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What the Gene Altering Therapy is and How it Works?

Aura S
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Cancer is one word no one wants to hear. Many people, who may have a very positive attitude, do not even want to think it can happen to them. The problem is that no matter your attitude it can happen to any person, no matter their genetic inheritance. This is a very tricky and silent disease that kills people all over the world no matter how much money they may have, their social position, their life styles etc.

Many people do not understand why no one found a cure for it until now. This is not entirely true. In the following rows of this article, you will learn more about a very ingenious discovery that can cure different types of cancer. You may did not heard by now about the gene altering therapy, or you might learn about it but you do not know how it works or if it works. People are quite skeptic when they hear about new treatments and they have the tendency to reject them. After reading the following rows, you may see things in a very different light.

What is the gene altering therapy?

When you suffer of such disease or when someone close to you suffers from it, you are capable to try anything to get rid of it, no matter how crazy the method can be. At least this is my personal opinion. Other people are quite skeptic when it comes about trying other treatment alternatives, especially when it comes about such dreadful diseases. Considering the fact that finding a treatment for cancer is a priority for such a long time, some discoveries were made in this field. One of them is the gene altering therapy. It seems that it also gave some positive results as well.

What is this therapy about? The doctors will remove from your blood, immune cells also known as T cells and they purify them in the lab and after this procedure is done they are infused into the patient’ blood again. The T cells are the ones who fight against cancer cells. It may seem like a complicated method. Usually this therapy is recommended to the patients who did not reacted to any other treatment. This means that this is the last alternative. Usually it was used in leukemia cases.

Leukemia is in fact a blood cancer. The main thing this therapy does is to boost your immunity system. Because the structure of the T cells is changed during the purifying procedure, your other cells may not recognize them but they will not attack them either. Once they reach your blood vessels again, they will start multiplying and like that, they will start the war against the cancerous cells and kill them.

Due to this revolution that happens inside your body, you may experience some unpleasant side effects. According with what doctors say, this entire procedure will last about two weeks. It is highly recommended that during these two weeks to be under medical supervision, because the side effects can be quite dreadful. You will experience fever or neurotoxicity. This is the worse part because you will suffer of disorientation episodes or you can also lose your ability of speaking. To help you overcome these episodes, the doctors will also infuse you with immune globulins, so your immune system will grow stronger.

This therapy was tested on many subjects and in most of the situations, the results were positive. This does not mean that there were no deaths. Sadly, a small percent of the people who tried this therapy did not succeed in their battle against cancer.

As it was already mentioned, this treatment was tried on people who suffered of leukemia and the statistics were made strictly on this category of people. Due to the fact that it is a new discovery in this field it will be tested on other subjects that may suffer of other types of cancer as well.

Usually the patients treated with gene altering therapy and survived, are kept under supervision for several years to see if the disease returns or not.


If you know someone who has this disease, or you are such a person, you should at least consider trying this type of procedure. No one has anything to lose. As long as science gives us the opportunity to prolong our lives, we should take advantage of this situation. The results can be in our favor or not but also when you choose other tested treatments the situations is the same. They can work or not. God has many things to do with this.

Even doctors say that when their job is done only God will counts. With all these things being said, I hope you are a bit more enlightened regarding this topic and you will become opened to other treatment alternatives than the classic ones, who we know how difficult to bare may be.

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