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GoTenna Review

Alex C
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goTenna review

GoTenna Plus

The creators of this extremely useful tech have been thinking about upgrading the old version, after which they have created goTenna Plus. What does this have in addition to goTenna Mash?First of all, you can see the downloaded maps much more detailed, giving you an edge to see what’s around you.Secondly, it has built-in SMS network relay, if any goTenna user is nearby and has a cellular signal, he can send your message via SMS to the person you want to send it.If you have a group of up to 6 people, you can always see who received or did not receive your message.This automatically transmits your location to the most trusted contact you have in the goTenna app every 1 minute, 5 minutes or 10 minutes

GoTenna Plus price

This subscription can be bought for a one year period only, the price is $29. Do not forget that they offer 30 free days if you have the latest version of GoTenna app.

GoTenna Mash Price

This device has an affordable price for everyone, costing only $199, it can be bought by most people, this device being really necessary.

What others say about GoTenna

One of the most interesting reviews I found on the internet was the following: “This product overall is well designed. It’s simple to use and allows for a futuristic mesh concept. Personally, it’s really good for camping because normally there isn’t any cellular signal. Overall though, the product is so easy to use I could see it be the future for sure.

This review has convinced me that it is worth buying, everyone should have at least a device of this type at hand when going on a trip, or in case of an unforeseen incident, when the only solution to communicate is this one.

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