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Go Math! Academy – The Learning Tool For Your Kid?

Description: Go Math! Academy is a home learning program created to help children and students develop and improve math skills, learn new things, and even move beyond their grade level.

If you’re a parent always looking for new learning opportunities for your kids,  in need of help with homework or interested in new learning challenges, you’ve most probably tried the options the Internet has the offer. Since the web is full of sources that can meet such needs, finding that one program that actually works might be a challenge itself since there are many services and products that promise a lot yet deliver little.

Plus, in a world where many children are attracted to gadgets and electronics, it might get a bit difficult to keep them committed to taking care of their homework and keeping them on the “educational” track. Go Math! Academy is a home learning program that addresses such needs. What is it and what do users say about it? Check today’s post to find out more.

Go Math! Academy – What You Need To Know

Whether your kids are passionate about math or they need some fun way to develop an interest in it and improve their math skills, Go Math! Academy might be the answer. The home learning program is currently addressed to children in grades K through 6th with the promise of a math curriculum for 7th and 8th-grade students to be added soon.

The online math learning program includes various ways of learning math and testing already acquired skills. Go Math! Academy includes a series of word and number problems, math help videos as well as other engaging motivators. The program offers the possibility to choose the subjects students want to work on as well as their level. Thus, if your children need to strengthen past skills or want to try something above their current level, Go Math! Academy makes it possible.

Designed to help your children prepare for tests, get help with their homework or refresh math skills, the program is meant to create that educational environment in a familiar context. Plus, it was also created to help parents in assisting their children when doing their homework. Since the Common Core Math children are learning today is very different than what parents were taught in the past, it’s not uncommon for parents to have difficulties in helping their children do their homework or prepare for an exam.

Learning new skills and solving math problems through games and skill exercises taught by educators in the comfort of one’s home might help children develop a greater interest and see the fun side of it.

The interface is user-friendly and offers the chance to choose between two themes (underwater or outer space) that will help students know their progress and will change once a new grade level is reached.

Go Math! Academy –Pros And Cons

The few reviews we’ve found regarding Go Math! Academy are highly appreciative and we found no negative feedback about this learning program. Users have appreciated the program for various features it comes with. Some of them are the following:

  • Personalized experience – According to one review we’ve found, each subscription features up to 5 profiles. Thus, each student can start at the level most suited to his/her needs.
  • Clear instructions and support – Math can be a bit of a headache at times but in the end, solving the problems will be rewarding and provide satisfying feelings. If your kid gets stuck, Go Math! will help your child “unstuck” by offering two features, Help Me and Show me. The latter is a video featuring a puppet that will walk your child through all the steps needed to solve the problems. The videos can also be accessed from the Video Library.
  • Progress monitoring – The program includes a Parent Dashboard where you can access information regarding your child’s progress. You can also receive a Quick Progress Report via email.
  • Math games – Both children and adults seem to learn more through games and get more engaged in the learning process. If it’s fun, kids will play it. The games offer at Go Math! includes games such as Bubble Pop, Crazy Curves, and Jelly Beans.
  • Modern problem presentation: Math is now presented in a modern way and Go Math! has adjusted to today’s needs. The games and problem solving the learning platform features are created to match the way today’s children learn math.

Go Math! Academy – Pricing And Refund Policy

You can enjoy the games, videos, and exercises at Go Math! Academy if you have a paid subscription. The website says there are various subscriptions with different features you can choose from in order to meet your budget. The prices begin at $9.99/month but if you purchase 6 months or a year, you can save up to 33%. Thus, if you purchase 6 months, you pay $49.99 ($8.33/month, a 17% savings) and if you choose to purchase the 1-year subscription, you will pay $79.99 which means $6.67/month and 33% savings.

According to the information we found online, they do not provide refunds. However, if something happens with their website and that particular situation makes the user entitled to receive a refund, they will provide it but it is at their discretion.

In case you have any problems regarding your experience with Go Math! Academy, you can contact the customer service by phone at 855-969-4642.

Final Thoughts On Go Math! Academy

Go Math! Academy has a positive feedback and parents who tried it for their children say it does a great job and the results are visible. We have found no complaints regarding the learning platform and we see no reason in coming up with one at the moment. Most reviews we’ve run into say that Go Math! is helpful and fun at the same time.

Although the focus is on learning, the lessons are presented in a fun way. The only improvement needed, according to one review, regards the kindergarten level where the problems are word-heavy. You can press an icon in order to have a word read aloud but the problems will then involve many such clicks. In this case, you might have to assist your child or the entire process will take longer.

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