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Healthy Holiday for 2017

Adina B
Senior Editor, TipsHire

When you hear the word “HOLIDAY” what crosses your mind is: freedom, fun, relaxation, nice memories, nice places to visit, meet new people and make new friends, spas, detoxification, weight loss etc. All these can happen during a healthy holiday. You can opt for a deep relaxation or for a multi activity holiday, where you can explore new places and where you can do things that you never have done before. Each holiday is amazing in its own way and those who have the taste of adventure well developed a holiday where they can do a lot, is more than welcome, especially if it’s in places they have never been before!

How to plan a holiday

First of all you need to decide where you want to go. If this is your first healthy holiday ever choose a destination that you always wanted to visit and that you find it is interesting. No matter if it’s on the seaside or in the mountains, options are plenty! Just come up with a plan and go for it! So, choose your destination first and then decide during your holiday what would you like to do?

And of course, decide if your vacation should be a relaxation one or a holiday where your body will be requested more than it is at home! So, what do you want to do? Would you like to visit new places? Would you opt for mountain climbing? Would you like to ride horses? How about safari or rafting? What if you swim with dolphins or different species of fishes?

How do you find the idea of scuba dive, of cycling or of surfing? Or maybe you want to recharge your batteries during your holiday, to lose stress, to lose some weight and from this point of view you opt for deep relaxation holidays? Deep relaxation holidays give you the opportunity to find yourself as a person again! You know who you are and what you can, which are your qualities and what limits you have.

But today’s responsibilities, duties as a wife or as a mom or simply as a human being made you forgot who you really are and what you really can! Toxic relationships, where you are told what you can or you cannot do, who you are or you are not, are one of the most exhausting things you have to deal with, in your life.

And it takes most of your energy and they provoke the most stressful situations in your life! The first advice would be to break up with that person who so much harm brings to your life and to your health. But you need determination and a great ambition to do that- and most of all: you no longer need to believe in promises!

So, here the deep relaxation healthy holiday comes into the scene and makes miracles for your health. You can start by choosing a destination which is far away from your country and where you can relax completely. Destinations like Turkey, Bali, India, Greece, Provence, Croatia, The Arabian Gulfs, Philippines, Fiji Islands etc. are just few examples where you can have a deep relaxation holiday, where you have the perfect place to be, the perfect view and then you can choose what your program should be every day.

Resorts found in Turkey are today one of the best options in regards to a deep relaxation healthy holiday. Here (and not only here, also in others resorts all over the world) you can opt for a weight loss program, where you get to know your body, where you have meals made for your own good and in order to lose weight and to detoxify your body, where you can find the best spas in order to relax your body and to clear your mind, to lose stress and to recharge your body with the needed energy and most of all- you will recharge your body with positive energy and a great feeling of an improved mood.

The healthy holidays are based on programs which include all these: detoxification, yoga, Pilates, fitness, weight loss and spas (where you can get massages in order to completely relax your body, where you can have baths like Jacuzzi in order to relax to eliminate toxins and to recover and to recharge your body with positive vibes). All these are meant to help you out, to help your body out and to make you feel amazing and better about yourself!

Just imagine how great it is to stay in Turkey in a luxury resort, in a great place, where you will get massages, where you will be served foods and drinks which will make you lose weight and which will reshape your body entirely, where you can fitness a lot, where you can have yoga sessions just to clear your mind and to relax, where you can have cosmetic and beauty sessions in order to take care of your skin, where you can do some sports in order to move your body and where you are thought what to eat, when to eat and in what conditions!

This is the best recipe of a healthy holiday. Because in the end these holidays take care of your health entirely and the main purpose of your holiday is to take care of your health, which is extremely important. Health should come first, no matter your living conditions!

If you are interested in your own good, then you’re able to take care of yourself no matter you monthly amount! Now, healthy holidays make you think that they are the all-inclusive type of holidays, because you get anything you want for you and for your body! But in fact, the healthy holidays are focused on your health and on your well-being. That’s why from this type of holidays when you come back, you feel better, your skin’s tonus is amazing, your entire body is in the right shape inside and out. You have reshaped your body and you have got at the right kilo mass, so a healthy holiday is more than welcome.

