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Grapes: Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts

Diane Luke
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In this article, we will talk about grapes, and especially about grapes health benefits and nutrition facts.

Many of us are skeptical when it comes to grapes benefits for our health and silhouette, knowing that they are high-caloric.

Anyhow, consuming daily an average in size grapes cluster or a regular glass of fresh grape juice would bring a lot of benefits to our health and silhouette.

Grapes: Health Benefits

It seems that resveratrol, the active chemical substance inside grapes (especially in black grapes varieties), has powerful antioxidant effects. Besides, it triggers the production of a hormone called adiponectin that protects the blood vessels against inflammation, increases glucose tolerance and insulin production but it also prevents the installation of metabolic syndrome disorder and heart diseases.

Grapes solves digestive problems.

Grapes are rich in fibers and minerals, being a really effective laxative. Because of this, grapes have strong detox properties, they are diuretic and have depuratory effects, and are recommended especially for people who suffer from constipation and bloating or for those who want to detoxify their bodies.

Grapes as energy enhancers.

Grapes are one of the best energizing fruits, almost as much as figs, but less than bananas.

Grapes are very rich in carbohydrates, thus making them be very well assimilated by the body, and thanks to the vitamin B complex they contain are helping to the proper functioning of the muscular and nervous system.

The grapes are therefore an important energy enhancer and improve muscular function

Grapes are great for children helping them with a proper development, but also great for athletes who need a natural healthy boost of energy.

Grapes are good for heart and liver.

Grapes stimulates a proper liver function and are also are good for the heart. Thanks to polyphenols, black grapes protects the heart and prevent blood clots.

So, if you go through a hard work period, you want to detoxify your body, you want to strengthen your immune system, or you are in a period of hard physical effort or intellectual effort, applying for a grapes diet could be the best thing to do.

Grapes also help if you’re feeling weakness (asthenia) or if you’re convalescent.

Grapes: Nutrition Facts

Grapes are high-caloric, 75 kcal per 100 g, so eating a cluster of grapes instead of a meal gives you the same value of calories, but it’s healthier and a great weight loss diet.

To get proper results, grapes must be eaten as a whole. Their skin is proven to enhance the therapeutic effects. Although, it could taste bitter and unpleasant, accept the fact that you must chew and swallow the skin, too, because in the skin and in the small gelatinous layer between it and the pulp reside the most valuable therapeutic substances.

If you want to get the best results you should also chew and swallow the seeds of the grapes, which contain a fatty oil that reduces cholesterol and maintains healthy blood vessels.

Preserved or dehydrated grapes (e.g. resins) present only 10% of the curative properties of the fresh grapes, and the wine, below 6%

Therefore, only fresh grapes and fresh grapes juice have enough active substances and power to be beneficial for health and silhouette.

Of course, another way is to consume dietary supplements extracted from grapes.

A simple way to take advantage of the grapes weight loss benefits is to apply for weight loss diet in which you have to progressively replace meals with grapes, as it follows:

Start with a period of three days 3 days in which gradually consume:

  • 500 g of grapes on the first day
  • 1000 g in the second
  • 1500 g in the third day

After getting used with grapes consumption in these first three days, in which your digestion and metabolism start improving, continue the weight loss diet by consuming only grapes or grapes juice for the next five days.

After the last day of the diet, introduce low-caloric food (vegetable soups, boiled or baked potatoes, and so forth), and in three to four days you can gradually return to normal food.

Grapes weight loss diet is recommended for a very fast elimination of unwanted pounds. In 10 days of grapes weight loss diet, you’ll lose around 5 kilograms, but you’ll also eliminate toxins from the body and your metabolic rate will accelerate.

If you’re facing diarrhea or abdominal cramps during the grapes weight loss diet, you can use hot teas (fennel, mint or thyme).

Also, the process of detoxifying the body triggered by this diet helps the skin to become shinier and smoother, and excess weight will be easily removed!

Caution is recommended for people suffering from diabetes, severe kidney problems, hypertension, water retention, colitis, or chronic diarrhea.

Grapes: Beauty benefits

Is your skin affected by aging or you simply want to prevent that?

Then, you should know that grapes help you with those, too.

When it comes to reducing wrinkles, the grapes are a really powerful ingredient.

Their seeds are very effective against effects of the aging process and they fight free radicals, being useful in the world of cosmetics.

In addition, vitamin PP present in grapes is excellent for the skin.

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