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Global warming – Causes, effects and solutions

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We all heard about global warming, and we all know that it is a bad thing. Not everyone knows exactly why this phenomenon emerged. Besides knowing why, people may also want to know what could happen because of it and how can we stop it, if we can? Is our planet too affected by it? You may find some answers in this article. If these are your worries, in the following rows, you will be able to learn more about the causes of this phenomenon appearance, the effects it can have on our planet and you may also discover a few solutions to fight against it. Some people do not believe in this phenomenon existence. Sadly, it does exist and it affects all of us even if we care about it or not.

Which are the main worries of global warming?

Because of the noxious and polluting substances released in the atmosphere, our future is in a great danger. The Health World Organization concluded that in just a few decades, the weather changes will affect the planet’ population so much that a huge amount of people might die each year. Almost 300.000 of people will not be able to survive and all of this happens because of the pollution caused by humans.

Not only will the variety of temperatures be the problem. Because of these climate changes, people’ health will be affected as well. The unpolluted water sources will be reduced considerably and the food sources as well. People will die of dehydration and of starvation. Because of that, certain vanished plagues will appear again.

The problem is that all this disaster is caused by humans and they know that very well. They create a world with no future for their families and they do not care. We are not evolving in any way.

The main five causes:

  • The carbon dioxide released by all the thermo-centrals. The electricity is something without we cannot live. The coal burned into these thermo-centrals, can offer us the electricity we need but at what price? Some people say that electricity is not too expensive, but the real costs are much higher. The most polluting type of coal burned in these thermo centrals is lignite. The problem is that it is also the most common type of coal used thanks to its low price. This huge amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere leads to global warming and if you enjoy turning your lights on at a very low price, you cannot even imagine how much you will pay later.
  • The automobiles industry developed over the years and made our lives much easier. However, in reality, because of it, our lives will become more and more difficult in just a few decades. Most all vehicles used worldwide function with fuel made of oil. The burned oil is another highly polluting element thanks to all the noxious gases released into the atmosphere.
  • One, even more dangerous type of gas is the methane. This type of gas is used in many industries such as animal husbandry industry, agriculture, the oil industry and others as well. As you can see, humans are to blame for the methane pollution as well. People are searching for cheap food and the animals grown with genetically modified food helps them release this gas through their feces. Their feces are used to grow plants faster and this is how the methane becomes a real danger. A huge amount of methane can be found on the oceans’ bottoms, thanks to the global warming and to the ice melting process.
  • The deforestation process is another thing we should worry about. Sometime known as virgin forests, the tropical forests now are far from being virgin. No matter if people are doing this so they can create fields for agricultural purposes or if the wood is used to create coal, the humanity is doing nothing but harm the nature. The trees are able to offer the needed balance in nature. They can absorb dangerous gases such as carbon dioxide. Without them, humans are just polluting more and more this planet.
  • Finally yet importantly, the chemical fertilization of the agricultural crops is another important polluting factor that leads to global warming effect. The fertilizers based on nitrogen can preserve 300 times more heat than others can. This means that crops will be bigger and they will emerge sooner. This is the reason why people use nitrogen fertilizers, so they can obtain faster incomes.

The global warming effects:

You should know what could happen because of all the things enumerated above. Global warming will lead slowly but definitively to seas and oceans’ level growth. This means that many land areas will vanish. The weather changes and the extreme phenomenon such as tornados or hurricanes will destroy many populated areas and even kill thousands of people. Another noticeable thing will be the areas that are green and prosper today and soon will become dry and they will turn into deserts.

The oceans acidification will lead to many underwater species to vanish for good. In fact, no matter if we speak about the underwater world or the terrestrial world, the extinguishing effect will make its appearance eventually if we go on like this.

What can we do about it?

Even if this problem seems to be too big for you, as an individual you can do much more than you think. If any individual will follow the advices I am about to share with you, the global warming phenomenon can be stopped.

You can stop using classic bulbs. You can use the compact fluorescent types of bulbs instead of the others. You can use your vehicle less. Try foot walking more often or you can ride a bike instead of a car. You can start recycling your own garbage.

If you still want to use your car, you should check your tires. Well-inflated tires will reduce the fuel consumption.

You can try to use less hot water. Like that less energy will be consumed.

You should start planting trees. They are the key for a balanced nature. You should also unplug your electronic devices when you do not use them. Even if your TV is turned off, but still plugged, it consumes energy.

These are just few small steps that you must make to help save the planet. It stands in your power and you should convince all the people you know that it stands in their power as well.

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Global warming - Causes, effects and solutions
We all heard about global warming, and we all know that it is a bad thing. Not everyone knows exactly why this phenomenon emerged. Besides knowing why, people may also want to know what could happen because of it and how can we stop it, if we can?
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