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GoTenna Review

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goTenna review

I’m extremely sure each of us loves to make trips and hiking anywhere, anytime. We often reach places where there is no signal or WiFi. A rest did not hurt anyone so far, during a trip, if you were in an area and you could not communicate with the other people, you would most likely feel distant from civilization, a feeling quite unpleasant in some cases.

The need to communicate with others is huge, we all like to talk to our friends and always know what is happening “area of civilization”.

About GoTenna

If you are one of the people who like a great adventure, but you like to be connected with others at the same time, you need this revolutionary tech. GoTenna, a device that allows you to send messages even if you are in an area without a signal or without WiFi. The device has a small size, the fact that it is portable gives it an extra advantage.

The creators of this smart tech, Daniela and Jorge Perdomo, came up with this invention after they saw what the Sandy Hurricane did. This hurricane destroyed over 25% of cell towers and caused interruptions to Internet networks (Over 25%) in 10 states on the East Coast. They wanted to invent a tech to help those in need, those who can not communicate with other people. Their invention is known for the fact that, thanks to this intelligent device, you can create a network yourself when you need it most.

GoTenna has won many awards over time, all because it is a very useful device, especially in case of a natural disaster or if someone needs help and is stuck in an area where there is no signal or where WiFi networks are not possible. As early as 2015, goTenna has been awarded for its special and innovative design, such as the “Core77 2015 Design Awards”, “CES Innovation Award 2015: Tech for a Better World” and others. In 2016 he won the Industrial Designers Society of America – IDEA 2016 Gold and in 2017 the CES Innovation Award 2017: Tech for a Better World and the CES Innovation Award 2017: Wireless Accessory. All of these are very important and definitely very memorable for Daniela and Jorge Perdomo.

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