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HD Free TV Antenna Review

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

Every TV-fan’s dream, or how to watch HD television for FREE.

About HD Free TV Antenna

HD Free TV Antenna can help giving you usage of HD broadcast TV, without fretting about agreements, fees, or price hikes. All you need to do is:

Attach the HD Free TV Antenna to any home window, wall structure, door, or any other flat surface.

Connect the antenna into the TV’s AUX/IN.

Scan for stations and enjoy.

Once you’re ready to go, the HD Free TV Antenna will send an uncompressed, full 1080p picture to your television set, which will permit you to watch sports, movies, music videos, news reports, and much more in Full HD. And because the HD Free TV Antenna is very easy to set up, you may use the same one at your home, at office, or even on a boat.

Moreover, the HD Free TV Antenna will receive signals from all the directions, giving you the capability to watch TV in any room of the house, without extra cable connections, modems, and wires.

If you’re considering canceling your cable subscription, the idea of saving hundreds of dollars can seem to be tempting. But before making a decision such as to start using the HD Free TV Antenna is, you have to know all the facts regarding this antenna.

What can you watch the HD Free TV Antenna?

HD Free TV Antenna’s producer want you to trust that their product will help you eliminate your cable bill without losing your favorite stations.

Due to some federal institutions’ decisions taken in 2005, all broadcasting TV  stations were forced to obey transmitting digital signal. That’s why the old antennas ceased receiving any signal because they were designed to get only analog signals.

The signals you’ll be able to get with a new antenna are those broadcast free of charge from the major networks, such as NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS, and so forth, nevertheless, you won’t be in the position to watch the transmission from the premium cable TV stations such as HBO, TNT, Nickelodeon, as well as others. These will always need a cable subscription.

So yes, if your loved shows are on major networks, then HD Free TV Antenna will help you watch them. Alternatively, if your shows are just found on a cable TV station that requires registration, HD Free TV Antenna won’t help you watching those shows them once you have canceled your cable subscription.

The image quality offered by the HD Free TV Antenna

Now, let’s see what’s all about the quality of HD Free TV Antenna.

Whenever you watch shows with your cable connection, the image you observe on your television set’s screen first moves through the cable in your wall structure, and then into the cable’s box, and eventually it’s delivered to your screen. This transmission is compressed, which just means that its size is reduced, so that it is simpler to transfer.

However, although compressed signals are much easier to transmit, in addition they lose a good amount of quality by the time they reach to you.

On the other hand, digital over-the-air signals remain uncompressed, meaning you could receive an improved picture than with the cable connection, by simply using products like HD Free TV Antenna.

HD Free TV Antenna links to your television set through its AUX/IN port, which is the same place many cable connections, or cable boxes connect. To be able to obtain Full HD quality images though, it could need to hook up the antenna using an HDMI cable. So, otherwise, the HD Free TV Antenna won’t provide Full HD display quality.

Whatever the cables you utilize though, there are two main factors that basically define the display quality with products like HD Free TV Antenna:

  • The distance between you and the nearest broadcast tower
  • The existence or not of obstructions between you and the tower, such as hillsides or mountains, trees and shrubs, other buildings, and much more.

To handle this, HD Free TV Antenna’s producer shares links to AntennaWeb.org and DTV.gov, where you can check your ranges and better measure the type of reception you may expect.

In most cases, customers for similar digital antennas have complained that they still didn’t get many stations, even though they were well within the range of the broadcasting towers.

HD Free TV Antenna competition

Possibly the most popular As-Seen-On TV digital antenna on the marketplace is the Clear TV Key Antenna.

Overall, Clear TV’s products acquired an average score of just 2, on many reviews websites. Even though many customers felts like being ‘scammed’ because these antennas didn’t provide what they were supposed to, a lot more customers complained of:

  • Failing to work – mainly, these customers were struggling to get more than one or two stations
  • The stations that worked to be received were received in very low quality
  • Difficult customer support – customers support encountered problems in handling returns, or were unhelpful in solving customers’ requests.

What are the prices for the HD Free TV Antenna?

One HD Free TV Antenna can cost you $10 plus a $5.99 shipping and handling fee, and you could buy a second at checkout for yet another $5.99 shipping and handling fee.

All HD Free TV Antennas feature a 30-day refund plan.

Nonetheless, to be able to ask for a refund, you will have to call Inventel’s customer support division.

Who is Inventel?

Inventel can be an up-and-coming As-Seen-On TV producer who makes a great many other popular products, including DashCam, Gripeez, Liberty Lantern, and much more.

Unfortunately, these products acquired very low average rankings on reviews sites, and also many issues have been claimed, such as failing to work as it has been advertised, low quality, and unhelpful customer support.

I am not declaring this is exactly what you will experience with the HD Free TV Antenna, but it’s definitely good to note these aspects.


If you’re decided to cancel your cable subscription, there are three major factors you will have to take into consideration before freeing yourself from the expensive cable, while still keeping access to the majority of your loved programs:

  • An Internet connection
  • Hardware (including digital antennas)
  • Software (such as programs or online subscriptions)

Now, if you wish to have a ‘cheaper’ TV-plan and save just as much money as you possibly can, an antenna like the HD Free TV Antenna might be considered a good choice.

Just retain in mind that you might only access a small number of broadcast channels, as well as your picture quality will probably be anything else than fantastic.

Whatever the number of stations you get though, HD Free TV Antenna won’t give you access to the exclusive cable-only stations.

So, if you are planning on HD Free TV Antenna to magically offer you access to your entire favorite cable content, but without paying a price for it, you’re destined to be disappointed.

But if you realize that you may have to make some sacrifices in this content you obtain or are prepared to enhance your digital antenna’s reception with other hardware and software options, you may be happy with the HD.

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