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How to Get Motivated to do Sports?

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

How to get motivated to do sports more often in the days when you never get out of bed? I’m sure you have asked this question many times and find out that you are not alone. But, don’t worry, there are some solutions to motivate you.

There are a million ways to motivate you to do more sport, but not all are universally valid. So today we are going to reveal some of the ones already tested by us and that have worked. And it was many days when we did not have a bit of a bite to do sports.

Reasons to motivate yourself

Think about how you feel after a workout. Don’t you always feel good?

It’s like you’re lighter and more energetic, with more fun and feeling like able to do anything, no matter how hard it seems to be. And the way you feel can motivate you to go once more to the gym, and once again, and so on…

Make time for yourself. While many people take time to take care of others (children, husband, other families, colleagues, bosses), they forget to spend time on their own. Instead, you can do that, thinking that the time spent in the gym is the time you dedicate exclusively to yourself.

Calories burned. The more you train more and/or more often, the more you burn more calories and the more calories you burn, the closer you are to the perfect body you dream of.

Are you having fun? Sports should be fun. If it is not, try another type of activity that you may enjoy more. Another sport. As long as you move, it means it’s okay.

How you look after a month of doing frequent physical activity? Imagine that you are a little slimmer, have better muscles, and your clothes stay better on you.

Models on the covers of various magazines. Sure, they are lucky enough to have some perfect genes and are probably also arranged in Photoshop to look impeccable, but when you look at their physics, it might motivate you to working harder in the gym room.

Find blogs written by people who are just like you. It is worth reading the blogs of those who love sports or have tried to get rid of extra pounds. Personal stories show that it’s not an easy way and many of their experiences can be learned. And their success it has to motivate you enough.

Rewarding yourself. If you are doing sports for a few consecutive days then give yourself a reward. Did you manage to last for a whole week? You deserve a reward. At first you should reward yourself several times and more often. Take new clothes with a smaller number and do sports to get fit into them.

Did you know that you can get rid of stress by doing sports? It’s the perfect relaxation after a long day at the office. Or you can just make a little movement even in the morning to start your work with a big smile on your face.

Weigh out from time to time. There is no point in weighting daily because, as you probably know, the weight fluctuates, but it is worth weighing yourself once a week to see how you stay. Combine weighing with body parts measurements because sometimes doing sport is not necessarily decreases your weight but it diminishes the waist measurement, for example.

Others comment that you look good. When someone notices the changes of your body, you feel good when praised about it. And you get to do more sports to get more compliments.


This is how to get motivated to do more sports, in may humble opinion. It worked for me and for other women, so it should also work for you, so give these tips a try.

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How to Get Motivated to do Sports?
How to get motivated to do sports more often in the days when you never get out of bed? I'm sure you have asked this question many times and find out that you are not alone. But, don't worry, there are some solutions to motivate you.
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