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How to Obtain a Great Skin

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Our skin is one of the most exposed organs possible and the one that make us look good or bad in many situations. This is one of the reasons for which we should take good care of it as much as possible. In the following rows of this article, you will be able to read about how you can do this with ease.

Even if you might think that you do not have the necessary time to do it, you will be happy to learn a few secrets that will help you overcome this small impediment. You will be happy of the results as well. You will also learn that nothing can happen overnight but with the necessary patience you will achieve your goals. Many people say that a perfect skin does not even need makeup or other tricks created to make you look good.

Beauty comes from inside

What you must be aware of is that no matter how many beauty treatments you will apply on your skin, nothing will give results, if you do not take care of it or it from inside. A poor diet and bad habits will only make your skin lose its shine, elasticity and firmness. Nobody says that it is not OK to use body lotions and moisturizers. In fact, we will discuss about them a bit later. The problem is that we should also hydrate the skin from inside.

A proper quantity of water ingestion according with other fluids that can add a plus to our nutrition can only do good things for our skin. Not only what we drink matters. The things we eat are just as important. We should pay a little bit more attention to our diet. Things like greasy foods will only bring bad things for us in the interior but also for our exterior. Hydration does not come just from the liquids but also from vegetables and fruits. The aliments have an important amount of water that will help our bodies to hydrate and our skin to rejuvenate.

What about the skin’ maintaining process?

Even if the genetic factor has a great influence on how long skin can preserve its elasticity and all the other features that makes it look good, the way we take care of it is of a great importance as well. You might have heard about women who never do anything special to preserve their youth and beauty because they were borne this way. Well, not all of us are so lucky. This does not mean that we should satisfy ourselves with that and go on living. There are many other things that we can do to improve ourselves, and to help our bodies stay healthy and young.

The way we wash ourselves, for example, can be something that we do not pay too much attention at. The quality of the water is of a great importance. If it is a rough type of water, with a high level of limestone, it can affect our skin pretty much. It is able to affect our sinks or toilets, so imagine how much damage it can cause to our skin. It might not even clean it, and the soap deposits next to the limestone ones, will suffocate our skin ‘pores even more than they already are.

It is not such a difficult thing to check the quality of the water. There are various ways to do it. You can take a sample of water in a lab or you can just observe if you have limestone deposits on your bathroom appliances. What can you do about it? You certainly cannot move from your house. You can scrub your skin better and try to avoid hot showers. The mild water ones or the cold showers are the best. You can also avoid shower gels based on soaps. The baby products are the best from this point of view. They are the most noninvasive types of cleaning products possible.

When you are talking about your face, things are even more important. Your face is something that can hardly be hidden from public eye. This is the area most women but also men try to improve each day. Also it is a very sensitive part of our body due to this exposure. The same advice will be given here. You should not use soap. Your cleanser should be soap free because this item will only dry it and dehydrate it. We must all understand that soaps are made for washing our hands and that is it. A dehydrated skin is much more exposed to acne than other types of skin. Besides that, such skin will become older much faster.

The food/drugs you intake

I already mentioned that what you eat is what you get regarding your skin and not only your skin. The junk food is out of question if we want to preserve our skin natural shine and elasticity. When you suffer of certain skin disorders such as Acne, your dermatologist will suggest changing your eating habits as well. One thing that he will suggest as well is to forget about dairy products.

There were studies made that shown that dairy products, especially the skimmed ones have unhappy effects on your organism and on your skin as well. No one will say that if you stop ingesting dairy products will make your acne vanish overnight but you will have more chances than if you choose not to forget about them. Change them with vegetables, fruits and natural juices and shakes. You will feel lighter and your skin will thank you for that.

Also the drugs you ingest can have an unpleasant effect on your skin. You should read very well the leaflet before taking them. Things like birth control pills o antibiotics can solve some problems but they also might help other problems to emerge. If you notice any side effects that affects you skin you can discuss with your current doctor to replace them with something else if it will be possible.

The way you rest

This is a very important thing. The way we rest can be easily seen on our exterior appearance. Our sleep and our health can easily be influenced by the stress level that surrounds us. I have seen many people who, when they pass though rough times in their lives, have also skin issues. It is very difficult to remove stress and to relax ourselves properly but it is not impossible. I strongly recommend meditation sessions. if they are performed properly, even a 10 minutes meditation session performed each day, can make wonders for you.

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