouldn’t take offense if someone forgets your name. Also, you shouldn’t be ashamed if it’s you the one who has forgotten the name of a recent stranger.

You forget the name of something and you often say “I have a lapsus!”. Totally normal, and it happens especially between teenagers, students and young adults. Even if it’s about a song’s name or a hard term for some scientific experiment or something cool you’ve learned today at school but you can’t absolutely remember what’s the explanation or the name of the thing, these episodes are short and happen often, but are not something serious to bother about.

Now that we’ve seen what’s normal, it’s time to check-in on what is something to worry about. Multi-tasking activities become difficult for you to do. You are cooking and in the meantime, you are washing clothes. After a time, you forget about the food and you burn it all. Not normal. Even worry. You’re having trouble recognizing familiar places.

If you usually leave your coat on the hanger from the living room but you end up searching it in all of the house, then it’s a problem to worry about. By this time, it is something automatic and you should know your home by heart, Moments like that usually don’t come alone and definitely can trigger something bad later.

You forget the names of the close friends and the loved ones, even relatives. As I said, it is totally acceptable to forget the name of someone you just met, but it is not normal to forget the name of your 14-years-old best friend. Not to mention the fact that he or she will get offended. But if it’s about a serious condition, he or she should understand better.

You’re having problems recognizing faces, shapes, colors or words. This is kind of a serious scenario and it might be good to have someone around if you don’t think you can handle yourself, especially if you’re in a public place. Bad things can happen. Imagine only if you or a close one couldn’t distinguish between red or green at a semaphore…

You ask questions you’ve asked before. Not a normal thing to do in a common conversation, not to mention the fact that if you’re talking to a friend and he or she is sharing something important, you might get him or her mad at the fact that you’re not listening and you do not care. All in all, these symptoms can be signs of depression, grief, stress or some lack of sleep, but they can also be early signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s. This is why it is important to go and see a doctor if these moments like this start to happen.

After learning all these facts about memory, brain supplements and what is to worry about when it comes to experiencing memory loss, we can easily understand that a brain supplement is a fast ticket to helping out our memory issues and strengthen our mental performance. Were forced to remember a lot of things today, but is important to keep in mind that we can always “ask” for help.

To put it in a nutshell, a brain supplement can help us stimulate our mental activity. It is not like caffeine for the energy, but it is more like a candy to the brain. It fortifies our memory and we will never have to worry about forgetting – something or someone – ever again.

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