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How to lose weight after pregnancy

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Weight loss methods after having baby

When a woman feels complete? Some women will answer that when their careers are just as they intended to be from the beginning. Other will say that after they found the right man and he popped the question. Some consider that their wedding day as the best day of their lives when they felt finally complete.

However, nothing compares with motherhood. Once you find out that you will bring a child into this world, you start thinking and acting differently. Maybe at the beginning you can’t realize it, you can’t feel the changes but all these things will make their presence felt pretty soon. In the rows of this article, we will talk about pregnancy but also we will talk about the period after pregnancy when young women lose a bit their patience regarding a certain aspect of their lives.

To be a mom, comes with many responsibilities from the first moment you find out that you are pregnant. No matter if it was a scheduled pregnancy or not, this is what makes us feel special, namely motherhood. Some women begin to be a bit more aware of these new changes, in the first moment they feel the baby moving or when they make the first ultrasound.

You may have heard that pregnant women have a certain glow. This is true in my opinion. You also may heard that to be pregnant is the most beautiful period in a woman’s life. Not all of them think this way. For some women it is very difficult to completely forget about abdominal pains, swollen feet, gases, stomach burns and all the other ”gifts” you will receive once you get pregnant.

This is the reason why not everyone sees pregnancy with the same eyes. One thing, however, makes most women very happy. They are not stressed about diets anymore and how to keep themselves in good physical shape. At least, most of them aren’t. They just start eating what they want, when they feel the need to and everyone overwhelms them with their attention. This sounds like fun.

Considering the hormonal changes in a woman’s body they really need this special attention. To be pregnant sometimes, it is compared with a prolonged PMS syndrome.  It can be fun for pregnant women but it is not too much fun for the rest of us. All these culinary pleasures that women satisfy their bellies with during pregnancy, come with extra pounds.

These extra pounds will not vanish when you finally get birth to the baby. You may not look as a balloon as you used to in the past few months but all that food will be noticeable on your belly, thighs, arms and legs. At the beginning, you may not be so disturbed by this situation because you will no longer have the necessary time to think about it. If you are not an obsessed woman about her weight, you will certainly have other occupations after birth. Still, you are young and you want to be seen yet as a sexy and appealing woman not just as a mom.

What you should remember is that it took you 9 months to gain that weight so do not even think about losing it overnight, because it will not happen and even if it does, it will not be healthy for you. Not only the food ingested are the only factor that got you in this situation but also the hormonal changes. These hormonal disorders will also continue after birth.

The lactation, the struggle your body makes to return to its oneself can stop you from losing weight. This is not a tragedy. You should not start your diet from your first month but you can use the doctor’ recommendation regarding your diet to start eating healthier. During lactation, you are not allowed to eat many things because the aliments ingested mix with the mother milk and they can harm the baby.

You must consume many liquids, you are not allowed to ate aliments that can cause gases, fried products, processed food, fast food and many other things just like that. Any nutritionist or doctor will agree that home cooked meal filled with fresh green vegetables and fruits and homemade soups are the key for a healthy mom and a healthy baby. As you can see this is the first step that you will make to regain your figure.

After the lactation is gone and your surgery wounds will not hurt as much as they used to, and the doctor will allow you to make physical exercises, you can start this activity but it will be best if you start slowly. To be able to not neglect your child while you make these exercises, and leave him with your relatives or some babysitter, considering that is too small and he really needs his mom, you can “use”‘ him in your activity.

There are many exercises you can make with your baby such as squats, arms lifts, lunges and sometimes even crunches, he will see them as a game and you will have a great time while you are watching your newborn how he is having fun and how you are getting in shape. In fact, there is nothing that you cannot do along with your baby. He will be completely supervised by you and you can reach your goals.

You can eat when he eats, you can sleep when he sleeps and you can do your physical exercises along with him. Physical exercises will help you to improve your mood as well and minimize the effects that hormones may still have over you.

Once he will be old enough to get him outside, you just push the trolley and practice an easy run while you push it. Outdoor exercises can be even more fun like that. In case you don’t feel prepared for easy run, the long walks in the fresh air are considered exercises to. Mix all that with a healthy diet and not a restrictive one and you will lose weight quite well. As it was already underlined, it took 9 months to get you in this situation, it will take 9 months to get you back as you used to be. As you can see, there is nothing to worry about.

Your baby will be proud later with his beautiful and healthy mother and your husband will find you as attractive as you were, when he first met you.

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How to lose weight after pregnancy
When a woman feels complete? Some women will answer that when their careers are just as they intended to be from the beginning. Other will say that after they found the right man and he popped the question. Some consider that their wedding day as the best day of their lives when they felt finally complete.
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