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Frequent Skincare Mistakes Most People Make

Aura S
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Taking care of your skin might seem one of the easiest things to accomplish. The reality is far from being like that. Most people make mistakes related to this subject, and in some situations, they can be major. This is one of the reasons for which I have decided to write this article. No matter your gender or your age, you need to take good care of your skin. You should not forget that it is the largest organ humans have and its duty is to protect us. Therefore, you should not rely on its ability to regenerate. In time, this ability decreases. In the following rows of this article you will be able to read about certain mistakes that many people do and I am sure that you made them as well at least once in this lifetime.

Too much or too little might bring trouble

You might be intrigued regarding this affirmation. These days, people are more aware of the importance of their physical appearance. They even take things to extremes. Even the smallest spot on their face becomes a nightmare. Some young people such as teenagers see their pimples as their worst enemies. They do not even want to get out from their homes. Nobody likes them that it is for sure, but it is not something abnormal, especially at that age. Because of this obsession, face exfoliation sessions becomes a daily ritual and it will not lead to anything good. Also too little can bring just as much damage. Most women like themselves better when they wear makeup. This is OK as long you do not forget to take it off. It will not kidnap too much of your time and your skin will feel much better if it can breathe properly during the night.

Wearing makeup when practicing sports

This is a very common mistake for young women. When you hit the gym, you do not go there to shine and look perfect during your exercises. Beside the fact that after all that sweating process you may end up looking as the wicked witch of Oz, you will also harm your skin, because the pores will become clogged and the risk to irritate your skin due to the mixture created between salt water and makeup products increases quite much.

What to do after cleansing?

Many people might believe that using soap and water will be enough to enjoy a clean skin. This is not as true as you might thought until now that it is. If you leave your skin with a moisturizer too long after washing, it you might end up with a dry and dehydrated skin. Some people might believe that pimples show up only if you have an oily skin. This is not true at all. A dry type of skin is just as exposed to acne as the oily one.

Pay attention to the SPF factor

Some persons might not be aware of the damage the UV rays can cause to your skin. During summer, it will be wise to use only SPF beauty products. The UV rays can penetrate the glass, the sunglasses and almost anything. This means that without an UV protection lotion, face cream or foundation you might not be protected at all.

Pleasant hot showers

I also believed once that hot showers are the most refreshing and relaxing types of showers. This is not true at all. Hot water can cause allot of damage by destroying the natural moisture layer of your skin. Try a cold shower and see how you feel. The alternative types of showers are the best. Alternate warm water with cold water and you will have an amazing experience and you will obtain a boost of energy you never thought you can get from just a fast shower.

The beddings

Even if you do take care of your skin and even if you offer it the proper hygiene, if you do not do the same with your beddings your efforts will be in vain. Your pillowcases along with your sheets must be as clean as you are. During the night, they retain all your sweat, your makeup scraps, dust and other things that might help bacteria and germs to develop slowly but surely. All these germs and bacteria will come in contact with your skin and this is not something that you will like or that your skin will like. Eventually the bad effects will not delay to show up.


As you can see, these are just a few bad habits, which you might have practiced in time. One of the mistakes people have the tendency to do is to believe that a moisturizing cream or lotion must show its effects over night. If you finally decide to take better care of your face and body skin, you should give these creams and lotions the proper time to act in your favor. You should not fall in despair if you do not receive fast results. If you made bad choices long periods of time then you should give at least half of that time to these beauty products in order for them to bring you the benefits that you want so much.

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