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Go Outside and Play: Tips to Get Kids Moving

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

Today is very difficult to come across a child who is not handling an electronic device like an expert. Nowadays kids do not even know the alphabet but are receptive to technology, this without making almost no effort, parents finding that it is increasingly difficult to limit their children’s access to the computer, smartphones, and the Internet. This change of lifestyle leads to the extinction of outdoors games and fun. Go outside and play with your kids following these simple steps to get kids moving.

Technology versus outdoors fun

Every day, new applications and software for children under 8 years are created and are easy to be downloaded on tablets, mobile phones, or computers.

Sure, some of these apps and games are educational but fun enough for your child to enjoy the benefits they bring. However, all these new methods of learning and playing keep the children indoors, while the outside playing grounds are emptier, year after year.

In the struggle between nature and technology, the latter wins by far.

Outdoor playing importance

It is important to encourage children to give up on the electronic devices for a while, and play outside?

  • Playing outdoors improves the immune system, helping children to become less vulnerable to diseases when they grow up.
  • Outside, there are more chances for them to run, jump, and hop, so, they’ll have fewer risks for developing obesity.
  • Develop social skills. When playing with their buddies, children are given the opportunity to overcome shyness and learn how to work in a group. They develop social skills such as cooperation, leadership, and sensitivity to the needs of the others.
  • Because it is creative. Without Internet access, children, most likely, will use their imagination to make the time spent outdoors to be fun and interesting. They will invent games and create their own rules. This teaches them to think freely.

Besides all these advantages of outdoors playing is not as easy to trick you kid to go out on the playground, as it was before when building a fort was more exciting than to play on the computer. Nowadays, children want gadgets instead of toys.

Raising a child in the 21st century is indeed a challenge for parents who are trying to create a balance between technology and playing in nature.

Tips to get kids moving

You should not lose hope because there are some solutions that could change the way your kids think about outdoor playing and could become really enthusiastic about outdoors fun.

  • Give them your permission to get messy – children are often discouraged from getting dirty on the playground, but those spots of paint and traces of soil develop creativity the most. And kids love to get messy.
  • Give them the idea to build their own playground – encourage them to build a play house, a fort, or a tent that can serve as their ‘main station’ or ‘headquarters’. Doing so, your kids will be glad to imagine new games, and so they’ll become more creative.
  • Show them that you can have fun outdoor, too – kids are often influenced by the lifestyle of their parents. If you’re the kind of father whose means of recreation are found only within the four walls of the house, perhaps it is time to try something new! Go on holiday at a campsite, or call your friends to come by for a barbecue. Kids love when the adults are having fun, too. And since your outdoors, so they will be.

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