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Healthy Benefits of Probiotics Supplement

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Our health is probably one of the main concerns we have. Nowadays, keeping fit and healthy seems almost impossible due to the large area of foods and delicacies that wink back at us. Yet there are times when we develop interest in finding new ways to maintain ourselves healthy. We start, of course, with food and diets, and then we take a closer look into our digestive system. And this is the time when we might stumble across some terms that give us headaches at first. One of them could be probiotics supplement.

Probiotics supplement might seem familiar, we all can guess that it is about pills that completes our eating process. It is related to the digestive system and immunity, yes. But what are probiotics, to be more specifically? Well, they are live and “good” bacteria that can be found in our body. Our body is made both of good bacteria and bad bacteria.

Probiotics happen to be one of the good guys. Their role is to fight against diseases and help us strengthen our immune system. Also, probiotics help maintain a balance in our digestive system, so that when we lose some of the good bacteria in our body (mainly because of some drugs we take), these probiotics can help us replacing them.

What you need to know about these probiotics?

If you don’t know anything at all about them, maybe it’s good to start with the basics, such as how many types of probiotics are out there. The answer is, of course, many types, each coming with an entirely new set of benefits for you and your body. But there are only two most important categories of probiotics known, and these are lactobacillus and bifidobacterium. Yes, the names might seem hard, but here is what you need to know about each of them.

Lactobacillus are a type of probiotics found in yogurt or any other fermented products. They are the most common probiotics that we come across on a regular basis. In this category, there are multiple strains that help us solve a different range of problems. For example, some strains of lactobacillus probiotics might solve our problems with the diarrhea, while other strains can help people who can’t digest the lactose or the sugar in the milk.

They are also responsible for collecting the ferment carbohydrates in the gut, in this way producing lactic acid. This lactic acid is useful in many ways: on one side, it creates an acidic environment found in the digestive tract and it eliminates many unwanted microorganisms that want to live in here, on the other side, lactic acid can increase the absorption of minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, copper and so on. In this category, we can meet a lot of strains, each one with its own unique purpose. The strains that can be found in the Lactobacillus category are:

  • L. acidophilus: it supports the entire process of the digestion, can absorb nutrients, it relieves us of occasional cramping, gas or diarrhea, it has a contribution to our immune health and for women, it is good for urinary and vaginal health
  • L. fermentum: it is good for digestion and detoxification
  • L. plantarum: also good for digestion and our immune health
  • L. rhamnosus: it helps with the traveler’s diarrhea and vaginal health in women
  • L. salivarius: it contributes to our immune health and also the oral health
  • L. paracasei: it helps us taking care of our liver health
  • L. gasseri: it is good for vaginal health and relieves us from occasional diarrhea
  • L. reuteri: it is ideal for oral health, immune health and overall digestion

Bifidobacterium. As for this category of probiotics, it can be found in dairy products. Their main purpose is to help us heal some of the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome or other conditions like this one. Irritable bowel syndrome, also known as IBS, is a really common disorder that affects our large intestine, which is the colon. Among the most familiar symptoms of this disease are: cramps, abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, gas, constipation. This condition needs constant care and management during a long period of time.

It can be controlled very easily with a few good diets, relieving stress and leading a healthy lifestyle. Of course, drugs are always there to make it easier for us. Bifidobacterium are present in the large intestine (colon) and it helps us eliminate the invasive harmful bacteria, microorganism and yeast. Like the first category, bifidobacterium also produces lactic acid, which enhances the natural protective barrier found in our gut.

Bifidobacterium keeps an eye on the necessary level of pH in our large intestine and this discourages the growth of other bacteria. As for minerals and vitamins, this category of probiotics can absorb calcium, zinc, copper, iron, magnesium and it also produces vitamin K and B-complex vitamins. By the time we begin to age, the number of the bifidobacterium starts to decline.

There are also many types of strains that can be found in this category and the most important of them are the following:B. bifidum: it is good for the overall digestion process, it can absorb nutrients and helps us with the occasional diarrhea, especially the traveler’s one.

  • B. bifidum: it is good for the overall digestion process, it can absorb nutrients and helps us with the occasional diarrhea, especially the traveler’s one.
  • B. longum: it is good for the overall digestion, detoxification and protects our immune health
  • B. infantis: also good for overall digestion, relieves us from bloating and constipation in certain occasions.

