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HarpApprovalGroup Reviews | Scam or Legit?

Aura S
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Sometimes people need government assistance and there are many programs available there to help people in need. The main problem is that many people have no idea about them and even if they do they have no idea if they qualify for these programs.

There are many details that could decide if a person could qualify for an assistance program or not and ordinary people might confuse things or they cannot understand the amount of papers and documentation needed so they prefer to give up. These days you can find many websites willing to offer the needed information so people will be able to access these programs.

The main problem with these websites is that not all of them are legit. Some websites do not offer clear info at all and besides that, they are not in the posture of offering such services.

In the following rows of this article, I will talk about one of these websites, namely the HarpApprovalGroup.com. After reading this article you might understand better why people preserve their skepticism about these online services.

What is HarpApprovalGroup.com all about?

As you might already realized, this is a website where people should find their answers when they want to know if they qualify for government assistance programs. The main problem you will encounter from the beginning because here you will not find too many details about the types of programs you might qualify for.

Even without these details you are requested to fill a form with personal data. It is strange to offer so many private information and you do not even know for what. Even so, there are people who does, hopping that these questions will be answered after they fill these forms.

This website does not have a long history. It is launched quite recently by a company about which you cannot find too much info. In fact you might find no information at all. This is another important detail that speaks about the reliability of this website.

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