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HiRUM Review – Booking Software Adequate for All Types of Properties or Another Disappointment?

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Do you manage a hotel, a guest house, a rental property, or some vacation rentals business? You could benefit from using software like HiRUM. However, before you invest any time and money into it, you owe it to yourself, your business and your guests to find out more about this opportunity and assess whether it is worth the investment or not. We will look at the details together in the following lines, so stay close!

About HiRUM

It is the creation of HiRUM Software Solutions, an Australian company with an experience of 20 years in creating software that promises to streamline property management and trust accounting operations.

According to the company’s About Us page, they have over 1,200 clients from all over the world – hotels, resorts, and other types of properties, including long-term rentals and holiday leasing.

They take great pride in providing clients, through their software solutions, with the following benefits:

  • Streamlined operations using the HiRUM Anywhere Front Desk software
  • A direct connection to the world of online booking through HiSITE Channel Manager
  • Increased marketing reach, using the HiRUM Marketing Reach Program
  • Increased number of bookings for properties that choose to optimize their websites with HiRUM.

The company has its own approach to helping clients make the most of their solutions. According to the HiRUM Difference page, besides enjoying the direct benefits of the software solutions, each client will gain access to:

  • The Onboarding Program – Its members receive, during the first 3 months after purchasing the software solution, assistance with their daily work from a HiRUM specialist.
  • HiRUM University – It provides users with training emails for 4 weeks after completing the training program. The emails contain further tutorials and training materials to help them improve their experience and results with the software suite.
  • Exceptional Support & Training – Beneficiaries can take advantage of the impressive experience of the support team in the hospitality industry. The staff knows the clients’ needs, daily work routine, and usual problems and can solve any issue due to their ability to see things from the clients’ perspective.

You have to admit all these sound great. The underlying question is whether the service provider actually lives up to their promises. We’ll try to clarify that in the following lines, so keep reading!

What HiRUM Has to Offer

HiRUM is the brand name for a series of software solutions designed for the hospitality industry and for property management.

These are:

  • HIRUM Anywhere
  • HiRUM Front Desk
  • Trust Accounting Software
  • HiSITE Book Direct
  • HiSITE Channel Manager
  • Mobile apps: Front Desk App and Inspection App

Each software solution has its own page on the website, which includes:

  • Presentation of features and benefits
  • Video presentation
  • Button for scheduling a demo presentation
  • Testimonials
  • Contact form for inquiries or scheduling a demo

Besides the software solutions themselves, the company also provides a series of additional services to its clients, billed separately:

  • Google hotel ads
  • HiRUM marketing services
  • Hotel website design
  • End of month services

Overall, the company appears to have a full-scale approach to property management and property booking. Its website is well structured, with a drop-down menu at the top of each web page and a secondary menu, containing all the links, in the footer. The contact section has two sections: one for prospective clients who want to inquire about a software solution, and one for existing customers who need technical support.

Is the HiRUM Approach Effective?

The key software solutions developed by HiRUM are designed for:

  • Promoting availabilities and facilitating bookings
  • Managing front desk and housekeeping services on the property
  • Bookkeeping
  • Marketing

The additional services help customers make their website attractive to tourists, improve their advertising and marketing efforts, and close each month with all their accounting records in order. Together, the software suites and services cover all the needs of any hotel or rental property owner who can appreciate modern, scalable, and reliable business tools.

The developing company claims their products and services suit the needs of various types of properties, such as:

  • Resorts
  • Hotels
  • Holiday homes
  • Multi properties
  • Residential complexes
  • Caravan parks
  • Student accommodation
  • Aged care facilities

Practically, HiRUM target all types of properties, small or complex. Even if one specific property cannot use all of the solutions available, at least one of them will make the manager’s work easier and more effective. This becomes obvious when taking a more in-depth look at the software suites available.

HiRUM Anywhere

It is an all-encompassing property management software that allows property owners to:

  • Check availability
  • Make a booking
  • Search bookings
  • Check-in guests
  • Check the list of arrivals and departures
  • Store contacts (returning guests)
  • Keep track of overdue guests

It works on all types of devices: computers, tablets, and mobile phones. It allows integration with the website of the property, offering guests a simple and intuitive tool for booking rooms. To facilitate payment recording, the software allows integration with various POS systems and is capable of generating detailed accounting and occupancy reports.

Looking over the capabilities of this software tool, it is easy to see that it represents an end-to-end solution useful from the moment a potential customer wants to make a reservation and until they check out and settle their bill.

At the same time, the user-friendly interface and mobile and tablet apps are designed to suit the needs of busy property managers, who do not have the time to learn to work with complex and difficult software suites or do not spend much time at the office.

HiRUM Front Desk

The presentation page describes it as “Australia’s preferred front desk and reservation solution for the accommodation industry”.

