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The discrimination based on gender in South Korea

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discrimination based on gender south korea

The discrimination based on gender in South Korea

Not only the interviews could be humiliating. Also if the job requires a skills test and even if she performs better than any man competitor, she will have the disadvantage of being a woman.
In order to sustain this affirmation stay all the testimonies of all the women who had to face such situations. The South Korean women are not deprived of education. They have enough knowledge to activate in any activity field. Even so, there are far from being appreciated in their own country.

Women are paid less in South Korea

Beside these women testimonies, all these affirmations are confirmed by all the lawsuits against to all these big companies. What is shameful is the result of these lawsuits. They are not denying the discrimination existence, but they are quite easy on the punishments. Imagine that for such discriminatory act made by a powerful company, its owners had to pay less than $5000. They did not felt a thing. It was just like a $100 for them.

Besides that, these companies are not afraid to harm their reputation, because in South Korea most people have the same way of thinking and they manage things just as they do. For no reason they consider that women cannot have certain jobs. They do not deny their right to work, but they should not cross the line and pass in the men’ world.

When it comes about the business area, sales, engineering, informatics technology and others similar areas, women have no chance to enter. If you are thinking about succeeding in such field I can say that you are dreaming. Even the leader of the country admits that this phenomenon is shameful and that such way of thinking should vanish somehow. The problem is that it is very difficult to change mentalities. It is very important that the leader of the country is trying to offer support to the South Korean women because this is an important step. The question is if this will be enough? Considering in what era we live in, I believe that in this part of the world things move too slow.

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The discrimination based on gender in South Korea
Since the oldest times, women had to face certain difficulties in their lives. They were never seen as equals to men. The peoples’ mentality did not change that much even if there were made tremendous efforts to prove that women can do all the things that a man can do.
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