How TipsHire Works

Do you still have questions or curiosities related to our activity at TipsHire after reading the “About us” section of our website? We’re glad you cared enough to check us out, and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have in the following lines.

We promise to be open, objective, and transparent, not only when it comes to the products and services reviewed on our website, but also when it comes to our activity and the interests we pursue. We have nothing to hide, and you will see that for yourself in the following lines.

What Motivates Us?

Do you read reviews before buying the products you need? Have you found conflicting information and significant rating differences from one website to another? Have you come across reviews that made the product you were interested in appear too good to be true?

We have, too many times. A product can’t be excellent and mediocre at the same time, but it can look better than it actually is, through false advertising. It is a tactic more and more companies embrace to persuade the trustful into buying their products.

At TipsHire, we despise false advertising. We treasure transparency, quality, and honesty. We believe in every buyer’s right to know the truth about the product they are considering and make informed decisions.

That’s why we write honest, detailed reviews. They show the good and the bad in each product, helping you make smart investments and get your money’s worth or more. We also encourage you and everyone else to leave your own reviews and opinions, so we can learn from one another and not fall victim to deceiving advertising practices

What Products Do We Review?

Our reviews cover a wide variety of products and services, from numerous categories. Most of them are more accessible online, or available exclusively through on-line shopping channels. You can only see them in photos or videos before purchasing them, so reading reviews is the only way to find out what they really have to offer.

The reviews available on many websites are mere interpretations of the products’ presentation. They don’t reveal anything new or compromising, and they are too shallow to let you understand how the product works and how reliable and effective it really is.

You need more than that to make an informed decision. You need facts, comparisons, strengths and weaknesses, cost information, and advice on how to make the most of a particular product. That’s where we come in.

Our reviews are detailed, thoroughly documented, accurate, and unbiased. We place ourselves in your shoes, and cover all the information we would like to find in a review, as potential buyers. We won’t bury you in technical details, but we won’t keep anything from you either.

As a potential buyer, you have the right to know everything about the product you invest in, even the “tiny” things the seller may want to keep a secret. We reveal them all, so that you can make the best decision for your needs and budget.

We also look forward to learn about your own experience with the products you buy. Different buyers have different needs and expectations. By letting us know how a particular product met your needs and expectations, you help us and other potential buyer build a complete, accurate image of it.

Hands-on Experience vs. Research

Some websites post hundreds of reviews for products in the same category, written by the same author, who claims to have used them. Do you really believe that a sane person will try tens or hundreds of products from the same category just to assess their value and effectiveness?

We sincerely doubt that, especially since some products are nutrition supplements or cosmetics that could impact one’s health. Would you try tens or hundreds of probiotic supplements, just to be able to review them? Would you use tens of face creams, just to be able to assess their effectiveness against wrinkles or spots?

If you are honest to yourself, your answer will be negative. Why? Simply because some products have dangerous ingredients, high allergy risks, or predominantly negative reviews that make them unworthy of attention. More than that, when you find the right product for you, there’s no point in trying another one.

We don’t try all of the products reviewed on our website. In fact, unless you read a statement suggesting otherwise, you can assume we never really tried the product you are reading about. However, you can be sure that we took the time to investigate it and find out all there is to know about it.

Besides, one user’s experience with a particular product can’t be enough to label that product as good or bad. Each person is different, and can have a different perception of the same item or experience. for example, people with high expectations are more likely to be disappointed, and people who do not read the labels, usage instructions, and terms and conditions, are predisposed to misinterpretations and mistakes.

However, by bringing together all the information available and summing up the experiences of other users with the product in question, we bring you as close to the truth as possible. We also warn you about possible mistakes and teach you how to avoid them.

Why the Critical Tone?

In order to draw attention and sell, most products need to lure buyers with a promise their competitors cannot make. More often than not, their presentations turn out to be mere exaggerations, which, obviously, expose buyers to disappointment.

We want to protect you from such disappointments, especially since they come at a cost. To do that, we won’t hesitate to highlight any weaknesses and inconsistencies. Also, keep in mind that our reviews take into account the available customer feedback, and discontent buyers are the first ones to provide it.

Therefore, bad reviews don’t necessarily mean the product is useless. It might have some flaws that previous buyers weren’t aware of and couldn’t overlook. Make sure you know what you’re paying for, and don’t hesitate to let others know how things ended.

Are Our Reviews Trustworthy?

Definitely! All the reviews we post are carefully conceived, thoroughly documented, and objective. We do our best to present every product with its good and bad, strengths and weaknesses. We double-check all reviews for accuracy and fairness, and we make sure they come from people who have actually used the product in question and can assess its value.

We also encourage our readers to post their own reviews and adjust our own, if necessary, to give you a consistent, accurate, helpful image of each product. Our reviews’ only purpose is to help you choose the best products and services for your needs. As you will see for yourself, all critics are justified, and all claims can be verified with a little time and research.

What’s in It for Us?

TipsHire aims to discourage false advertising and support informed purchases. Although its goal has nothing to do with money, it still generates costs and expenses. In order to cover those expenses, we rely mostly on Google AdSense.

Otherwise put, while browsing our website, you will see ads related to your Google searches. Some may have something in common with the reviews you are reading, others could relate to your previous online activity.

Please keep in mind that we have no control over the ads you see. We only provide the space for them, and Google AdSense uses specific algorithms to correlate your interest with their ads. If you pay attention, you will notice that you see the same ads on several websites, and even on the social media.

We only get paid if you gain interest in an ad while visiting our website, and you click on it. If the respective product is reviewed on our website, you can be sure it is just a coincidence. We cannot guarantee the quality or worthiness of advertised products, so it is up to you to do your research before buying.

Our affiliate program generates the rest of the revenue necessary to keep us going. We have nothing in common with those websites that only rephrase the exaggerated claims of a product to trick you into buying it using their link.

Our reviews are 100% genuine and unbiased. All ratings and verdicts rely on strong arguments, thorough research, and solid customer feedback. You will surely find average or negative reviews that include links to official product websites. If you decide to give the products we review a chance starting from our website, that’s great. However, we will never try to trick you into it, we will never distort the truth to convince you.

Why? Because we owe our existence to people like you, people who treasure their money and the truth, who only buy when they are sure a product is right for them. If we broke your trust and tricked you into buying worthless products, we would lose you as a member of our community, and we surely don’t want that.

Besides, the truth would eventually come out, and we would lose our credibility. We prefer to be true to you and to ourselves, and to offer you what you came for: facts. If that means making less money, so be it! Your satisfaction and the hope that, one day, false advertising will be history are worth more.

The Bottom Line about TipsHire and How It Works

TipsHire is a community. We provide you with the information you need in order to make the right decisions when shopping online. In return, we expect you to provide your own feedback, and help us polish the product image we create, to bring it as close to the truth as possible.

Your opinion is important to us, so don’t hesitate to express it, as long as you remain polite and respectful (check out our Review guidelines for more details). Different people have different needs and expectations, but, with your help, we can help everyone find the best products for them.

Together, we can give this community a friendly and helpful vibe. We can make it a place where people can ask questions and get the answers they need, where they can criticize without worrying their posts would be blocked, where they can feel the truth still matters and quality can rise above deceitful advertising.