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What Happens When You Lose Weight?

Aura S
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Most people who have weight problems wish to lose some weight. For many of these people, this task seems to be the most difficult one. If you are such a person, in the following rows of this article, you will be able to find out what happens when you succeed. Everyone is telling you how to achieve your goal, but there are few articles out there, that explain you what happens with your entire organism after you do.

This is the reason why, I decided to open this topic and show you the benefits of losing weight. Like that, you may feel more stimulated to try harder and to not give up. It may necessitate a bit of work, but the results might satisfy you more than you realized.


Many of may suffer of headaches and sudden migraines, that can disturb us and make us less focused and less active. It seems that once you lost weight you will decrease the chances of these migraines to emerge. You may wonder how. When you lose weight the fat deposits from your vessels walls will decrease as well and so the blood flow will improve considerably. This means that your entire organism, including your brain, will receive the necessary oxygen so they can function properly. This means that you can say good-bye to sudden headaches.


Because of the same process described in the previous rows, depression might stay away as well. Most people think that depression is a state of mind and a neurological condition, caused by many external factors. This is perfectly true. A bad situation in your family, too many debts, no job can be reasons to become depressed. Also the lack of oxygen at your brain’ cells level can lead to the same thing. By using your brain better at its full capacity will help you find solutions easier and stay away from depression. Also the anxiety episodes will be just a bad story.

Breathing disorders

One of the worst and the most dangerous breathing disorder is Apnea. Many people has it. If you pay a little attention, most people who has this dreadful problem are obese or their weight is far from being a normal one according with their age and height. The fat deposits will obstruct the airways from the neck area and you may not breathe properly during your sleep session. This means you will get less rest and your chances of waking up more tired than you were when you went to bed are quite big. By losing weight, you will decrease the chances to have these problems or if you already have them, you will have the chance to get rid of them.

Because we are talking about breathing conditions, there is another very dreadful disease called Asthma. This affects your lungs to function properly and the asthma attacks can be very powerful and scary. Not just the obese persons have it but it seems that the persons with weight issues are much more exposed to develop such disorder. It seems that your weight has many things to do with your lungs ability to function.

Heart issues

When you have weight problems, your entire organism seems to fail you somehow. One of the vital organs that are affected directly is your heart. If you lose weight you have almost 80% chances to decrease the danger of suffering of heart failure. The level of cholesterol can be very often influenced by your weight. A high level of bad cholesterol can thicken your blood vessels and arteries and the blood flow will be disturbed.

Your heart will start pumping it in an improper manner so your entire organism will start to fail along with your heart. Besides that, the heart will become covered in grease. It looks just as it sounds namely dangerous and disgusting.

Here are some effective tips to lower your cholesterol and save your heart.


Ne of the most frequent disease associated with weight disorders is diabetes. The diabetes type II is quite frequent encountered on over weighted people. If you will lose weight, you will help your organism to balance the blood sugar concentration and like that you will feel better and you will decrease the chances of getting ill of these chronic diseases that cannot be cured.

Liver diseases

Your liver is another important and vital organ that is highly affected by fat. We all know that the liver has the power to regenerate itself, but we must help it to accomplish this thing. If you suffer of obesity or your body fat is abnormal, your liver will not be able to filter the toxins from the nutrients, will start working slower and so it will be flooded with fats sooner than you expect.

By changing your lifestyle and diet, you will help it to improve its state and it will generate in time. Like that, you will be able to avoid the liver steatosis or you will avoid other liver diseases to develop. You should remember that the liver illnesses are very silent and you will not know that you have them until is a bit too late to do something, at least this will happen in case you do not perform regular medical checkups.

Polycystic ovaries

The fat deposits will also influence your hormonal activity. The bad news is that it will not influence it in a good way. This means that your genital organs might suffer as well. The most frequent problem will be the polycystic ovaries syndrome appearance. This is not a very pleasant situation at all, considering that many women can solve this problem only through surgeries that might be rather invasive for their organisms.

Joints and bones

Due to your overweight, you can harm your joints and bone structure as well. this way the rheumatism may install at very early ages. The pains you might suffer because of such disorders are not easy to bear. This is one of the reasons why losing weight is a necessity. Fat people can also suffer from gout. This very painful disease is quite difficult to treat. It can be kept under control if you make some changes in your daily nutrition along with taking the medication prescribed.

The varicose veins

Beside been very unaesthetic, these varicose veins can cause allot of trouble in time. You might experience dreadful pains when they are swollen and in time you may develop a more serious diseases namely varicose ulcer, which might cause serious bleedings as well. The appearance of these varicose veins can be caused by your weight due to the pressure put on your blood vessels.


If you have a weight problem, your main purpose should be to get rid of it. I know that this is not the easiest task in the world, but after reading the previous rows of this article, you might be convinced now that this is the best alternative possible. The good news is that you will notice, the first changes quite fast. Your breathing, your ability to move and your mood will be quite improved. You should adopt a healthy way of living and starting with your nutrition and with more physical exercises you are on the right road.

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