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Home Remedies for Dead Skin Cells

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People all over the world want to look good and to preserve their youth as much as possible. This is something perfectly normal. I am more than sure that you, my reader, are such person. No matter if you are a woman or a man, the way you look is very important for your self-esteem. Even if maybe men are not so interested in this topic, I discovered that more and more of them are starting to pay a little bit more attention to their appearance.

One of the main things that can make us look good or bad is our skin. This will be the main topic of this article. You know how much it can cost you to visit frequently a beauty salon. Sometimes the results might not be satisfying enough. This is the reason why, I will try to give you some hints about how you can do all these things inside your own home.  If you are interested on this specific topic then you should continue your reading.

Let’s know a little bit more about or skin

Dead skin cells can be a real problem for many of us.  Considering that, we all known that it is the largest organ the human body has, we all know that it is also the most exposed. An improper care can be easily noticed and this is nothing to be proud of. This is maybe one of the reasons why people tries everything they can to maintain the skin young and beautiful.

When you are young and beautiful this should not be a problem, because our skin has the ability to regenerate itself and it regains its flexibility quite easy. With time, things are not like that anymore. It loses its flexibility and the power to renew itself decreases considerably. This means that it just needs a bit of help, and that help can come with ease if you know what to do.

Once you get older, just by keeping it clean, it will no longer be enough. Some soaps or shower gels can harm your skin and dry it even more. Because its power to renew itself decreases the number of dead cells grows and your skin appearance will not please you at all.The good news is that you can find on the stores’ shelves many products that will help you keep it moisturized and will help you preserve its beauty for longer periods of time. No matter your skin type, you can find solutions for everything.

Home remedies

What about the chemicals these cosmetic products might contain. This is the main worry and most people began to be aware of this danger. They are much more careful at the products’ labels, which is a very good thing. The best solution to make sure that you are not intoxicating yourself with anything is to prepare your creams on your own home. If you continue to read the following rows, you will see that this is not such a difficult thing to do as long you choose the proper ingredients.

If you want a great natural exfoliating product that will not bring along with it side effects you should go for oatmeal. Beside the exfoliating property you can benefit of all the minerals and vitamin this cereal contain. Your skin will be grateful for the gift you give to it. Of course that you cannot just use it in his genuine state. You have to mix it with something and the best choices are honey and yogurt.

Like that, your skin will not be just exfoliated but also hydrated due to the honey. If you have an oily skin type, all you have to do is mix the oatmeal with some lemon juice and you can shoot two rabbits in the same time. After using such masks, you can apply your favorite moisturizing cream and you will feel like a completely new person.

A great mixture could be created from olive oil and sugar. If sugar is not the healthiest aliment from this world, when it comes about scrubbing your skin it seems that it is a great ally. It can make wonders. The role of olive oil in this equation is to hydrate your skin. As you can see, it is the perfect mixture. After washing it off you will not even need to use a body cream because your skin will become smooth and shiny. The same thing will happen if you mix coffee with olive oil or corn flour. The advantage is that coffee fights against stretch- marks and cellulite as well.

Dried orange peel can make wonders. All you have to do is transform it into powder and use it as a scrub. The wide amount of vitamin C can make your skin glow again. You will need to mix it with a bit of yogurt and you will benefit of this miracle homemade treatment.

Even if Green Tea cannot be considered a great scrub solution, it can also do wonders for your skin. Besides providing for you a mild scrub through which you can eliminate dead cells of your skin it can also regain its elasticity. Mixing it with honey you can bring only benefits for your skin.


One thing that you must remember is that you ought to apply such masks no more than once per week. You want to improve the quality of your skin and not damage it more than it already is. As you might had discovered from the previous rows is that you have very cheap alternatives of skin scrubs on your own home. Besides being cheep they are also very effective and less invasive than all the other products that you can buy from the stores.

Not everything that is good must be also expensive. If you use a bit of imagination and gather a bit of information about these ingredients you will see how easy and comfortable can be to clean your skin properly in the comfort of your own home.

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