Besides these two large categories, there are also other bacteria that you should know about. I’m talking about the bacillus species and the streptococcus species. The bacillus bacteria live in our bodies way longer than any others and are particularly slowly. They are resistant to moisture and light and heat, which makes it resistant also to the acid in our stomach, so this bacteria can colonize faster in our small intestine.

The main strain found in this category is called B. coagulans, and it can help us with the overall digestion, relieve from constipation and vaginal health. The streptococcus species has only two major strains, named S. salivarius K12 and S. salivarius M18. The first strain helps us with the overall oral health and the immune health and the second one does good for our teeth health and can be used as gums.

Next thing on our informing list would be why should probiotics supplement be introduced in our diets. Other than the fact that it can heal certain conditions and diseases, probiotics can be a healthy part of a good diet, too. Most of the time you can add them in your diet by consuming yogurt, but there are also other foods and products that you eat and didn’t have the faintest idea that they have probiotics, such as: buttermilk, certain types of cheese, kefir, fermented or unfermented milk, and a variety of rare and bizarre products like: kimchi, pickles, sauerkraut, miso, tempeh and soy drinks.

How can you find and take these probiotics?

Well, other than foods, this is easy. You can use probiotics supplement. They can be found and bought as tablets, capsules, powders or liquids and a good place to start looking for them are grocery shops, drugstores, healthy food stores or on online shops. As you can see, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. As for how you should take them, it is always better to see a doctor and ask for his medical opinion.

If he or she tells you to take them in a certain way or another, make sure to follow the instructions that you receive. If you stop taking them, you have to be aware that the good effects will end up in a few weeks. But there are some criteria that you can use in order to search and select for a good probiotics supplement that might work for you and help you fix your problems.

First, know exactly what your problems are. Intolerance of some sort, diarrhea, problems with the bowels, allergies and so on, each of them ask for a specific strain of probiotics to use. There are plenty of probiotics to choose from, but if you want something good, make sure to choose the products of a reliable brand. New and revolutionary probiotics show up all the time, promising us the unthinkable, but it is always better to trust the brands that have some background and have been tested and checked before.

Also, keep in mind that each probiotics work differently from brand to brand, and you’ll just have to find the one that’s good for you. In this case, a doctor’s opinion is more than welcomed. But until you reach the doctor’s office, there are plenty of information available and free for you to document on probiotics.

Get to know more about these supplements and make your own opinions on it. Search the companies’ websites or for articles on the Internet about the brands that gathered your attention. Whenever you buy a probiotic supplement, make sure to read the label. On the label, there are certain information that might be helpful for you, such as:

  • The genus, the species and the strains of the probiotics
  • How many organism will be alive during your usage
  • What is the exact dose that you need to take
  • What is the company’s name and some contact information.

Their websites are a good location to start looking for answers to your questions, since it’s easier this way to talk to a member of the team or a specialist.

Also, before choosing the probiotics supplement that you want to follow, make sure you’ve taken into consideration these criteria too: Check out the reasons for which you decided to take them. Taking wrong strains of probiotics might get you into trouble, so make sure you’re taking them for the right reasons. For example, if you’re trying to lose weight, you’ll have to take a certain probiotics supplement.

The rule remains the same if you want to take them either for lower cholesterol or reduce allergy symptoms or even ease your digestive issues. As soon as you’ve identified the right strains, make sure to choose a dose that has been tested before and proved to be efficient.

Caution: you also need to know the proper dosage. Don’t take too much or too little of it, because you might end up doing something you’ll regret. Now you understand why is it so important to check it up with a doctor? You never know when you are about to do something bad that will affect you in ways you couldn’t even begin to imagine, so tell me, isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? My point exactly. So before you do anything rash, hurry up to see a doctor. But in the meantime, it doesn’t hurt to get informed really well, so let’s continue…

Read the label carefully. There you should be able to find the following information: genus, species and strain of the bacteria, the number of the organisms that are present in a single dose and how often or rare you should consume these probiotcs (it is ideal to pick one that has at least seven strains), information about how you should store your probiotics supplement, for example, you’ll have to keep them away from heat or moisture, or maybe some of them need to be kept in a dark or cool space, while others might need to be refrigerated; there is also information about the validity of the product and if it is certificated by a third party, which means that they have been already tested and proved to be efficient.

Keep an eye on whatever they treat. Let me give you some examples of probiotics supplement that you should take for some different types of diseases or conditions. For example, if you’re a traveler and you know you might be suffering from traveler’s diarrhea, you might want to use? Saccharomyces boulardii.

If you have a problem with intolerance to lactose, there are certain products good for you: Lactobacillus bulgaricus,?Lactobacillus acidophilus?and?Streptococcus thermophilus.