Imagine that the kind of treatment you receive in this type of vacation you are not able to have at home. Even if you take some days off and you decide that you will focus more on your health, the truth is that you cannot do it, simply because you have the same lifestyle! Now in a healthy holiday you are disconnected totally from your dailies, you’re able to focus on your own person and most of all you will gain health- which is the purpose of your vacation: reshaping your body means eliminating toxins and getting rid of the unwanted kilos.

And these things are possible only during a healthy vacation, simply because here you and your body receive the right attention, the right diet, you get the right program to train your body with the right exercises; you can have a complete detoxification based on the natural juices that you get (made of the most interesting combinations: ginger, wheatgrass, oranges, bananas, grapes, grapefruit, lemon, chia seeds, cherries, berries, aloe vera etc.), based on teas made there especially for your detoxification plan and according to your body and organism (which make sure that your colon and intestine get clean, and also your entire digestive system gets clean), based on a diet programs which are made of healthy meals: white meat only (or in some cases no meat at all, only veggies and fresh fruits blended or squeezed), fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, salmon, rice, natural dairies etc.

Detox your body

Some detoxification plans are made only of meals where you need to consume lots of fresh vegetables and fresh fruits, lots of salads no sugar added (if there’s a salad made of fruits), no dressings added only olive oil and spices.

All co-related with couple of hours of sports and improved with sessions of yoga, where you can meditate and where your body can relax and it can eliminate stress in enormous quantities! Once your body is relaxed, so will be your mind! Once disconnected from everything you have the power to take everything from zero and to eliminate what harms your body! On the other hand, if you opt for a vacation where you need to be in action all the time- well, this is another way of losing stress- this is a program made for really active persons, who eliminate stress and who feel better only by doing something with their free time!

They opt for those healthy vacations where they climb mountains, where they scuba dive or they surf, where they explore new places, where they go on safari, where their taste of adventure is fed. And not only their taste of adventure is fed, but also their body is taken care of! By having this adventure, their body eliminates toxins, their blood circulation is better valued, they lose weight, they completely destress their body and after such a holiday they feel better and they are ready to start a new chapter of their lives.The taste of adventure or let’s say the adrenalin given by this taste of adventure is the key

The taste of adventure or let’s say the adrenalin given by this taste of adventure is the key of their well-being process. This adrenalin eliminate toxins, destresses their body, relaxes and clear their mind and due to this adventure-taste people, who opt for this type of healthy holiday feel better about their selves and their self-confidence rate is higher.

No matter what you choose- adventure or relaxation- both ways of healthy holidays are good. You reach your target, which means that you invest in your health and after such a holiday your health is rated with normal parameters than it normally was or than it was before. And from time to time you need to go on vacation to get rid of all the stress you deal with daily, to get disconnected from your dailies. Your healing will start on the inside- the way you feel will measure if you are on the right track or not- and it will be seen on the outside, reflected in the way you look like.

Final conclusions

And after a healthy holiday the only way to look like would be amazing, simply because you will feel better, you will love this experience, you will have fun, you will enjoy every moment of this trip and journey, you will want to do it again in the same place or maybe to explore more resorts in order to find other ways of healing your body and of losing stress. This type of vacation is like an all-inclusive trip where you get to eat all you can and do all you like; the difference is that your body will get healed all it can and you will do all you like!

This type of experience is one to remember; in fact, things related to your health are to remember simply because in this way you prove that you are interested in healing your body, you prove that you are interested in making efforts and investments related to your health! And eventually these investments and efforts will provide results.

And these results will be seen in the way you feel like and look like. Those days spent in this type of vacation will seem like seconds and you will wish their ending not to come. But since this is just a refresh given to your lifestyle, at least now you will know what to do and what not to do in order to keep your health safe, in order to avoid diseases, stress (diseases caused by stress and not only by stress), exhaustion, tiredness and noxious factors which cause stressful situations and tiredness. A coup of Green Tea will always make miracles, actually teas in general will make the miracles you need in order to relax and to feel good about yourself!

Once you will give kind of trip a try, you will always want to spend your vacations like this simply because you will be aware of the good made to your body!

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Healthy Holiday for 2017
When you hear the word “HOLIDAY” what crosses your mind is: freedom, fun, relaxation, nice memories, nice places to visit, meet new people and make new friends, spas, detoxification, weight loss etc.
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