The key features of this software suite are:

  • Guest management – recording charges to the account, keeping track of the stay, bill settlement at checkout
  • Group booking management – fast and effective processing for large groups of guests, minimizing waiting time until they get to their rooms
  • Maintenance management – scheduling repair and maintenance works only when the room is not booked
  • Communication tools – automated emails sent to guests before and after their stay, to boost customer loyalty
  • Reservation management – room availability and arrivals processing at a glance, improving the flow of bookings during busy periods
  • Housekeeping management – scheduling room cleaning in a manner that does not interfere with the guests
  • Accounting tools – payment acceptance and recording, managing outgoing payments made to vendors, agents, and supplier
  • Report generation: a wide range of report forms, ready to be compiled and presented in a comprehensive, easy to understand format.

Considering the general activities conducted at the front desk of any hotel or resort, these functions are sufficient to make HiRUM an adequate replacement for any other software suite and manual record keeping.

At the same time, the user interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to access for reception desk assistants, even if they do not have advanced computer skills or previous experience with the software.

HiSITE Book Direct

This booking tool allows integration with the website of the property as well, allowing potential guests to find available rooms in the desired period and book them. The tool is compatible with any kind of screen: computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Its key features are:

  • Simple, easy to use interface for guests
  • Full integration with HiRUM Front Desk, allowing real-time availabilities to be displayed to customers
  • Confirmation emails sent to guests automatically after booking the property
  • Optional payment gateway, including PayPal
  • Easy customization to blend in with the design of the website
  • 3 clicks from property viewing to booking.

The HiSITE Book Direct tool allows property owners to have their own 24/7 online booking service, thus reducing costs with agents’ commissions. The tool is optimized to work properly on any device, a strong point in its favor, since most people use their smartphones to search for vacation destinations and book flights and rooms.

The key advantage of using this tool is that it integrates with the property management software, giving tourists accurate information on the number of available rooms during their chosen vacation period.

Trust Accounting

It is the accounting extension of the property management software tool. It is fully compliant with accounting legislation in Australia and New Zealand and features role-based security, granting users access only to the information they need for their work.

Its key features are:

  • Full bank journals
  • One-click batch reporting
  • End of month wizard
  • Scheduled auto backup of data
  • Comprehensive log reports
  • Full integration with the property management software

According to the claims on the product page, Trust Accounting has a good reputation among property managers and auditors in the target area – Australia and New Zealand.

Customer Testimonials

HiRUM displays customer testimonials on each product page and has a separate Testimonials page. The product testimonials feature only the name of the property using the software, not the name of the author.

However, the Testimonials page redirects to the official YouTube channel of HiRUM Software Solutions, where numerous property managers and owners express their positive opinion. The videos are probably the most trustworthy form of testimonials. By expansion, all the other testimonials displayed on the website feel authentic and believable.


The website does not mention any prices, but potential clients have the possibility to request quotes by telephone, email, or using the online contact form. Contact forms are available on every page of the website, so potential clients can quickly get in touch with the company and ask for more details about the products they are interested in.

Given the wide difference between the types of properties for which the software can be configured, it is easy to understand why the developer preferred to avoid giving reference prices. Moreover, since they have partnerships with other service providers, like relief managers, brokers, training partners, integration partners, and industry partners, listing prices upfront would be unrealistic.

HiRUM Strengths and Weaknesses

The software solutions presented above have a lot to offer, and any list would be insufficient to explain their full potential.

As main strengths, we cannot help notice the following:

  • The software suites seem to address all needs property managers might have
  • The company offers additional services besides the proposed software suites
  • The partnerships with other service providers promise to eliminate any problems or challenges property managers may encounter
  • The software solutions work well not only by themselves but also integrated with third-party software solutions and the other solutions in the HiRUM offer
  • All solutions promise to pay for themselves by streamlining processes and saving property managers time and effort
  • Clients benefit from extensive presentations, training, and support services

As far as weaknesses are concerned, we would have preferred to see the software suites’ developers target property managers worldwide, instead of focusing on Australia and New Zeeland, and we would have loved a little more transparency regarding the prices and cancellation policies.

However, given the complexity of the offer, we understand why this is not possible, especially since most software solutions in this category have the same problem. The developer seems to provide excellent support services, so getting a price quote should not be too difficult.

The Bottom Line about HiRUM

We are talking about a reputed developer, and heavily tested, widely endorsed software solutions. There is no doubt any property manager can benefit from at least one of the tools the company offers.

The real question is whether the benefits the tools bring are worth the price the company charges. Unfortunately, this is a question only paying clients can answer, after analyzing the above information from the perspective of their business and confronting the results of their analysis with the company’s price offer.

If you own or manage a property that you think might benefit from the above-mentioned features and functionalities, don’t hesitate to give the HiRUM software suites a chance. If you are not happy with the offer, no one can force you to accept it, but you will no longer wonder if you made a mistake by passing out on this promising opportunity.

No matter what your conclusion is, don’t hesitate to share it with us and rate HiRUM, so that others can learn from your experience.

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