If you happen to have gastrointestinal problems, you can use one of the following probiotics supplements that could help you in this case and ease your pains, bloating, gas by regulating the bowel movements and calm your digestive issues: Bifidobacterium infantis? Lactobacillus plantarum? Bifidobacterium bifidum?

Also, antibiotics might cause diarrhea or infections, so you might need to take Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG? and/or Saccharomyces boulardii, every six hours after each dose of antibiotics you’ve taken. In case of eczema, use Lactobacillus rhamnosus? and Lactobacillus fermentum?….

In case of a cold, use Bifidobacterium animalis?lactis Bi-07 and?Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM. If you’re experiencing a vaginal infection, try out Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus? GR-1 and?Lactobacillus reuteri?RC-14. If you have a bad breath or any other teeth conditions, try Lactobacillus reuteri?LR-1 or LR-2, because if favors oral health.

As you can see, each condition needs its own strain or strains of probiotics supplement in order to do its job and help you treat your diseases or issues. Once you’ve started taking them, you have to continue to feed them in order to feel healthy and strong. So you can use garlic and fiber to do that, which are also known as prebiotics.

Also, whole grains, cereals, artichokes, honey or bananas might work just as well and they will keep you away from campers. We’ve talked so much about the probiotics strains, yet we have no idea about which ones are the best or should be included in the supplements what we take. Well, let’s take a look at these, for starters:

Each probiotic supplement should include at least these three of the most important strains: L. acidophilus, B. longum, B. bifidum. L. fermentum and L. rhamnosus are good as well, though they are on a second place. A few words about each of them, as it follows:

L. acidophilus is one of the most important strain that belongs to the Lactobacillus species. The places of action are the walls and the small intestine. This strain helps us a lot with the digestion of dairy foods, but it also can absorb nutrients.

B. longum can be found in the digestive tracts of adults, and its primary role is to help us maintain the integrity of the gut wall. It can be considered as a scavenger of toxins.

B. bifidum can be found in the small, but also large intestine. Its purpose is critical for healthy digestion of the dairy products we consume. As we grow older, our natural ability of digestion starts to decline, and this strain might help us fix this issue. This strain can also break down some of the complex carbohydrates, protein and fat, in this way the body will be able to use them more efficiently.

L. fermentum has the ability to neutralize some of the byproducts that are included in the digestion process and also promotes a healthy level of gut bacteria.

L. rhamnosus is also known as a “travel probiotic”, because of its ability to prevent the traveler’s diarrhea.

Now that we know more about the theoretic part of the probiotics, how many types are out there and what is the role of each strain and so on, we should focus on what are the best products to use in this field. Each and every new year doctors and specialist make ranks about the best products that scored the higher results, and I think knowing these ranks might help us choose the probiotics supplement that are best for us.

So far, we know there are hundreds and thousands of products that come in shape of tablets, powders, liquids, gums, capsules, beads, shells, lozenges, but we don’t know which of these work best for us. So how do we figure this out? Of course, reading about the best products in the hierarchy made by the specialists. Brands, names and labels are only the beginning. The following list should help you find out exactly what you are looking for:

Probiotics one daily support. Based on what consumers said about this product after using it, this probiotics supplement helps you feel so much better after you take it. If you’re having problems with the IBS, then your stomach will thank you for using this product. Also, you will feel more energized than before, you will be able to digest all your meals and this supplement is also allergy-friendly, you don’t need to keep it in a refrigerator and it has a 60 days full guarantee.

Dr. natura flora protect. This supplement is great for people who suffer from intolerances and allergies, and you can take it even if you’re a vegetarian. You can use it on a regular basis, because it doesn’t have gluten, wheat, egg or fish. It doesn’t need refrigeration and it has an addition of strains, like almost 8 billions cells on a daily basis. It doesn’t give you side effects either.

Probium probiotics multi blend 12B. It contains prebiotics, is very allergy-friendly, it also has a very solid strain profile and it can be used by the majority of people. It is flexible and it accommodates to your needs.

Culturelle probiotics sends you back to the basis, but you know what they say, the good things never disappear. You will feel relaxed and very well throughout the process, even though it has only one strain of probiotics, but they did choose a helluva good one. It doesn’t contain irritating ingredients like milk, sugar, dairy or gluten.

Garden of life primal defense ultra helps you digest the aliments really well, so it’s good for the daily digestion and helps your stomach rest in peace. Other than helping you digest the foods better than on a normal day, this product prevents you from feeling bloated.

