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Homeopathic Teething Remedies Deemed a Danger to Infants

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The appearance of teeth in babies is a cause of stress for both the mother and, especially, the babies who are suffering from pain. In pharmacies, you can easily find different gels, tablets, and ointments that have the purpose to relief from pain caused by dentition but these methods should be avoided since homeopathic teething remedies deemed a danger to infants, according to the latest researches on this topic.

It probably scares you and makes you feel helpless in front of the emerging of baby’s teeth, especially when you see him as he is suffering and needing relief. Lately, it has been talked about the fact that some gels for soothing baby’s aches are not as safe as it was believed before, so most mothers try hard to find some natural and effective remedies.

First of all, let’s see some facts about teething.

What is the age at which your baby’s teeth appear?

In this respect every baby is different, therefore the date of the first teeth and the order of their appearance are very different from one baby to another. There were cases in which children have been born with one tooth, and such examples are Napoleon and Julius Caesar.

In some babies, the first tooth can occur in 3 months, while in others after their first anniversary. So, be patient, because one thing is certain and that the teeth will emerge without problems before the baby makes two years of age.

It has been noticed that in babies with longer limbs, as well as in those who are breastfed, their teeth appear earlier.

Most often, the teeth begin to appear at 6 months of age. Generally, a baby has all the teeth by 2 years, with differences of several months, depending on each kid’s development process.

General symptoms of teething

  • the baby drools abundantly, more than usual
  • the baby is trying to bite
  • has swollen red gums
  • has red cheeks in the place where the tooth emerges
  • it may be more upset, and more agitated at night, than usual
  • erythema
  • moderate fever

Some feelings are not related to the appearance of teeth, such as:

  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • gout and high fever

These symptoms indicate the presence of a disease. Generally, dental arches do not manifest by any severe symptoms, or manifest only by those listed above as the general symptoms, and are devoid of severity, with some exceptions.

How to take care of the baby’s teeth in the first few months of his life?

Once the tooth has gone out, the baby has finally escaped from pain, at least until the next tooth appears.

To take good care of the newly emerged teeth of the baby, first, you must visit your dentist and ask him which toothpaste is safe for babies.

Fluoride, which strengthens the tooth enamel, is very helpful, but only your doctor can make recommendations in this regard. Many pediatricians prescribe it in a daily dosage until the child reaches 14 years of age.

 Homeopathic teething remedies deemed a danger to infants

To calm their babies and relief pain, many parents opt for homeopathic remedies that are easy to buy from pharmacies or supermarkets, such as teething tablets and gels.

After the FDA has thoroughly tested these products, its representatives stated that these homeopathic teething remedies are, in fact, dangerous to infants, increasing the risks for:

  • agitation
  • constipation
  • skin rash
  • lethargy
  • sleepiness
  • breathing problems

Some pharmacies and supermarkets have already taken the FDA statement in serious and banned the commercialization of these products.

The FDA experts recommend the parents to calm down their babies teething pains using more natural methods such as applying and rubbing their babies’ gums with a cold washcloth, giving them cold rubber toys to suck on in order to calm down, or even massaging their gums with the fingers.

Natural teething remedies

Use a cooled spoon.

A spoon or teaspoon cooled in the refrigerator can give your baby the relief that he needs. Simply apply the round teaspoon part to the gums of the baby and gently move the teaspoon from place to place.

This remedy is recommended before the teeth erupting from the gum, to avoid any small accident that could end up with a dentifrice.

Cold fruits.

Give your baby a cooled in the fridge piece of apple or banana. Beyond relieving the pains of the dental eruption, the baby will develop the habit of biting and chewing the food.

If you do not want the baby to eat a too cold food, buy specially designed small bags from pharmacies, put a piece of cold fruit in the bag and the baby can hold the handle while chewing on it with his gums.

Make your baby have fun

Sometimes, babies can forget about a toothache if you entertain them in a pleasant activity to draw their attention.

Some mothers have noticed that if they put their babies in a hot tub filled with water and gives them toys to play with, the baby will soon calm down.

The hot water and the playing fun will relax the babies and they will forget about the pain caused by the dental eruption.

As any responsible parent, you should avoid things that would harm your baby, such in the case of homeopathic teething remedies deemed a danger to infants.

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