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Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Better Sex

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

In time, even the couples who are still in love reach to a state of monotony and all it tends to be a routine. However, nothing is lost, even in couples who have a history of several decades, experts say, and different aids can be used to increase the libido, such as dietary supplements, essential oils, sportive activities, or even food that has a link with increasing libido, like the connection between grilled cheese sandwiches and better sex. Yes, you’ve read it right, there’s no mistake. Grilled cheese sandwiches and better sex are related and proven to be true.

Grilled cheese sandwiches and better sex

A survey conducted on 4,500 people proven that grilled cheese sandwiches fans are more keen for adventures and are having twice as much sex than those who don’t eat grilled cheese sandwiches.

That’s not all, but it seems that grilled cheese sandwiches lovers are having much better sex than the others, and all that because somehow the grilled cheese sandwiches fans are more open minded, creative, and young at the spirit.

Another important conclusion the survey draws was that those who love eating grilled cheese sandwiches are more altruistic than the others.

9 tips for better sex

Grilled cheese sandwiches and better sex might not work for everybody, so, here are nine tips that can help you reinvent your sex life and may help you having better sex.

  1. Don’t schedule sex.

I know that in some situations are difficult not to schedule sex, especially for couples with children, but try as much as possible to avoid scheduling and to be much more spontaneous about sex.

  1. Get out of the house.

Another trick to a better sex life is going out of the house. In cases of the couples who have been together for a long time, sex may become a routine.

After a while, having sex in the house tends to be difficult. Spice up your sex life by having few kinky outdoor intercourse. Be careful, though!

  1. Redecorate your bedroom.

Even if you schedule sex, and sex may have already become a rare event, redecorating the bedroom will make you have better sex at least for few weeks, inducing on a psychological level the sensation of escape from your home and daily in-house activities.

  1. Figure out what you really want.

Everyone has different sexual fantasies. Find out which is you most exciting fantasy and which is your partner’s and talk about it.

  1.  Try something new.

It may seem like obvious advice, not a tip, but many people have trouble to try new things in the bedroom, because of a misconception about sexual fantasies. It’s not necessarily to apply extreme practices or sex into a carousel, but there are many other ways to spice up your sex life and experiment something new

  1. Do not ignore sexual problems.

Sexual problems continue to be a major problem in many couples.

Erectile dysfunction is the most common issue, however, there are many other issues such as premature ejaculation, loss of libido, or difficulty to achieve orgasms because of drugs or diseases.

Women are also not making an exception from sexual problems such as pain during sexual acts or inability to reach orgasm.

Sometimes the problems can be solved easily with physical activity, diets, or relaxation methods (Yoga), while in other cases dietary supplements may be the best option.

  1. Take it slowly.

For some couples, the longer the relationship, the shorter become the intercourse.

Specialists warn that during sex it is not important to reach the destination, but it is important to enjoy the journey. Learn not to rush it.

  1. Do not worry about what others do.

Everyone thinks they should do more sex, but couples should be concerned with the fact of how much sex they want and not how the sex should be done to be enjoyable by both.

The importance of the sexual life on the health

Men are more open in declaring that satisfying sex life has great importance in the overall health than women. Also, young people between 20 and 39 years old, those with higher education, and unmarried give to the sex life a greater importance as a factor of a healthy life.

These signs tell you that although you do not realize or refuse to accept it, your body needs sex:

  • insomnia or just do not feel the need to sleep
  • lack of appetite is acuter
  • conflicting feelings toward a particular person or situation
  • the occurrence of sexual fantasies, especially in moments of loneliness or at night
  • headaches
  • feeling depressed
  • stress increasing
  • anxiety
  • lack of concentration power
  • skin irritation

In many cases, the need for sex may have stronger signals causing reactions less explicable, such as frustration, emotional disorders, verbal aggression.

Active sex life can build more strengthen connections between couple partners, besides it is proven that having frequent sex is the best natural antidepressant, reducing stress, improving endorphins secretion, leading to a much more relaxed and happy life.

Lack of sex may cause diseases such as:

  • hormonal imbalances
  • cysts
  • nodules
  • depression

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