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Healthy heart with chocolate

Aura S
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In the following rows of this article, you will be able to read about all the benefits and special food can bring. All the people in the world love chocolate and they do it for very good reasons. This is for some of us the forbidden food. Like any other forbidden thing, sometimes it turns into the most wanted thing everyone dreams about. Another thing you will discover in this article is the strong relationship between chocolate and heart health. It seems that it is a real connection between these two. Chocolate may have a certain number of calories but its benefits can erase this thought from our heads forever after reading this article. Why people love chocolate so much and why it is so recommended in many situations are just two questions that will be answered here.

What is chocolate more exactly?

Chocolate is a mix between cocoa powder, sugar, cocoa butter and a mix of flavors. It is the most popular desert from all times. Even if at the beginning, people were not too interested in it and they found it too bitter for their taste, once they start adding sugar and flavors in the manufacturing process, they all started to love it. To know how to work with chocolate and how to create wonderful deserts with it, it seems to be a real art these days. Even so, many people refuse to eat it even if they are tempted. They see it as a forbidden desert because it may have many calories.

What can chocolate do for you?

Besides many calories, it has other effects on our organism as well. It can influence our circulatory system in a positive way. Also it can have aphrodisiac properties, it can be a great stimulant for your entire body and when you eat chocolate you will notice that you feel more happy. You may wonder why. The answer is quite simple. Chocolate stimulates the estrogen level from our organism.

Some people say that it can activate the happiness hormone in our brains. Others think that only the idea of eating something that they shouldn’t, it can make people happy.  It can also cause damage. You already know that ingesting large quantities of chocolate every day may lead to weight gain. If you become over weight you are exposed to other risks as well, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems as well. Considering all these things how come chocolate can be good for us?

The relation between chocolate and heart

There were studies made that prove that the chocolate consumption can be quite good for your heart. The most appreciated type of chocolate was the dark one. What is dark chocolate? Is the same mix of cocoa powder, sugar and cocoa butter but the percent of cocoa powder is more increased and the sugar level is decreased. You can find on the market dark chocolate with 85% cocoa powder. They may be a bit bitter but you can get used to it. You will also find nutritionists that are highly recommending dark chocolate as a sweet treat, not an entire tablet but it is an allowed desert.

Dark chocolate contains many antioxidants and it also have anti-inflammatory properties, that can lead to a reduced blood pressure and it may improve our organisms’ sensitivity to insulin. The studies were made on individuals who ate large quantities of chocolate. The milk chocolate and the white one were not excluded entirely. Even the beverages that contain chocolate were included to establish their test results.

You may think that all the information given can be quite confusing for any reader. There are many contradictory facts here. The worries related to chocolate consumption appeared because on the market you can find many products that contains chocolate but they also contain wide quantities of sugar, preservatives, chemicals and other things that neutralizes the chocolate benefits.

The studies made were very thorough accomplished so the results are for real. Considering chocolate effects on the humans’ circulatory system besides improving heart’ functions it will also decrease the possibility of a stroke.


Even if the scientist released in the world this theory based on true and thorough studies on the phenomenon, they still prevent people not to give this study a complete different interpretation. Nobody can eat large quantities of chocolate and keep a slim silhouette in the same time.

The danger of gaining weight is very much alive and you must not make any type of excess, no matter what you decide to eat. Yes, chocolate is the best sweet thing you can eat but you must be careful from where you buy it and also what it may contain.

One of the best things is the possibility to read the labels. This is what you should do when you buy a chocolate as well. Moderation is the key word for a healthy nutrition. Chocolate can makes us happy but some people consider that it can cause a real addiction. This is not like that at all. It is only in your brain.

A chocolate piece must be considered as your daily prize not as a main meal. Cause its stimulating effect it may not a great idea to eat chocolate before you go to sleep. You may have trouble being rested enough. The best moment of the day is in the morning. Carbs, gives us energy and chocolate contains many carbs due to the sugar contained. The chocolate’ antioxidants are more powerful if you choose dark chocolate than milk one, because the quantity of sugar is less or you can find assortments that have no sugar added at all.

You should not see it as a forbidden thing anymore. It can make wonders for your entire organism as long you do not forget about moderation.             


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