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The discrimination based on gender in South Korea

Aura S
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discrimination based on gender south korea

What can they do?

Suing these companies is a real act of courage. Nothing is easy for women and even to prove that they were discriminated is very difficult. All these companies hide their tracks very well and it is very difficult to access their documentation and files so you can prove in a Court of Law that a certain company discriminates women. This is why I personally appreciate the strength and the determination of the women who didn’t made a step back and fought against these companies. Sometimes the easy to bare punishments and sometimes their inexistence is caused by the lack of evidence.
I am saying that a woman needs a lot of courage to do such ting, because if she does it, she might never be hired by any employer due to her history. Sometimes the women are discriminated at their work place and they do not say a word because they might be left without a job and instead they might receive poor references.
If in the past all these aspects were hidden from the public eye, these days women are more and more courageous and they request support and justice form the country government. All of them realized that they had to assume some risks in order to make a change.


No woman wants to see her daughter live the life that she did in such an ill society. No parent wants to see his children leaving the country so they could succeed in other parts of the world because their own country disregarded their abilities and potential.

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The discrimination based on gender in South Korea
Since the oldest times, women had to face certain difficulties in their lives. They were never seen as equals to men. The peoples’ mentality did not change that much even if there were made tremendous efforts to prove that women can do all the things that a man can do.
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