Align probiotics. What are its best points? Well, it’s easy to use, you can take it daily, it comes with a really nice and useful package and you don’t need to keep it in a refrigerator. Gas, bloating and constipation aren’t an issue anymore, especially if you are aware of your IBS problems.

Trubiotics. You only have to take one pill a day, and they are all in the form of capsules. These capsules are very good and useful for a number of digestive issues, such as stomach pains and allergies at milk or yeasts.

Digestive advantage. This product scores high on the digestive and immune health. These capsules can be used on a daily basis and it claims that it is 10 times better than yogurt. If you’re looking for all the belly benefits in one place, you know the right place to look for.

HiperBiotics Pro-15. It is very a pure and allergy-friendly product and it can adjust and fit right into your daily and individual necessities. These micro-tablets are told to survive 15th times better than other capsules we might take, so if you’re looking for a product that lasts longer, here is what you need.

Enzymatic therapy acidophilus pearls. You can take this product with or without food and you don’t have to refrigerate it, which makes it even better. Its flexibility makes it easy to take it and easy to travel along with other probiotics. Probiotics can be found not only in our body, but also in certain foods and drugs. That’s when we come to talk about probiotics supplement. Probiotics supplement bring a lot of benefits to our health, and this is a fact proven by specialists and doctors. Among the most important benefits, we can count these:

Probiotics supplement boost the immune system. And we all know how necessary is to have enough energy to go through our daily activities and responsibilities. Also, we all know how uncomfortable it is to catch a cold in a blink of an eye when you have a low immune system. Well, put aside all of your worries, because now we have a lot of options to choose from – and yes, I’m talking about the multiple probiotics supplement products out there!

They can prevent and also treat some urinary tract infections. And this is a strong reason for why we should try probiotics supplement every once in a while. One infection can lead to another and in a blink of an eye, we end up having some bad complications that require more of our time, money, effort and health than it is necessary.

If you have trouble with the digestive function, you can use them to establish a natural balance and protect your gut. Plenty of people found themselves in situations like these and they know how uncomfortable it feels not having an organism that function and respond well to each need. So using probiotics supplement is a good way to reach the “normality” state.

Also, these pills can heal some of the inflammatory bowel conditions, which is why they are indicate to people that suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. Some of the newest discoveries revealed the fact that probiotics supplement might reduce flu and colds or treat kidney stones. And for the women that are interested in losing weight, these pills are exactly what they have been looking for. Tip: probiotics supplement might improve the acne problems.

Probiotics supplement improve the digestion process. We all know how terrible is to suffer from constipation or diarrhea, it happened to us all at some point in our lives. So imagine how people that constantly face these two problems feel! But no need for extra worries from now on, because we have a lot of probiotics supplement to choose from and to rely on, no matter on what side of the barrier we are!

They also help us with weight loss. Women are particularly worried about their weight problems, so taking probiotics supplement is one of the easiest ways to burn the fat without having to depose too much of an effort on eating or exercising. Diets and sports might be used only as a second additional help, to complete our weight loss program.

Provides protection against periodontal diseases. Oral hygiene is part of our daily rituals and keeping our bright smiles on our happy faces isn’t an easy task when you’re up against some wild and dangerous bacteria. Studies have showed the fact that probiotics supplement can kill the bacteria that causes us tooth decay and lessens the harmful effects of gingitivis. Not to mention the fact that oral hygiene is easily associated with some serious health woes, such as diabetes, low birth weight of heart diseases.

So using probiotics supplement is easier than paying money to the dentist or even spending money on expensive toothbrushes or tooth brushes that do us no good. Also, you don’t have to worry about having a bad breath or developing a throat infection as well. But don’t expect probiotics supplement to fully replace brushing your teeth.

Other uses of these probiotics supplement include: lowering blood pressure and the level of cholesterol, alleviate some of the skin conditions such as eczema, provides treatment against ulcers and improves vaginal health on women. They can also prevent colon cancer and are a good remedy against anxiety and depression, reduce some respiratory infections and not to mention that they can ward off the traveler’s diarrhea.

How do probiotics supplement manage to lower the cholesterol? Well, it’s easy.

Since the liver uses cholesterol to make bile, specialists think that probiotics supplement manage to break up bile salts and decrease the reabsorption in the gut. And what about the eczema? Well, I don’t have to tell you how frustrating and irritating the dry or itchy skin can be and how much pain (in the ass) can cause. Well, some studies have revealed the fact that using probiotics can reduce the skin inflammation and heal the itchy skin.

