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Get a six-pack without doing sit-ups

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The fat on the stomach is perhaps the most difficult to eliminate. And most exercises that focus on this part of the body are generally a series of abdomen and ridge of the trunk. The problem with these types of exercise is related to the pressure exerted on the spine, but also to the difficulty that arises in breathing. So, how to get a six-pack without doing sit-ups?

Many of you probably avoid as much as you can the abdomen exercises, preferring instead a bicycle or treadmill.

Although they are good for moving all the muscles, you will not get to the six-pack you dreamed at by using just these methods. Next, you’ll find out other options.

5 Exercises for a flat abdomen

Flat abdomen, like a brooch.

This movement is even simple, like a brooch jump:

  • Place yourself in the position to execute push-ups, with straight hands perpendicular to the floor.
  • Straight forward, beside your right hand, but as close to your shoulder as you can.
  • Try to keep the position as correct as possible, without straining for a few seconds.
  • Change the leg and perform the same movement.

Repeat for 2 minutes

Stay on the wall if you want a flat abdomen.

  • Sit on the wall but do not stick to it with your whole body, keep your ass slightly out and knees slightly bent.
  • Position your hands exactly as you “teach”, perpendicular to the ground. Keep pressed for 3 seconds.
  • Do not let the elbows, back and palms separate from the wall and press lightly on the legs, putting pressure on the shoulder blades, approaching them.
  • Raise your hands along the wall, press and hold for a few seconds.

Repeat both movements for 2 minutes

Flat abdomen with weights.

  • Use 2 weights, sit in the straight position and remove the legs from the shoulders.
  • Fold as if you were in the bottom, as far as you can, continuing to carry your weight in your hands.
  • Put the weight on the floor and walk your feet back in a simple movement.
  • Perform a slight jump and return to the initial position.

Repeat for 2 minutes

The abdomen can be avoided but the push-ups not!

  • Take a weight in each hand, place it on the floor holding the right elbows in a floating position.
  • Slowly flex your buttocks and abdomen.
  • Once you get up, go your left hand along your chest, bend your elbow at 90 degrees.
  • Take a break, and then perform the same movement for the right side of the body.

Repeat for 2 minutes

Para-pam-pam-pam’ exercise.

The next move is just as fun as a dance.

Do not give up the hardships of the previous exercise, keep them in your hands for the last exercise!

  • Start from the right position, slightly remove the legs from the shoulders, continue to keep the weight.
  • Take a picnic in the back and the other bend it in front, on the opposite side, as in a reverence.
  • Push the soles until the bend is bent at 90 degrees.
  • Take a break and make the same move for the other.

Repeat for 2 minutes

And if you think it all lasted only 10 minutes, then you’ll realize that having a six-pack without doing sit-ups is not as hard as it seems.

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Get a six-pack without doing sit-ups
The fat on the stomach is perhaps the most difficult to eliminate. And most exercises that focus on this part of the body are generally a series of abdomen and ridge of the trunk.
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