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HP Officejet Pro 9014 Could be what You Need

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hp officejet pro 9014 review

Do we still need printers?

No matter if you work from home or you are in your office, you certainly need a printer. For this reason I will present you, in the following rows of this article, a certain product, namely the HP Officejet Pro 9014 printer.

Even the tendency today is to keep everything in an electronic format there are situations when you need to print your analysis received from the clinic via email, or you must print a recipe, or an entire project. Even if people these days want to reduce the paper consumption, sometimes it cannot be avoided.

On the market you will find various products manufactured under different brands and each of them has its pros and cons. I decided to ease your research a bit and even if you will not agree with my choice, you will have an idea what to look for when you search for one.

A small introduction

We all know how printers could annoy us sometimes. They might be too loud, some of them my not print on both sides automatically, others are too slow etc.

Even the newest models of printers might surprise us by their inefficiency.
These days people want to do things fast. Sometimes the office tasks increase in a way that the working hours are no longer enough to finish them.

If you also have a poor printer things could become quite stressful.

About HP Officejet Pro 9014

The HP Officejet Pro 9014 might be a solution for you. Its manufacturer describes its product as revolutionary one.

According with its presentation this is not just a printer. It is also a scan machine and a fax machine as well.

Another thing mentioned is that it is an economic type of printer due to the fact that the ink consumption it is quite reduced.

Time saver

As I already mentioned, you need a printer that will save time. You need speed and it seems that HP Officejet Pro 9014 is a perfect tool.

You know when you had to repeat all kinds of steps in order to finish your printing job. With this one, you no longer have to do that. This specific issue was practically eliminated.

You might also need to scan documents from cloud, from your email or from your phone. You can do that with ease and with only one tap.

When it comes about two sided printing and scanning feature, this device certainly offer you this possibility. The color touchscreen will give you the possibility to control the device quite easily.

Print from anywhere

No matter if you are at home or in another office, you can simply connect through Wi-Fi to your printer and use it. You will receive the prints from Dropbox or Google Drive directly on your smartphone.

This way, you can share the documents via email or the cloud no matter where you might be. Another great thing is that you will be notified each time a document is printed from your phone.

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