If we come to talk about the vagina health, we know that this is a place with a lot of bacteria living around and sometimes it takes just a little to make these bacteria go wild and nasty on us. So what do we have to do in order to prevent developing some serious pesky yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis and not to mention the urinary tract infections?

Well, it’s quit easy: take probiotics supplement! Do you know you have problems with respiratory infections? Nothing to worry about from now on! In a few words, probiotics supplement manage to take care of our general health. Maybe you won’t believe each and every single thing that these products claim they can do, but one thing if for sure: it wouldn’t hurt to try and decide for yourself! Plus, you’ll get a dose of healthy lifestyle right away! And remember that there are several clinical studies that demonstrated the positive effects these probiotics supplement have on patients accusing diarrhea, IBS problems and a poor digestive process.

But healthy benefits are not the only thing to take into consideration when it comes to using probiotics supplement. We also have to know what are the risks and side effects of these products. In other words, we need to know exactly what we are up against with. But keep in mind that the probiotics supplement side effects are not something you should be deeply concerned about, except in rare cases where the complications of certain infections might appear.

For starters, you need to know that the side effects are quit mild and only of a digestive nature. And remember that some of the side effects on some probiotic strains are not available for other probiotic strains. So here are some of the most important side effects and risks that probiotics supplement might develop:Gas

  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Infections. But in this case, the infections can be treated with antibiotics.
  • Unhealthy metabolic activities
  • Too much stimulation of the immune system
  • Gene transfer

Also, there are other safety precautions that you have to keep in mind when deciding to use probiotics supplement: they shouldn’t be administrated to pregnant women, but if it is necessary, there are some rules that only the doctor can prescribe. Also, take good care in administrating them to infants and young children and be cautious to never give them to premature born infants.

Some of these are also conditions that can he “healed” with probiotics supplement, as you can see. But if you take them according to your doctor’s recommendations, there will be nothing to worry about. If you see that these symptoms persist, make an appointment to the doctor and ask for some analysis or a full consult. Also, try not to panic too bad, because while you might experience this unwanted side effects, you might want to know that they are temporary, even though they are inconvenient.

Of course, like everything else, every action has a consequence and so have these probiotics supplement positive effects and side effects. On the issue of how long it takes until the side effects are gone, little do we know that it depends from an individual to another, so what might have seemed three days for me, might have been a month for another person. But the recovery period depends also on other factors, like if you’re using antibiotics or not. For example, if you’re using antibiotics that kill the good bacteria found in your gut, the transition between these stages might take a little longer or might never happen.

It all depends on how your body reacts when it meets the new friends, if we can call them like that. Plus, keep in mind that other pills, such as painkillers, steroids, analgesics, sleeping pills, birth control pills, anti-inflammatories, vaccines, antacids and so on, might interfere with the growth of the beneficial flora. There are much to still talk about the side effects and the benefits of the probiotics supplement, but don’t beat yourself up on this, because if you’re too frightened to try, you might miss out a really good chance to help you fix all your digestive and immune system problems.

Or, on the other hand, if you exaggerate your using or probiotics supplement, you might end up doing more damage than good. This is another reason for which you should discuss this decision with your doctor. So, while you may think of these benefits and side effects as pro and cons for or against using probiotics supplement, it is timportant to remember that if you’re doing it the right way – with your doctor fully aware of your plans – then you have nothing to worry about.

When it comes to using probiotics supplement, it is really important to keep in mind that you should always consult a doctor before trying them out. There are many types of supplements out there and each with a different function – one can treat digestive system problems, another one can be used only to improve the immune system and so on. A doctor always knows what’s best for you. We have to warn you – if you start taking them too much and too soon, you might experience some unwanted side effects, like diarrhea. This is why you should start with a smaller amount at first, but not before you pay a visit to a doctor!

As I said, this conversation about protiobics supplement can take ups and downs and turn arounds, but it doesn’t begin with how to use them and it surely doesn’t end with what are their benefits or the side effects. Additional information – either if it’s more general or more particular regarding this subject – is also helpful, and you will see exactly how and why. Knowing what to consume and when might prove to be more efficient than a lot of other personal researches on the subject. Here are some other things to consider about probiotics in general:

The best way to add probiotics into your diet is by taking them from food. So while yogurt seems to be the king and on top of every other daily products that we eat, you should know that the best source of probiotics lays in the fermented foods. Here are some other types of food that have probiotics and that you can eat even day by day:

Kefir. This is a product that is very similar to yogurt. It is based on the unique combination of milk and kefir grains that are fermented. Don’t worry about the flavor, it is slightly acidic and tart. This food has 10 to 34 strains of probiotics and make sure not to miss it out if you ever have the possibility to consume it!

