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Antioxidant Supplements Don’t Fight Cancer, Research Suggests


We hear everywhere that antioxidants are very good for our health and beauty, but how many of you know exactly what these substances are, where they can be found and what exactly they can do or do not for our health? It was even believed that antioxidants can fight against cancer, but hey, recent researches have brought the truth to …

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Lower Blood Pressure with Magnesium Supplements


High blood pressure (hypertension) is a very common disorder and it can lead to heart activity issues, heart attacks, vascular strokes, or brain strokes, but it can be contained because magnesium supplements may help to lower blood pressure. Hypertension can also be kept under control naturally, introducing in your daily diet specific vegetables and herbs that have proven effects in …

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The Awkwardness Of Public Breastfeeding


Breastfeeding in public is one of the hottest topics debated by the community of parents. While mothers are convinced that breastfeeding in public is a fundamental right of their children, there are other people who believe that breastfeeding is an intimate act that shouldn’t take place in public. The awkwardness of public breastfeeding will be also debated in this article …

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Healthy cooking with your kids


When it comes to taking a better care of our kids, the foods we choose for and how we prepare them is crucial. As a parent, not once happened to face your children’s refusal when you serve them vegetable dishes. We know that green is not their favorite color if they found it in foods they should eat. Therefore, it …

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Too Much Sitting Linked to Women’s Cancer Risk

We all know that we should all do exercises and follow a proper diet to keep us healthy. However, we rarely do these things. We prefer sedentary lifestyle because it does not force us to do too much. It is more enjoyable to spend time in front of the TV or computer and, as if it is not enough, we …

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Donating Blood Kept a Man’s Disease at Bay


Blood donation is a noble gesture that can save others’ lives. The good news and overwhelming discoveries are that recent studies demonstrate that blood donation also has a lot of benefits for blood donors that you should know. We’ll discuss all those benefits and even one particular case in which donating blood kept a man’s diseases at bay. Blood donation …

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Too Many Energy Drinks Trigger Man’s Liver Problems

Too Many Energy Drinks May Cause Liver Problems in Men When feeling exhausted before work, or after, many people are opting for drinking energy drinks, as a substitute for coffee. Besides, some people are consuming energy drinks before workout, sport events, or before other activities that demand hard effort. The problem with that is that too many drinks may cause …

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Indoor Tanning Linked with Skin Cancer Before Age 50

Indoor Tanning Is Causing Skin Cancer Risks of prolonged exposure to sunlight or too much time spent on indoor tanning have been long debated. People were used to utilize various protective creams and to avoid exposure at specific hours which are considered to be high risky, but indoor tanning saloons with their tanning beds are open in every season of …

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Does Sugar Make Kids Hyperactive

Is Sugar Linked to Kids’ Hyperactivity? Does sugar really make the children to be hyperactive? The answer is found in over 23 studies based on years of research and experiments in the field. Many parents complain that when their children consume many sweets they have behavioral problems. What is the explanation? Is sugar good or bad? Is sugar linked to …

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Drinking Beer May Help You Read Certain Emotions

Discovered thousands of years ago, beer has become a very common drink today for its pleasant and refreshing taste, but especially as a reason for social interaction, meeting with friends, disconnecting, and relaxing. More and more medical studies reveal the fact that moderate consumption brings a real benefit to maintaining the health of each of us. Besides, it seems that …

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