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Could Gluten-Free Diet Help You Lose Weight?

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You might have heard about many people who give up eating different types of foods that might contain gluten in order to improve their health status and to lose weight.

In the following rows of this article, I will try to give to you some information about what is gluten, why some people stay away from it and if it can really help you lose weight. If you think about the products that contain gluten, I am sure that you might believe that this is for real. If it is true or not you can decide on your own. If it is healthy or not, it is another thing that you will establish on your own, after you will read the following rows. If this is a topic that fits your interest, then you should go on with your reading.

What is gluten after all?

You have seen these days many restaurants that serve gluten-free dishes and many articles all over the internet that blame gluten for many bad things from your life. Therefore, the next question that you might have is what gluten is and what its purpose is. Gluten is a protein and its main purpose is to give the proper shape to various products. It can be found in white flour, yeast, some beauty products and in various supplements. Without it things like cookies, bread or pasta won’t have that amazing taste and shape. It is also contained by mostly all the vegetarian products that replaces meat.

So what is wrong with it?

There are some situations when it is highly recommended to exclude gluten from your diet. This is the case for the people with digestive diseases such as Celiac disease. This is a very difficult disease that cannot be cured but it can be held under control. Also if you discover, through special tests performed by a doctor, that you are allergic to this protein you should also exclude it from your diet.

If you do not do that, you might end up with a severe anemia and malnutrition symptoms. Gluten can harm your digestive system quite much. The allergies can be quite severe. You should not think only about rashes and itches. You can also suffer an anaphylaxis which can be fatal for anyone if the medical intervention delays.

Are there many Celiac disease cases or gluten intolerance cases?

The Celiac disease is something that you are born with it. If you did not have anyone in your family who suffered of this disease, the chances to suffer from it are minimum. The frequency of this disease is not a very big one. In addition, the gluten intolerance or allergy is not such a common thing.

Considering the huge amount of information that you can find all over the internet related to gluten intolerance issues, people start to worry allot. You know how it is when you start studying a medicine book, and you start to believe that you suffer from all the diseases you read about in it. This is what happens when it comes about gluten intolerance as well.

How can you be sure that you do or do not need a gluten free diet?

The first thing that you should not do is to give yourself a diagnostic. I you have serious doubts you should discuss these problems with your current doctor. The first thing that he will do is to run some blood tests. According with the results received he will go on further with his investigations and you might have to suffer an endoscopy procedure or other types of intestinal checkups. It is the only way, in which you can determine if it is a priority to forget completely about gluten or not.

Can you really lose weight?

You will be surprised to discover that people who use gluten replacements have weight issues much bigger than the ones who do not eliminate gluten from their diets. You might wonder how it could be possible. This is a very easy question, considering that the gluten replacements contain a wide amount of sugars.

The gluten behaves like glue that makes the foods get the proper shape. Without it things like bread or pasta or other things that usually contain gluten, might be shapeless. This means that most all the processed foods found on the supermarkets with the label gluten-free on them, have other ingredients that can do the same thing but they can also have side effects.

However, it is a way in which you can start losing weight if you remove gluten from your daily diet. If you choose to cook your own meals and you stop getting snacks or other products already processed, that you might not even know what they really contain, you have the chances to lose weight and eat better. Giving up of white flour cannot be a bad thing for anyone as long you follow the proper rules.

What if you completely remove gluten, do you have anything to lose?

There are some down points of this choice. If you do not suffer of any digestive disorder that can stop you from easting gluten, you might have some unpleasant surprises. For example, you might not benefit of the proper amount of iron, folic acid or fibers that are contained by wheat.  Many cereals that contain gluten such as wheat, do not contain just gluten.


You can try a gluten free diet even if you do not suffer from any digestive disease, but you should not exclude it for good. You can have an exception occasionally. You know that any type of exaggeration cannot be good for anyone. You can lose weight as long as you make the proper diet choices.

This is not only about gluten free diets but also in any type of diet. You must remember that proteins have their own purpose in our organisms and we should not exclude them unless we have too. Another advice that I should repeat so I can make myself clear is never to put a diagnostic on your own. Only a doctor can determine a disease existence.

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