Cultured Vegetables – these are in fact fermented cabbage and other vegetables that are high in organic acids, which can support the growth of the good bacteria.  Kombucha is a drink made of the fermentation of black tea and its useful for the digestive system, also increases the liver detoxification and the amount of energy in our body.

Coconut kefir is made by fermentating the juice obtained from the young coconuts mixed up with kefir grains. This product contains several strains that are very good for your health. The flavor is great and if you want to spice it up, add a little stevia, water and lime juice. You’ll get an even more amazing great-tasting drink.

Natto. This food consists of fermented soybeans and has a lot of bacillus subtilis probiotic, which is good for boosting up the immune system, but also for supporting cardiovascular health and enhancing digestion of vitamin K2. This product also contains a very powerful enzyme named nattokinase, which is an anti-inflammatory enzyme that has proven worthy of fighting against cancer.

Yogurt, which is probably the most used source of probiotics in the entire world. Choose your yogurt based on three important qualities, such as: if it’s made of goat or sheep milk, if it is grass-fed and if it is organic. This is the simplest and surest way of obtaining a diet rich in probiotics.

Kvass. This product is known in Eastern Europe ever since the ancient times, and it is made of a common fermented beverage. Recently, kvass is made of beets, fruits and root vegetables like carrots. Its benefits helps us with the blood and liver cleanse and as for the flavor, it is mild sour.

Raw cheese made of goat or sheep milk and A2 cows soft cheeses are a great source of probiotics that include bulgaricus, acidophilus, bifidus and thermophillus. If you’re looking for a cheese full of probiotics, make sure to always buy it raw and unpasteurized.

If you think that you’re not getting enough probiotics from your food or diets, then try out the probiotics supplement. Doctors agree that it is good to try out new supplement once a two or three months, because you don’t have to stay focused on one particularly product. Diversity and variety is the key to a better health and fixing some of your digestive or immune system problems. Also, it is better to use probiotics supplement that have many strains – these are called “mega probiotics”.

If you’re having trouble with bloating, then you should know that there are some fruits that make you bloat even more, so it’s better not to rely fully on them when you’re thinking about your diet. You might have heard that if you’re planning to eat more fruits, you have to try out different types and colors each day, because each color of a fruit provides you with certain vitamins and nutrients that are very good for your health. To cut the long story short, here are the fruits that make you bloat:

Apples. Full with antioxidants, this fruit contains fructose, which is the sugar from the fruit that most of people are having a hard time digesting it. If you know that this might be your problem, try to eat just half of an apple and chew it carefully and slowly. No need to burden yourself with more problems than you already have, right? Right.

Pears. They are good for keeping the cholesterol low, but they also contain sorbitol, a sugar alcohol that can be found in the chewing gum for example. Some people might have a hard time eating this sorbitol and digesting it, so be careful how many pears per day you plan on eating in order not to experience this kind of bloat.

The sugar from the cherries, grapes, mangos or pineapples is bad for the bloating, because it can’t all be absorbed in the small intestine, which will cause the sugar to get stuck in the large intestine and give you the sensation that you are filled up like a balloon.

Dried apricots, raisins and prunes. The amount of sugar in these little wonders might make your going to the bathroom more productive, but also unnecessary. In order not to feel very full, try eating them with some extra water so that your digestive system won’t have a hard time doing its job.

As I said, there are some other things to consider regarding this subject, and you can definitely help yourself up with more than some probiotics supplement or fermented food. Information about food nowadays is a powerful instrument that we can use in our favor, and so are the ones regarding the probiotics supplement. I know it might seem hard and sometimes impossible to trust all what is written on a label or whatever specialists say, but consider the fact that these products are made for your own personal use and only with the purpose of helping you to fix your problems.

So instead of absolutely refusing to take them into consideration, you’d better start asking how the probiotics supplement might help you overcome your situation. Health is an important thing to worry about in life and remember that once it’s starting to decline, it is very hard and sometimes impossible to get it back as it used to be. So it’s only in your power to start doing something in order to help it out.

Do you want to live healthy for as much time as possible? Do you wish to have a better or a healthier lifestyle? Do you want to defeat your problems with the digestion and immune system? What about the skin conditions and any other diseases that stroke you? The answers to these questions start with a simple search for the probiotics supplement available on the market.

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