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The Ideal Drink is Mineral Water

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Natural mineral water is characterized by its original purity and its perfectly stable mineral composition. It is the only water that can benefit from health-friendly properties.

Of underground origin, natural mineral water comes from a single source that is sheltered from any kind of pollution. It is captured from deep depths and does not go under any disinfection treatment, so it is perfectly pure. The mineral content, unique and constant, acquired in years of slow filtration among the rocks, and reflects the territory from which it originates. Each mineral water has a specific composition that gives it unique identity and taste.

Mineral water categories

  • Bicarbonate water. It’s used to treat certain gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary disorders. It’s also used to treat acne and burns due to their anti-inflammatory, soothing and healing properties.
  • Sulfated water. They are used for kidney diseases, certain metabolic diseases (diabetes, obesity), for the treatment of eczema, scars and burns.
  • Sulfur waters. The high concentration of sulfur has a beneficial effect on the mucous membranes. Therefore, they are used to fight respiratory diseases such as asthma.
  • Chlorine waters. They have a stimulating effect on growth and are indicated in the treatment of developmental disorders.
  • Oligometallic waters. It is used in rheumatology and to treat neurological disorders.

Mineral waters have a variable mineral content. If it is too large (more than 2 grams per liter), the water is not suitable for daily consumption. It is considered a medicine and should be consumed in small quantities and only at the recommendation of the physician.
Personal choice depends on the specific needs, age, lifestyle or level of physical activity.

1 For young children (under 3 years). The baby’s need for water is quite high, but due to the immaturity of some of its organs, including the kidneys, it is advisable to choose low nitrate (<10 mg / l) and low mineral water (dry residue <500 mg / l).

Contraindications. Most mineral waters are rich in salts, which makes them unsuitable for infants. Choose waters that have the lowest calcium and sodium content but also no nitrite and nitrate.

2 Children and young people. It is important to ensure that your baby is hydrated and calcium mineral water (150 mg / l) can help cover daily calcium needs in addition to dairy products.

Contraindications. Although minerals are essential for developing the bones and teeth of young children, the water must not have too much mineral concentration. Avoid high levels of calcium and magnesium (> 150 mg / l).

3 Adults. If you are perfectly healthy, you can consume mineral water tailored to your needs and taste. Some states of fatigue or nervousness, sleep disturbances may indicate a slight magnesium deficiency. In this case, a natural magnesium mineral water can help meet the daily needs of magnesium.

Contraindications. Whatever water you choose, read the label to make sure it does not contain nitrites (their presence indicates a contamination with household waste), but nitrates (these compounds are from chemical fertilizers).

4 Seniors. The feeling of thirst decreases with age, but that does not mean you do not need proper hydration. You have to learn to drink without being thirsty, to prevent the risk of dehydration. Water helps maintain optimal parameters of normal cognitive function (memory, concentration and vigilance). Some calcium or magnesium mineral water contributes to reducing the risk of age-related bone demineralization, such as osteoporosis.

Contraindications. High calcium waters are not recommended if they suffer from liver and kidney disease, de-compensated cardiac disease, high blood pressure.

5 Pregnant. The need for water increases during pregnancy (due to the increase in blood volume). Thus, pregnant women need to hydrate more. Water containing calcium (> 150 mg / l) and magnesium (> 50 mg / l) may be recommended.

Contraindications. Avoid mineral waters with high pH (acid can trigger heart disease), those rich in sodium (increase the risk of edema), but also highly mineralized (reaching the baby’s kidneys or bile ducts).

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The Ideal Drink is Mineral Water
Natural mineral water is characterized by its original purity and its perfectly stable mineral composition. It is the only water that can benefit from health-friendly properties.
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